Women Try Boscia’s Pink Charcoal Peel-Off Mask

– Do you hear that? – Today, we’re trying Boscia’s… – New pink… – Peel-off mask. – I’m ready to get some
gunk out of my nose. – So a lot of times I feel
like the skin on my face is oily, feel like my
pores are big sometimes. – It tends to be a little on the dry side. – I have combination skin. My skin is very temperamental,
so I’m always looking for new skin care that’s
gonna address these issues. – I caught it! – Oooohh! – It’s pink, ’cause it’s a pink mask, duh! – It says I’m peeling myself on the front. I always like a pun on
the front of my masks. – So last time I did a peel-off
mask was two nights ago. So my skin is ready. – Confession, I’ve never
actually done a peel-off mask before, which is insane. – So it’s an innovative
peel-off mask that helps boost skin clarity and helps minimize
the appearance of pores. – Something about rose. Does that mean it smells like rose? It smells like kinda
like, medical actually. Witchhazel-ly. – That’s a nice pink. It looks like Pepto Bismol,
but a little less like, watery. – I’m, like, kind of already
in love with the smell. – I can’t smell flowers,
I can’t smell anything. – I feel like I’m
putting candy on my face. – Whoa!! – Whoa, it’s cold! – Whoa! – It’s very tacky, but
it’s like a peel-off mask, so it’s supposed to be tacky. – So I realize I got it on my eyebrows, I really need my eyebrows. Try to wipe it off, we’ll see. – Missing the brows. – Don’t know how close to my
eyes to go, I’m useless guys. – I feel like face masks are
work, I can’t just do this in the morning, you know? – Oop, there’s a hair in it! – I look like Franken Berry, that weird Frankenstein cereal thing. – So the mask is on. I’m going to be waiting 30
minutes, or at least until it’s completely dry to see if I can pull any blackheads out of my face. – Then I take it off, and
I become a supermodel. Alright, it has been 30
minutes, or possible more. I can’t talk, and I have a headache. – And my face is as dry as the desert. – It feels very tight around
my pores, my nose area, but the edges are, like, lifting. – People do this, like,
multiple times a week? Like, why? – So the ultimate mask
dream is to always have it all off on one full sheet. – Uh, uh, uh. – Ow! Okay, I think I left it on too long. – It doesn’t hurt, thankfully. – Do you hear that? – This is now part of my face. – Uh, uh, uh. – Mmm, why? – Wow, it’s a lot stronger
than I thought it was. – Sorry if this is taking me a while, I’m very uncomfortable. – I’m gonna have to pull it
off like you do a Band-aid. – I don’t think it’s pulling
hairs, it’s definitely just pulling the extra
top layer of my skin. – I’m almost just want to rip it. Like, I just want it to
be, like, a face mask that I can just give to my
friends as presents or something. – Geez! I’m scared. – Oh this hurts, there’s
some baby hairs that caught in this one, okay, hold on. – Why do people do this?! – This is weird, guys. – This is a casual peel,
this is nothing too insane. Like I feel like if
you had sensitive skin, you’d probably be able to,
like, handle this mask. – I’m stinging all over. But I think that’s my own fault
for leaving it on too long. I mean, it definitely took
some shit off my face, that’s for sure. – My skin feels very soft,
not quite like a baby’s butt, but you know, as close as
it’s gonna get at my age. – I would do this again,
I love Boscia products. I wish it smelled more like rose. – It does feel smooth,
it feels very smooth now. – It got rid of a lot of
the oiliness that I had. – This is just, like, the
kind of feel good stuff that I want to do, ’cause I
know I’m not gonna rip my face off with this, which is great. – I’m an idiot.

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