Women Try Diamond Powder Face Masks

– I want to hire a hot guy to do this to me, slather me in diamond cream. (chill electronic music) ^- There’s three of its kind. ^This one’s the galactic black peel-off mask. It is infused with charcoal. – See, there it is.
– And sapphire and diamond powder. ^- Wow, this is art. Just stringy art. – It’s like I’ve got some black cheese. – What kind of cheese–
– Only there’s no– – –are you eating?
– — black cheese. (laughing) – We’re trying the Hydrating Holographic one, ^which is super dope, I’m excited. – And I also love how it says I dew care. The pun level? Already feelin’ this, I think it’s gonna be… – We better be glowing afterwards. – No, we will, we definitely will, just like this packaging. Am I right, am I right? – Just look at it, shimmer, shimmer. – It looks like luxurious milk. ^It begs to be touched. ^- Totally, I really wanna touch it. ^It also looks like you could eat it, almost. – It looks like slime from Nickelodeon! – Oh lord. – It’s definitely got robot vibes. – This this robot, AI skin. – I feel like a linebacker. – I feel like a Nickelodeon start right now putting green slime on my face. – Oh, for sure. – I got slime all over me.
– Does it stain? – I hope not. It’s exfoliating.
– I guess we can just peel it off your shirt, huh? – True. – I feel like we’re going to the Coachella of face masks. – I have some just very stubborn, kinda clogged pores on my forehead, so I wanna get rid of some of those, and then, you know, mama’s T and mama’s little baby chin. That’s what we got.
– How’d you do it so quickly? Wow, this looks like a little snot booger coming out of my nose. (laughing) – Is it necessary for my face to be holographic at this moment?
– Probably not. Is it fun? 100%. ^- I have not had a facial expression in 20 minutes. – I was looking at my forehead and I went… – When it starts to feel tight, I feel like that’s when you know it’s ready to come off. – 100%. – A little bib. (laugh) Can put a little food in there. Ew, ew, I tasted it. – It doesn’t hurt at all. – [Chantel] Wait, ow, it hurts right here! – [Shila] Just rip it like a bandaid. (bright violin music) – Maybe I just have more hair on face and so it hurts more. – It’s actually all off of my skin right now, it’s the hair that’s trapped underneath that’s holding it like this. (laugh) (bright violin music) – Done! – I think you skin has a lovely glow to it right now. It’s very dewy. I dew care.
– I dew care. – I tend to have more drier skin, so this makes it feel matte without it feeling super dried out. – I have no more hair on my face and I have– – We might’ve also gotten a wax with this, we don’t know. (laughing) – We accidentally waxed our faces, because me and Shila have hair on our faces. – Skin has been in a prison for half an hour and it’s– – It just wanted to break out so bad. – It did, and now it’s emerged fresh and new. It’s reborn. – My thoughts… Why must it get peeled off? Of course it’s gonna exfoliate if its’ getting peeled off ’cause you’re ripping off the top layer of skin. – I believe in this mask and I would like to try it again. I wanna try the other ones, ’cause they’re all so cool looking. – I know. I would definitely use this again, and you just get a fun little piece of art at the end. – Reminder. Yeah, frame it.
– You know? It’s beautiful. – Overall, 10 out of 10.
– Feels great. I’d be eight out of 10. – Oh, okay, well. – I have high standards for my masks, okay? – Apparently. (upbeat music)

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