Will I have a Visible Scar after Upper Blepharoplasty? Scar after an upper eyelid lift?

Hallo, welcome to our
frequently asked questions. Today, I’m answering a question about blepharoplasty, will
I have a visible scar after upper blepharoplasty? Well, this is a common question that patients ask me, and
I’m going to approach it from 3 areas and the first
is, in terms of a scar, why do I need a scar from
upper blepharoplasty? How is it going to help me? Secondly, what is the normal
healing for the scar? Thirdly, what can be
done to either speed up the resolution of the scar
or improve the final result? My name is Dr. Julian De Silva,
and I’m a London based Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon and blepharoplasty is
a common procedure that I complete for my
patients every single day. So, in answering this
question, will I have a scar after upper blepharoplasty? Well, why is the
scar necessarily? Well, as part of
upper eyelid surgery often there can be
excess of skin, loose skin in the upper eyelid. This can either
create increased folds or a droppyness
in the upper eyelid that tends you to give you
a more aged appearance. When you look back at
younger photographs from 10 to 15 years
before often the skin is smoother in the upper eyelid. And there isn’t the same
degree of looseness. So, a scar is required
in order to remove that loose skin and
improve the texture of the remaining skin. So, that scar can be hidden in the natural
crease of the eyelid. So, when you look down
there is natural crease, a natural fold in the eyelid. This fold can be generally used to hide the scar from
upper eyelid surgery. So, in terms of the
scar how does it heal? Well, generally
speaking, one week after the surgery the
scar can be a little bit lumpy bumpy and a little
bit pink in color. This is normal for any
scar anywhere in the body. However, with time this
natural lumpy bumpiness and pinkness will fade
and generally speaking, the upper eyelid will
improve to give you a very fine scar and fine line. How long does this
take to occur? Well, in many patients,
even after 6 weeks the scar can be
relatively smooth and relatively normal in color. However, in some people this
process can be much slower. The very final
result of any scar from upper blepharoplasty can
be as long as 18 months. So, there is a small risk
with any kind of surgery of a scar that can be unsightly. Generally this scar or
this risk of having a scar such as this, such
as keloid scarring, is a fraction of 1%,
it’s a very small risk. However, if you do
have like a tendency towards keloid scaring or any other scarring
type issues, it’s important to
tell your surgeon so that they can take
that into account. Certainly precautions
can be taken in order to minimize scaring
after upper blepharoplasty. Well, what can be done in
order to speed up healing and resolution of the scar? Well, first in terms
of the surgery in the surgical
technique well measures can be taken in
order to speed up the resolution of a scar. That can include
the use of laser and platelet rich
plasma, the speeding and enhance healing. It can involve the
use of bio-oil or silicone gel
after the surgery that tend to speed
up the healing. Both of these products work in slightly differently ways would generally aid
healing when used with gentle massage. So, in summary we’ve talked
about upper blepharoplasty and why a scar is
generally required in order to give you the
best possible result. We’ve also talked about
how long that scar will tend to fade and heal. Finally we talked about measures that can be taken in
order to enhance healing and give you a result
in a faster time. I hope this information
has been useful, thank you for watching. If you would like
further information about having blepharoplasty
or eyelid surgery, please have a look at
Dr. De Silva’s book. This is a comprehensive
patient guide with over 250 pages including
color illustrations and photographs,
including all commonly asked questions and fears
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