hi, it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel and today i want to share with you some of my new winter skincare i realized that i actually switch pretty much everything that i was using on my face i want to share with you so if you’re new to my channel hello I’m Tracy and I put out brand new fitness wellness and lifestyle videos so make sure you subscribe to my channel so that you will never miss a video so yeah you know it was funny, the other they’re washing my face I was like literally am using every single product i’m using is new and I’m not someone that changes my products a lot so i thought let me share with you my people what I’m doing you know here in New York the winters can be pretty brutal, you know the dry heat from the heat in your home cold outside and the weather has been absolutely crazy like 15-30 it’s snowing its raining its whatever so my skin tends to be a little bit more on the dry side so you know obviously all the products I’m using what i actually use my tend to be on the drier side but i just thought it would help you and I will share with you what im using so the first is a product this is Vanicream i don’t even know how to day it, but is the face wash and my girlfriend actually in LA Aaron turned me on to this and what I love about this, I was looking for a new face wash I hadn’t switched up my what I was using to wash my face in in a while but its free of dyes, lanolin, fragrance parabins, formaldehyde and other preservatives so, sulfate free, it’s really really gentle I feel like you could use this on a baby don’t quote me on that cause I don’t know if that’t true but it’s really great so what I do not the end of the day I use coconut oil organic virgin coconut oil all over my eyes only for me on my eyes that makes me break out and put it on my face and so then I was crazy time looks like we call it black swan so i get back redo all over my face to my mascara and then I you know gently wipe that off and then I wash my face using this and I really really like this super gentle so I think that you will enjoy it as well so then I am a toner freak and I’ve always trying new toners because i just love that feeling of spritzing my face i find it very refreshing it’s also great thing to do after you put on your makeup so that especially if you’re a little bit older you know if you’re over 30 even you don’t even like the powdery look on your face that makeup can give so what I started trying i love also is Caudalie and you know it’s Caudalie i love their products you know also it’s there you know it’s it’s organic its really good high-quality it makes me feel like I’m in France and I do like it very much so this is this the spritz, in fact I will do some now there’s no scent or anything on it and it’s just like a nice i don’t know just feel really really good i actually was looking for something else but I couldn’t find it although I feel like i just got a drop of water on my head so if Ido have that, sorry i’ll fix that later so yah, Caudalie great toner then when it’s evening there’s a couple different things that I do so in the evening and this is totally organic natural you know I actually got this on Amazon and this is rosehip oil i always loved using some serum or oil on my face again because my skin tends to dry but this stuff is great and here’s why it really is more of a dry oil what i mean by that is coconut oil is not something I can use to moisturize my face but what I found is with rosehip oil it does not make me break out it absorbs really really quickly in your skin and it feels really good I have like a little drop of my hand here right now and I just you know that makes you look greasy in fact even if my skin is feeling dry I’ve even put this on my face underneath makeup and and it’s great like again it doesn’t feel greasy or shiny or anything like that it’s gonna give you like a weird sheen so rosehip oil is a girl’s best friend they say is really great for scars for acne spots for aging skin so definitely check this out i think this thing was maybe $18 I don’t know I bought in Amazon I can leave the link below then into moisturizer i was using a lighter moisturizer during the summer because you know the heat humidity and all that I’m summer and fall here but I found that my skin was really really dry so i picked this up, this is the Avene and this is the hydrants optimal riche ok so they have two different formulations of this again this you can get at a drugstore I got here in New York, a regular drugstore but it’s one of those drugstores that have the larger sort of boutique type where you can get some of us mid-range products and some of those french beauty products i absolutely love so this is where i got this and i love it i’m if there’s really no scent to it it’s just kind of feel like something you would use on a baby i know this company has been around for a long time and I figure you know the drugstore products that you can get in France are really awesome so I really like this it feels so good so moisturizing i use day and night and I’ve had no problems with it so definitely if you’re looking for a really good rich moisturizer this would be a great great product and then oh my gosh so do any of you I don’t happen to you but for me in the winter time you know i love using liquid lipstick right because they last so long you know you don’t get them all over the place they’re great but they dry my lips out like crazy and so normally here i’ll use you know like how you scrub my lips using a lip scrub and something like that something really gentle but I it just wasn’t enough, I was like I feel like I have crusty lips and it is not cute so again at the drug store that has a sort of boutique situation i got this and this is the nuxe lip balm and it is fan-tastic I have to tell you I absolutely love it it is made from honey what’s so cool about this is that doesn’t give you like a greasy weird look that a lot of chapstick lip balm do so it’s completely matte and because of that you know look at the texture is really thick it’s really thick like custard texture and it smells good it sort of has like orange essence I don’t even have the box anymore to know but mmm oh man that does smell really good anyway this is GREAT. It’s a little bit pricey, i’m not gonna lie for a lip balm right like 15 bucks something like that, so it’s not gonna kill you but I use is it morning and night it just feels like a spa it smells good it feels good, so definitely you know you’re in the market for a new lip balm and you get dry lips like I do you wear a lot of liquid lipsticks this is the girl’s best friend and then lastly I want to share something with you that you might already have a great great beauty product especially in the winter and that is honey. You know just this is some honey that I got a trader joes is wild organic raw honey i use it in my tea sometimes but this is the best best face mask o.m.g so all you do with your wash your face so you’re nice and clean you pull the hair back probably already back and then you just put a light layer of this on. I use to think it it would like drip and get all over the place it really doesn’t, you just do a thin layer all over your face it’s natural, it’s gonna stay sticky obviously make sure you’re not going to like you know touch white sheets no fabric that you don’t want to get on or like lie down or anything weird like that which you wouldn’t do anyway so what you do is put it on your face you know it’s really nice layer of it just sit with it on for 20 minutes I’ve even gone so far as done a workout with it on which with honey i wouldn’t recommend because it does get drippy but point being you know just kind of chill out about 20 minutes with this on your face its anti-bacterial it naturally know what’s in there is one ingredient is a great product the other surprising benefits which I noticed recently is up again when i’m having those dry lips before i picked up the new lip balm I put honey all over my lips I just used a little spoon and the put the honey on my lips and kind of just massaged it in and let it kind of seep in and then after about 20 minutes or so i wiped it off my lips were soft they felt full again they just felt so much so, honey, girls best friend again I wanted to share with you some of the products that I’ve been using I will link all the products down below and if you have some favorite products that you’ve been loving definitely let me know by leaving me a comment so i hope that you found this helpful especially during these winter months don’t let your skin get all flakey and groose take care of yourself if you like this make sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and I will see you next week, bye

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  • I'm a major fan of Caudalie products! Also = DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

  • Hi Tracey!! did you get fillers around your mouth?? you look gorgeous

  • The Rosehip oil is interesting! I might pick that up, I've been using argon oil on my face and it can cause me to break out (as well as coconut oil). I'll have to try that Nuxe lip balm, although I've been using the Hourglass Lip Oil (it smells and feels like honey), and it's really been working for my cracked/peeling lips!

    I started using Peter Thomas Roth's Water Drench Cloud cream, which has hyaluronic acid, and it has REALLY helped with the fine lines on my forehead and under my eyes when I use it at night to sleep in. I also think the new Glamglow Volcasmic matte glow moisturizer is my new best friend for my oily skin, because it gets rids of my dry flakes from using acne products, but keeps my oil and shine at bay somehow. I get these both from Sephora, and while they're not organic, I feel they've been really great for my skin.

  • Tracy, your lips look lovely! What product is it? <3
    I swear on rose hip oil too, great to mix in foundation too.

  • haha, this is my favourite lip balm too! And I love Caudalie products, too. If you love French products, try Thalgo – all products are amazing.

  • I'll definitely try the raw honey mask. Thanks for sharing, Tracy!

  • I have been wanting to ask you about body lotion & wash recommendations!

  • Where's the link for all the products? Thanks.

  • THANK YOU TRACY!!!!!!! I have such a dry skin problem in the winter month's as well and YES!!!!! extra virgin coconut oil is GREAT!!!! Also the BODY SHOP has these face sprays Vitamin C and Vitamin E that keeps your face moist and the Vitamin C one makes the face look so vivid and alive!!!! I must add, you do not look like you get any kind of filler YOU ARE NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  • what lipstick do you have on in this video??

  • omg you are so gorgeous😍😍

  • I love rosehip oil too, love how my skin looks and feels from it. But I cannot stand the smell. No matter how fresh it's fragrance always comes off heavy like a rancid oil. I am very careful where and when I use it because I cannot stand that smell on me in public. From a flower that smells so gorgeous…It's very bizarre.

  • Thanks for sharing your tips! I am going to try the rosehip oil. Really struggling with dry skin but I have been using coconut oil and I am really breaking out!

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