Women Find The Cause Of Their Acne

– I would love for like a day where it’s not like oh my God your skin looks really good right now, but it’s just like, oh my God, your skin is fucking flawless. (pop music) Today we’re getting our acne diagnosed. And I’m very excited about it. – I’m slightly nervous just because I’ve been
avoiding them for a while now. – When I was a teen, I
actually had really clear skin. And like never had to wear make up. It wasn’t until like I was in my 20s and all of a sudden I started getting like weird cystic acne that I was like what the fuck is going on? – So about six months ago, I
was completely normal skin. Now, as of today, I’m pretty combination. – I feel like the dermatologist is gonna tell me that it’s like hormonal because I do find that
my acne is very cyclical. – At first I thought it was my makeup, so I changed my makeup. And then I thought it was because I wasn’t cleaning my brushes enough. And I just hate that I can’t walk out the house without makeup on. – I’m ready to just get it figured out. (upbeat music) – My name is Dr. Vicki Rapaport. And I am a dermatologist
at Rapaport Dermatology. I’m gonna help diagnose their acne. Explain to them what kind
of acne that they have. Hi Alaina. How are you doing? – I’m doing well, I’m excited. – I’m gonna take a really good look at you and then we’ll decide what
to do based on what I see. So now comes rule number one in my book. Absolutely no picking allowed, right? – Right, see that’s a problem. I’m a picker. – Okay, so you’re a picker.
– Yeah. – That’s good information, that’s stuff I need to hear about. From afar, it looks a little bit T-Zone. Not so much on your forehead, but down the middle of your
face is central acne. And yes, it is definitely cystic. I mean, they’re small
cysts, but they’re cysts. Even if you told me you didn’t pick, I would know you were
not telling me the truth because I can tell. – I know. – But that’s good in
a way that it’s mostly old picked lesions, it’s
not a lot of active things. You do you have a couple
little tiny pustules. And then you have a couple
old scars on your chin. It’s pretty clear you have
a genetic predisposition to either have a lot of
oil glands in these areas, compared to the average person, or your oil glands are
just easily turned on. Remember, stick with science. We do know a couple things
now and it’s kind of new. There’s something called
the glycemic index. I’ve been shown that high glycemic index foods can affect acne. White sugar, white rice,
cookies, candies, sodas, having a high glycemic index food that increases your insulin levels does actually affect your oil production. We’ve diagnosed your acne,
and now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do a liquid
nitrogen slush on you. It’s gonna take off the
very top surface layer. And just help start the
whole exfoliation progress. I like the idea of doing
the lightstim on you. It’s gonna take about 10 minutes, and like I said, there’s no down time. And it kills the bacteria on your skin. (upbeat music) Let’s talk about Bree first. It’s really interesting about Bree is that you see her from afar and you think that she has a lot of acne, but actually she just has more post inflammatory lesions that are old. So we’re treating Bree topically. Alaina, she had a little
bit different acne. Hers was a little deeper,
a little more cystic. She was very, very, very oily. Her oil production will
be good later in life, but now it’s just causing more acne. For her, we did something oral, an antibiotic which
will kill the bacteria. – Thank you so much for everything today. I feel like we worked
out some serious issues. You’re now my dermatologist
and my therapist. – The first time going
to the dermatologist, I was quite nervous. I knew she would have to tell
me what I needed to hear. And I didn’t think I was
necessarily ready for that. Because I thought I was
doing the right things. – I had a very strong inkling that it would be hormonally based. And I think she emphasized more of like a genetic basis on it. – She had told me that my diet
is a big cause of my acne. I thought she was gonna tell me something completely different. – I fully recommend
going to a dermatologist. I honestly don’t know how
it took me so long to go. Like, I feel really silly about it. I recognize that, like healthcare
can be kind of expensive, and finding the right
doctor can be intimidating, but like, if there is
something bothering you about, like, the way your skin is, there’s not a reason for
you to live like that. (upbeat music)

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  • this is great but like…did it work?

  • My doctor said food doesnt affect acne but i will get a zit anytime i eat pepperoni

  • Dairy! Dairy is my enemy. I had clear skin in high school then had horrible painful cystic acne in my first years of college. I stopped consuming dairy and my skin cleared up in 6-8 weeks after 2 years of struggling with different products and treatments. Absolutely worth it. Try it out for 6 weeks and see!

  • Give up dairy! It worked for me and is simple once you get used to it. Seriously it was amazing!

  • Would love to see an update in like a month!

  • there was no medication or cream i didnt use on my face, nothing helped, till i discovered i have worms, iron deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, so i fixed all of that and i stopped wearing makeup, worked out, and used pro active at the beginning, now i dont need it, and one expensive peeling from biodroga

  • Is there a part two I need an update!!

  • Can you do an updated video of these guys to see if and how they inpro

  • My dermatologist was not like this at all lol. Though she is GORGEOUS and rarely wears makeup

  • i really want someone to diagnose my acne but i'm too poor to go to a dermatologist

  • There is no way my acne is because of my diet, I eat pretty healthy. I hardly ever eat fast food or junk food, usually when I do it because its the last resort.

  • My friend says.. "Why don't you put your bangs up?" Me:"because of my acne and it would look weird" friend:"It's normal If you have acne just look at mine it's all over my face."
    Me:"Yeah I guess so but I'm still not putting my bangs up."

  • Where's the follow up tho?


  • brave beautiful women

  • See Aliana story is what happened to me . I've always had blackheads on my nose but the rest of my skin was good a breakout maybe around the time of the month but now it's like everyday I get more red in the face more pimples 😔

  • Pure, 100% Vitamin E oil (local beauty store, $5) and Witch hazel toner with rose (whole foods) has literally SAVED my skin. It helped to heal my old acne scars on my cheeks and even (I think) prevent and heal future and existing trouble spots!

  • The cause of acne is your diet, period. What you eat directly affects your complexion. Stop eating oil and dairy and your acne will magically disappear.

  • Make sure you find a GOOD dermatologist because the one my primary care referred me to told me “your makeup does a good enough job covering up your acne and hyper-pigmentation so I don’t know why you’re here” lol she was a joke.

  • Wow. I wish I had this dermatologist. My dermatologist just gives me a bunch of creams and pills to get rid of my acne, instead of identifying the root cause. Interesting video!

  • I visited 100 dermatologists and they still have no clue what causes my acne/hyperpigmentation, bummer. But at least they found out their acne reason, hopefully your treatment will be successful :* 💖

  • Ok ok but first thing check your hormones

  • Something that helped my skin a lot was going to a licensed esthetician for a facial. She spent an hour and a half doing microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, extracting every pimple on my face and massaging and cleaning my face of course. I also bought a cleanser from her it's called the glycolic cleanser from a company called skinscript. I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't believe in this stuff and hope it helps someone else because just one facial and every day use of the glycolic cleanser has made my skin do a full turn around. Good luck to everyone, hang in there, you're all beautiful!

  • Been going to derms for 30 years and not one has been able to get me clear or recommend the right treatments. Most don’t address lifestyle at all. How do I find one like this doctor?

  • Television dynamic routine yard legislation car.

  • YESSS! GO. TO. A. DERMATOLOGIST. It changed my life!! After years of acne and crying over it, feeling insecure, never going swimming without a full face of waterproof makeup, and avoiding mirrors, I can finally feel good about myself. Acne does not define you, but if you let it, it can ruin you. There is nothing wrong with being insecure about something and seeking a change. I’ve been on doxycycline for about 5 months and I’m so happy. All I have is hyperpigmentation left behind from old acne (which had still lightened up tremendously)

  • Maybe your skin is as foul as your mouth- erupting with f-bombs and acne….

  • I love how the doctor isnt like ‘oh, it’s just your regular teenager hormones’

  • Tmw the dermatologist said that her oil glands are easily turned on 😂

  • My skin is beautiful and it’s because I spend half an hour every night taking care of it

  • Their acne isn't that bad

  • They hardly have any acne lol

  • antibiotic………. -.-

  • My doctor and dermatologist have ALWAYS told me my diet had nothing to do with my acne 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️smhhhh , I always knew they were wrong. *Screenshots I’m showing them that big term

  • taking my make up off with Weleda almond milk and putting zinc ointment on blemishes over night changed my life.

  • I have cystic acne but do not have oily skin at all. my skin is very dry and the only time I see oil on my face is sometimes when I wake up (rarely and just around my nose where I do not have acne) or if it is extremely hot outside (pretty rare too since I live in Canada) so why do I have cystic acne if it is supposed to be caused by oil build up? TT

  • Can you update us on their treatment? Thanks!

  • i havent had a clear skin day in 12 years

  • ive actually heard of dr. rapaport from acne forums.. i live in chicago but if i had the money id travel there if i could ha

  • Those antibiotics are going to create so many problems for her. It does really look hormonal, she should get a saliva test done to check her hormones (testerone, progesterone, estrogen etc) and then there are natural ways to fix those things. Plus an alkaline diet for a few months wouldn't hurt. Wish them all the best and good luck!

  • Women find the cause of their acne
    Answer: Buzzfeed

  • What works for many (but not many people know about) and is really cheap is to mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water and wipe it on your face before going to bed. It's the only thing that has helped me when nothing else has. And I've tried a lot of expensive products.

  • Foods and also chemicals you put on your face,..even natural things you are sensitive too can cause acne

  • i'm blessed to have flawless face

  • 2:11 well shoot

  • i have to say, as an acne sufferer , it's really upsetting to see yet another dermatologist that sounds like she knows what she's talking about, put a patient on ANTIBIOTICS! I was on antibiotics on and off and let me tell you, it is just causing more damage to your body and prolonging the acne journey. acne is just a symptom of an internal problem and it's so frustrating to see this. antibiotics are not the answer !

  • I found that Mary Kay’s clear proof acne treatment is the most effective for me, w combination skin.

  • Raw apple cider vinegar as a toner is what cleared up my skin which was also stress induced


  • I went to a dermatologist and he told me that diet has absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s acne and then tried to get me to buy all his products. Years later I cut out dairy and drank a lot more water and it got soooo much better

  • off scale homeless establishment late questionnaire diversity panel flag remarkable.

  • I‘ve had acne for 8 years now. I even tried accurate and my skin cleared up quite a lot, but I got severely depressed (had to drop out of Uni for a year). Now my acne is coming back. I am so annoyed. I literally tried everything.

  • I have a lot of acne and I'm glad that the people in this viedo kind of have the same as mine because I have a friend who complains if she got one new pimple and that's literally me on a good day 😐

  • My skin is poppin over summer/spring/winter break, but the second I go back to school I start breaking out. I blame it mostly on stress but idfk anymore

  • lol they didnt find the cause AT ALL lol

  • So glad they finally admit that a high sugar diet can cause acne.


  • Spironolactone really helps with cystic acne.

  • Everyone is a picker

  • Who is with acne watching this 👆

  • I was scared of going to the dermatologist… my acne hurt me a lot and I can't find the problem of it. You gave me the guts I needed to go see a professional. thank you.

  • The lesson here is that eating better/cleaner and consuming more whole grains, less sugar and dairy, is key to reducing acne! Also don't forget to wear SPF to avoid age spots and acne scars, and of course drink lots of water, since your Integumentary system is the last organ to receive the water you drink- you should drink lots to make sure it stays plump and hydrated.

  • So I’m someone who loves to wear makeup ever since I was in high school. I love looking like I at least tried and never had any issues with acne. It wasn’t until I got into college that I just broke out constantly. It sucked – everyday, I’d deal with a new pimple/acne and also with really terrible acne scars. After looking at various ways to get rid of mine, I tried some vitamins for my skin from target. I have never felt so good with my skin, although I’m still dealing with the hyperpigmentation.

    Notably, I also have been prescribed benzoyl peroxide by my dermatologist and so I’m also using that while taking the vitamins everyday 🙂 Idk how I stumbled upon this video considering I stopped looking for ways to get rid of my acne, but I’m still glad to know that I’m not the only one who goes through things like this. It sucks, but it’ll get better.

  • white rice??? no please don't say that, it's life

  • Why should we trust this dermatologist when she herself has some acne….

  • Can we get an update on how its going ?

  • White rice? That’s weird. Because Korean they eat rice all the times and their skins are like flawless

  • Lol, I don't think they know what real acnes are. You should see my face. 👌

  • My acne life:
    Wakes up
    Sees acne
    Tries to pop it cuz I can’t resist
    Gets scolded to not pop it again cuz it’ll cause scars

  • 🙄🙄🙄It’s Dairy and getting on the RIGHT birth control pill 🙄🙄🙄

  • I was getting acne breakouts after using some rx creams for skin rashes. My skin barrier was very damaged and my skin was fragile, sensitive, red and very dry. I kept getting acne due to the dryness, and the blemishes took forever to heal. I read about how to repair the skin barrier and people kept suggesting jojoba oil. So, I started applying a few drops of jojoba oil to my face, morning and night, after washing with a very gentle cleanser (Avene cleansing lotion), and it's been almost 40 days now and my skin is perfect. No dryness, no pimples, no redness or patchiness. It's glowing and healthy. After the initial few weeks of only using jojoba oil, I started applying Avene skin recovery cream after applying jojoba oil, things just kept improving. Now I can apply sunscreen on top of it, and makeup, and my skin is amazing. It only took a few days of using jojoba oil for me to notice it was working.

  • I'd rather not give up white rice

  • Great, now if only there were decent dermatologists here in my area who doesn't try to rip you off by suggesting doing only facials and lasers that are really expensive that didn't help with my acne at all!🙄 Crap, I'm so jealous of them.

  • "white rice"

    unavoidable xD

  • when u dont have a single pimple but u r still watching this

  • The sad part is that the dermatologist has acne too, soooo how is she I-

  • hears her say cookies, candy, soda, etc. cause ache

    falls on knees

  • Duuude I have the same issue as the first girl! I had great skin when I was a teenager and then all of a sudden when I turned 20 I started getting this really awful cystic acne all over! I hate it :/

  • white rice? omg thats a staple food and if i don't eat rice whatever the reason is, my mom would always says that i haven't eat and will eventually force me to eat some rice in the end 🤦‍♀️ yet my dermatologist never told me about that index level thing-y

  • I had pretty bad white heads on my forehead for over a year. I was a picker and popper… once I stopped my skin got much better, but my skin still looked oily. I ended up cutting out every face wash and acne treatment. Now I only wash my face with a bar of soap (occasional homemade sugar scrub) and moisturize plus witch hazel and rose water. I do get some here and there because I am an oily teenager still but now I feel like I don’t need concealer on at all!!!

  • I wish my dermatologist was like this – as opposite of: as soon as I walk in the door they say: you must take birth control

  • So antibiotics definitely helped with my acne, but it kind of messed up your body. Your body has a ton of beneficial microbes, but it's not like antibiotics can tell the difference btwn good an bad bacteria, which have given me some digestive issues.

  • Esthetician is better because sometimes dermatologists give you such hard medication !!!

  • I just cleared my pretty bad acne and it has honestly made things so much easier for me

  • What scares me is that I'm almost 16 but I've never had acne. I've had a few throughout my lifetime but they only lasted like a week or 2. I want to get them now so that I don't get a bunch of them all of a sudden later on in life.

  • "And I know that heath care can be expensive…"
    Me : Can't relate. I live in Australia. Health care is free.

  • I had horrific acne from the 5th grade, until I was 20. I felt like people couldn't even see through my acne to see the real me. I was like 1 giant walking pimple. I know it is genetic in my case my mother had acne even worse than I did until she was 30, & then she took Accutane (basically chemo for acne, taken off the market now because it is dangerous) & it finally subsided for her. Luckily when I was 20, mine started to fade & now I just get minor blemishes. I still have extremely oily skin though. It was probably also hormonal because it subsided when I was completely done with puberty.

  • I do literally everything and my acne stay on my chin. If any one has tips let's me
    Know I've had this for years I would like to take a break from it ughhhhh

  • jUST gO VEgAn

    Jk, do whatever is best for your skin

  • What happens with acne and hypoglycemia?

  • i prefer for my acne to appear in the evening, it doesn’t show up during school so i don’t have a spot i’m not aware about for a while, and then i can put acne treatment on it and sleep and it should be reduced

  • White rice can cause you ance

    Me:ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?

    That mean no rice? :c

  • I wonder if As/Is is giving you health care insurance, it would be sad if they don't.

  • I've had acne from 11 until now at 24. It changed and became more severe as I moved from the teen years to 20s. I eat a relatively whole-food vegan diet, I've tried natural remedies, over the counter, and prescription retinoids/antibiotics. I finally opted to try a hormonal option and have been on birth control for about a week and I'm already noticing a huge difference. Sometimes lifestyle/topical treatments aren't enough and you have to heal the insides.

  • When your staple food is white rice :((((

  • I wish i can cal that acne……

  • Y’all know that feeling when you had a clear week and wake up to a full face of acne?

  • Antibiotics for acne 😭 oh no honey 🤦🏼‍♀️

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