Hi guys welcome back to my channel if
you’re new and you haven’t seen my face before hello my name is Terrie and I’m a
youtuber and a hairstylist based in Accra Ghana in today’s video I’m going
to be doing the infamous Aztec secret bentonite clay + apple cider vinegar
mask the clay is so finely milled and smooth to touch with you you’re going to see that before and
after so if we’re doing this climax for a couple of days now and although I
don’t do it consistently but I make sure I do it at least once a week and if you
started watching my videos from my previous video you would see a
considerable improvements in my skin so this mask has also played a
really really really important role in that and I’d really appreciate this if
you stick on to the end of this video it would really help you so stay tuned so I
just hopped out of the shower and I’m grabbing my apple cider vinegar with the
mother and the brand that I’m using is Bragg so because it tends to settle out
a base I’m just going to shake up my bottle like shake shake shake ups
everything is uniformly mixed I’ll also be using an old makeup brush as of my
applicator from using this mask I know that I only need one tablespoon to
prepare this mask for myself this might be different for you or it might be the
same but you should try it out I also I bought the amount of apple cider vinegar
that I need for this mix if you have sensitive skin you can replace the apple
cider vinegar with with water the apple cider vinegar and the bentonite case
starts to fizz up or bubble a once is uniformly mixed can you see it says on
the packaging that you should use nonmetal bow and utensils for this
mixture so then I take my brush and then I make
sure I apply this mask uniformly onto my face leaving my eye area because that
area has sensitive skin didn’t cover those cut on the weekends
I’ll be in full suits in the deep space so cravings are stupid just like the
movies I was gonna say in the fight with you
thinking we would do a custom so we couldn’t do it each and every high every
night with you you and me so close we’re in I set my alarm for 15 minutes yeah 15
minutes even before the alarm goes off you should start to feel your face kind
of pulsating that’s you it almost feels like your face has a heartbeat that’s
honestly the best description I can give it also feels really really tight so I’m
going to wash this off right now and patting my face with a hot towel and
this is to open up my pores so that’s my so other products that I’m going to use
next to really really seep into those pores and I can get all all the benefits
my face feels squeaky-clean soft and supple guys – it couldn’t do so I’m going to spray my face with my
marabou does skew rosewater spray and then I’ll gently massage that into my
skin leave it to dry before I apply my moisturizer which is a simple
moisturizing lotion before I end this video please comment down below if
you’ve ever tried this mask before did it work for you let me know in the
comment section down below and I’ll talk to you in my next video
next I love you guys so much bye I don’t know why I’m incapable my or
stop a bowl the then there’s
you come when you come everything just turns around I get stuck you gotta be with someone

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