Women Try Dr. Jart’s Rubber Face Masks

– I feel like a Mrs. Doubtfire, when she puts the cream on her face and then drops into the tea. “One lump or two, dear?” (lively music) – So today we are trying a face mask. We don’t know what it
is, but we were given various options as to what we could have. I have pretty dry skin, so
I picked a hydrating mask. – I picked firming. Because of my face being old. – Your face is not old. (laughing) It’s gonna be like, a hamster. – It’s not, it’s not moving. It’s not a hamster. – A dead hamster. (Laughing) – Oh, oh. – I don’t like this. – What is that? Oh my god, I didn’t see that. What is that? – Why is there something in its mouth? Dr. Jart. – Shake n’ Shot. – Mine’s a rubber hydro mask. – Mine is a rubber firming mask. – There we go. – Looks like something you buy
at a very odd LA juice store. (laughs) – Baby juice. So should we like, do this? – No, we should talk about it for a year. (laughs) – Step one is opening it. Done. Remove the spat, oh,
the straw’s a spatula. – So this is creamy and this is liquid. Which is interesting. I don’t wanna tell you
what this looks like, but look at it. I’m not even gonna mention
what that looks like. – Ooh, mine’s blue. – So’s mine. Or like, purple-y blue. – Then we close the baby’s
mouth with our fingers. – Then we (sloshing) – Oh shit. – Did it go everywhere? (laughs) – I didn’t close it well enough. – Oh, it like immediately
turns to like, cream. – Wow. – Like it’s gone. – Weird. – Ooh. Okay, how much is that? – I’m gonna peek and see. Okay. It’s definitely mask-like.
– Oh yeah! This’d be great for like,
a sleep-over situation. With your friends.
– Yeah, for like kids. – For me. (laughs) Kind of want to drink it. – I know. – Is that wrong? – Ooh, it smells kind of fresh. – It’s got a nice smell. – It’s pretty, mine… Oh god, it’s gonna get in my eyebrow. This feels like something they would put on you in like a spa. – I feel like I’ve a lot
on and it’s still going. Is this for someone with like a big face? – Maybe. They have to account for
people with, you know. – Large faces. – With lots of facial real estate. – Wait, here’s a question. Do you do the bottom of your nose? Why’s this so funny? – Okay, so the product
says that we have to sit with this on our faces
for 15 to 20 minutes. So we’re gonna do that. – Yep. (Upbeat music) – Oh, that feels good. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. – It looks like Elmer’s glue, when you like let it dry on your hand to peel it off.
– Oh my god, it is! That’s what it feels like. – It does feel like I’m
pulling glue off my face. This is very… – I loved doing that when I was a kid. – Yeah, I loved that shit. I always feel like I’m in a horror movie when I’m pulling a mask off. Because I’m like “here goes my face!” ooh, it’s so smooth feeling. – My skin feels pretty good and it does feel like, very hydrated. – You are glowing. Like, your face looks really good. – I got that baby glow. – Looks very hydrated, which is weird because it’s not a hydrating mask. I had the firming one,
but it’s still hydrated, which is nice.
– Does it feel firm? – Yeah, it feels a little tight. I think it’s good. I’m actually pretty impressed with this. – It’s one of the few
masks where I felt like it actually did what it
said it was gonna do. And also, you know, it looks like a baby coming out of a little vag. – Yeah, what is this edge about here? That’s what I’d like to know. Dr. Jart, what is this?
– Dr. Jart. Delivering baby fresh skin. – Through the vagina. (upbeat music)

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