Will This Really Help My Face? (friend’s breast milk)

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  • You’re my favorite

  • I am so exited for the baby 😘😘😘😘😘 may god bless her

  • I’m 35 weeks and never had acne pretty much my whole life always had clear skin and the last week 1/2 my face has broken out horribly all over my face even my neck , so I will definitely be trying this tip after I have my baby

  • God bless you guys and you little bundle of joy

  • Oh my have never heard of this before!! Actually quite interesting!

  • I love you guys soo much! !! I can't wait until you have your baby girl! She is very blessed to have parents like you two. God Bless

  • I'm 14 weeks and ever since 6 weeks pregnant my skin has freaked out on me as well as my chest and back. It sucks.

  • The Justin Bieber proactive commercial 😂😂😂Happy to lend my breast milk! Come get some anytime. 😘

  • Will yall have someone video announce when yall head to the hospital???

  • Ok so I know this sounds weird but it totally works for baby. God forbid your baby ever has a stuffy nose just put like a drop of breast milk in the baby's nostrils. Clears them up so fast it's insane. I tried this with my second baby and it actually helped her get over a small cold faster. Breast does wonders. So excited for the new baby.

  • I use lemons drinking lot of lemon water with honey and I put on my face just from fresh lemons it helps clear my face e upxxxx
    That's good you all better know

  • Hormones!! The week before I left to VidCon the entire Cascade Mountain Range surfaced on my forehead. Micah’s step mom is a dermatologist and she gave me some oil reducing cream. My face did a 180. I had never seen it like in my life. Glad it cleared up for you, I seriously know how it feels! O, I tagged you in an Insta Story❤️✨💫

  • Breast milk does have a lot of healing properties! You can use it on baby for diaper rash, baby eczema, almost anything!! Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy

  • It also helps with pink eye and ear infections.

  • I was on meds and couldn't feed my baby and my friend and ate it on his cereal!!! He would kill me if I posted his name he said gave him gas

  • just you wait. breast milk will be the answer to almost everything when baby comes haha

  • I haven’t tried my milk on my face (although maybe I should as I’m breaking out…) but I did use it on Mally’s face when her skin was so dry after birth.

  • the things we do for beauty!

  • Tea Tree oil just a little bit, can dry your skin out, but does work on pimples! It is an essential oil too NO chemicals!!

  • This was so funny 😆

  • Wow, its a good thing that you went to the doctor, who would have thought it was staph?! Especially with the likelihood that it was simply hormonal. So glad you are all cleared up and ready for Baby. She's going to be adorable! She sure picked a fun filled family to grow up with and be nurtured by! Blessings!

  • I am waiting from day to day to hear about your daughter's birth!! You are getting so close now…16 more days and the baby will supposed to be coming 💘

  • Bless your little pregnant heart! My face is breaking out too and I’m not pregnant. Happy you’re healing.

  • @5:10, could you please tell me where your buddy got his shirt?

  • I have such bad acne from stress ugh help ps ily guys

  • I was at school AGAIN!!! NOOOO😩

  • Bryce when ya said he couldn’t kiss her. He looked so sad 😂

  • Have you guys thought of some names for baby jurgy yet??? If so you should totally do a video on it!!!! 💜💛💚💙🦄 😍😍😘😘

  • Oh Quick tip! if you didn't think of it, be sure to wash or replace any makeup utensils you used during this time so as not to breed the staph in your cosmetics and have a possible reoccurrence;-)

  • I'm about two minutes in and I'm already wondering if formula would have the same alleged outcome

  • Without being funny…the best thing for you're skin is sperm….it has all the quality's for healthy skin…. looking forward to meeting bubs x ❤️ Quad Mum Australia 🇦🇺

  • BAHAHAHA!! That Justin Bieber commerical tho!!! Love y'all! So glad you caught it early! <3<3<3

  • Welp this may be your strongest video yet but whatever gets rids of the acne.

  • Can we prepare tea with breast milk?

  • Cow milk is very costly

  • A bit of an odd video… Have I told you guys that I love the text, color, and font of the Jurgys intro?

  • You guys are so daring. Little Jurgy is going to have such great qualities!

  • It doesn't surprise me you had a staph infection, I have a weak immune system and when my immune system is the lowest I get boils (thats what they are,, pimples are a type of boil but these are different) all over my scalp and often down my back too. Currently its really struggling so I have them over my face too, which sucks but I find taking lysine really helps with them but I have to take double the recommended dose to get it to clear when bad but I'd be on antibiotics all the time otherwise (I can't use doctors creams due to allergies to both ingredients and a preservative used in most creams). Neem oil is really good for it though, I need to apply it more straight but I apply a cream I made with it and it definitely does help to clear it, scratching only makes them worse as they spread super easy. Glad you've got it cleared up now!

  • I had a staph infection too before

  • I'm so exited for the baby!! when is the baby due?

  • I put breast milk on everything i bathe my daughter in it when she has dry skin

  • Yes I’ve used my breast milk for pimples. And it works ! My friend had worse acne than me and hers clears up all the way!!

  • Hey amazing Jurys

  • Beiber at 1:11 KILLED ME 🤣

  • I already used brastmilk for Face mask and it help my skin to get more Shine and very smooth and soft. When i'm on period i got some acnes and it help me to heal it. I use before i sleep and wash itu tomorrow morning. It's really great, i got brestmilk from my sister.
    Sometimes i use breast milk to mix with my conditioner
    And for heall eye from iritation

  • Next time use a Q tip lol

  • I'm happy to see everything is going alricht with mom en the little cirl also daddy. I'm looking forward to the little cirl and hope everything will go okay when she is coming.

  • My siblings and I have actually tried our mom's breast milk. It tasted like goat's milk. Evidently, it's super healthy.

  • Poor Nells!! Hopefully you're cleared up and preparing for the next BIG ADVENTURE! Because it's soon, YAY! At least you won't be pregnant in the summer…that's a whole nother misery,lol! So EXCITED FOR YOU BOTH! God bless you and your families!

  • Just watched this video! My friend who was literally withering away from shingles actually drank my breast milk as well as soaked clothes and put it on the shingles and it cleared up within a month but even immediately a few hours after applying it soothed the pain! Pregnancy does the starches things to your body I had IVF with my son imagine pregnancy hormones x100 but it can be so frustrating my finger is about to crack and fall off from dryness I my 1 finger!

  • Did you have your baby yet🙈😍

  • Our babies are in college and high school, but I remember all of my labor and delivery experiences very well. I remember how much more closer I felt to my husband after each birth as well. I also felt this overwhelming joy after each baby was born. It was not quite as awesome as the joy you feel when you let Jesus into your heart and life, but definitely waaaaay up there. I was fortunate in that I did not go through any postpartum blues. I think I had my share of emotional stuff during my pregnancies to have it over with by the time babies were born. Those hormones you know. Strange dreams too.

  • I hate my face right now 14 weeks people are telling me hey breast milk will help anything and I'm sitting there going WTF noooooooo I don't wanna try it but maybe out of no one being around I might when I can

  • Breast milk can carry and transmit disease, so using another person's breast milk can carry risks for transmission of disease.

  • PLEASE. My best friend has my breastmilk in her coffee and my husband drank it straight from my boobs… a lot of it. GUESS WHAT! He had a day old cold and the next day, he didn't! I put it on my fresh sunburn the night of the day i got it, next day, skin is totally normal. I made my mom drink it. I tried to make my grandma drink it but she refused, but DID accept my milk stash to use on her face. My stepdad has bad eczema, and he's going to try my milk. Im just saying….. "ew its gross, i wont taste it" in this video… HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • It works for diaper rash as well.

  • Maybe I should just using breast milk on my face xD my acne is so bad

  • Yeah, good move not to self diagnose when you are pregnant. Glad it cleared up.

  • After having my last kid once I got on birth control my face went NUTS! omg I am trying breast milk since she is 8 weeks old & i have PLENTY of milk! Thanks for the video.

  • Out of interest, which meds did they prescribe?

  • Breast milk I put that s***on every thing…

  • I mix my breast milk with turmeric, lemon, and honey to make a face mask and my skin is super smooth/soft afterwards. The little bumps go away in one to two days and any redness I have goes away the next day

  • I got rid of my textured skin withing 3 days of using my breastmilk

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