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today’s video which is actually part of a mini series where we are testing out
every single Peter Thomas Roth clinical skincare face mask now these have been
viral all over YouTube and I’ll tell Sephora and I saw this Sephora exclusive
little pack containing all the Peter Thomas Roth face masks so make sure you
check out each one of these reviews I’ll have all the links down below and before
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right so let’s jump right into this review of the Peter Thomas Roth Irish
moor mud mask let’s give it a try alright guys you know what to be honest
I just have heard a really mixed reviews on all of these mud masks I know what
they got blasted out in PR a couple months ago and I literally saw them
across YouTube just like exploding and the reviews were mixed so I was hesitant
to pick them up the Irish moor mud mask by Peter Thomas
Roth is a purifying decongestant and hydrating mask now because this is a mud
mask this is gonna be great for purifying the skin it’s gonna really
help to decongest pull out any acne or is it you have in there if you have oily
skin this is really gonna help to dry out as well alright now I have to say
these containers are pretty small I know they’re only like a sample package but
it was 20 bucks so this is a really tiny package let’s open this up you guys know
this is my favorite part whenever I open new products actually a really odorless
all right here we go oh it’s like a really thick pudding ooh
black pudding ya know I like to pack on a mud mask especially in my pore
area around my nose a mud mask will just soak right into those pores and dry
them up I have huge pores on my nose you guys I spent way too long in the Sun
when I was younger you know now that I look in the monitor is it is a little
bit patchy it’s not spreading the easiest you can see it’s kind of like
clumping and pulling as I apply it to the skin alright
okay so right off the bat there is still no scent if you are scent sensitive this
is gonna be one of the best face masks honestly probably the least a scented
face mask I’ve actually ever smelled now again this mask contains activated
charcoal it says it has a magnetic effect that draws out impurities and
toxins from the skin suck them or write out make me
beautiful now the direction say to leave this on the skin for ten minutes so I
guess that’s what I’m going to do I’m going to set a timer hey Siri set a
timer for 10 minutes good girl I will check back in before I give my
face a wash after 10 minutes so I’ll meet you guys then alright guys my timer
is about to go off any second it has been 10 minutes and I’m actually pretty
shook this mask did not dry down like a there goes the timer alright like I was
saying this mask didn’t dry down like a typical mud mask at all normally they
kind of crack or like dry out so this one feels super hydrating right off the
bat I’m a little bit shook by that if you guys remember one of my first videos
actually might have been my very first video oh my god I don’t want to send you
guys looking for it cuz that’s so embarrassing but when I did the dr.
Brandt magnetite mask it almost kind of came off like this
I’m gonna go rinse this mask off in the sink I’ll meet you guys right back here
okay guys I just rinsed that mask off and I am a quaking in my booties it’s
not too often that I fall in love with a new face mask but I have to tell you
guys that that mask just rinsed off like pure jello it slid right off my skin my
skin feels so well hydrated everything is really well moisturized I didn’t put
any cream on or anything this is fresh after washing my skin as you can see
there is literally and not any oil up here I did just wash my face with a
little bit shiny but everything looks so good and snatched this mask is um Wow
I’m just really impressed Peter Thomas Roth this one is a check mark so my
conclusion on the Peter Thomas Roth Irish moor mud mask is definitely a pass
you guys I would recommend this to you I definitely like to pick up the bigger
size this little one is not going to take me very far I’ll probably get a
couple more applications out of it but this little package is so convenient for
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