Why You Should Never Wash Your Face With Baking Soda

we all have our usual nightly routine
before we go to bed most people enjoy this ritual of self-care before catching
40 winks which may include brushing your teeth flossing brushing your hair and
yes washing your face everyone’s skin is different and there are so many products
out there that claim all sorts of different benefits recently baking soda
has been in the limelight for its versatility in fact we have another
video about baking soda called eight benefits of baking soda that you can
check out later what we want to know today is can you use this Wonder powder
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there are many facial cleansing products out there that might have baking soda in
them or claim to hold the benefits of baking soda so it’s understandable why
someone would think that baking soda can be used to wash your face you can use
baking soda for all kinds of things like whitening your teeth and even helping
with heartburn but when it comes to your face it’s a bit more complicated there’s
a lot of information out there about baking soda working wonders if you have
acne prone skin or oily skin if you google it right now you’ll probably find
a million and one recipes for homemade baking soda wash that can clear up your
zits however the FDA has not approved the use of baking soda on your skin to
treat acne so there’s that while there hasn’t been that many studies we could
find on the effects of baking soda as a face wash the general consensus from
medical professionals is that baking soda will probably do more harm than
good if you’re really struggling with your acne and really want to try baking
soda we advise that you do a spot test try it out on a small part of your skin
and see if you have any reaction like a rash you don’t want to put something all
over your face if you don’t know what it’s gonna do to your face right there’s
also a few other reasons why you should probably avoid the use of baking soda on
your face and we’re gonna talk about them right now
your skin is kind of complicated without getting too deep into the chemistry of
it all basically baking soda disrupts the natural oils and acidity of your
skin because baking soda is a basic sodium bicarbonate is something that
neutralizes acid which is why it works on things like heartburn but on your
skin baking soda is just too harsh and can result in really throwing off the
natural oils your skin needs to stay balanced skin is naturally acidic on
purpose it sort of protects the skin with an oily barrier and throwing
something into the mix that’s going to neutralize all this needed acidity will
actually make your skin more likely to become infected and we’ll eventually see
more breakouts than when you start it some common side effects of using baking
soda on the skin are extremely dry skin after using baking soda a few times your
acne is likely to become worse your skin might become more sensitive in general
even to everyday things like the Sun your skin could become very irritated or
inflamed this could increase your chances of the skin becoming wrinkled at
a younger age baking soda is pretty harsh while it can work wonders around
the house baking soda can be too much for the skin while baking soda itself
isn’t actually harmful the side effects might be most people won’t realize they
have a sensitivity to baking soda until it’s too late and a rash already appears
sometimes baking soda can cause redness or even a burning sensation on the skin
if used too often or on sensitive skin if you do use baking soda like in a
deodorant and you develop a rash or reaction to it make sure you see a
medical professional like a dermatologist deep scrubbing exfoliating
sounds like it would work wonders for your skin
you often hear deep exfoliation as a bonus when talking about any kind of
face scrub or mask baking soda can be used as an exfoliator when made into a
paste but again isn’t recommended wall exfoliation does help out your skin tone
and can be very nice once in a while you should
face it out when you exfoliate in order to give your skin time to replenish some
of those necessary oils and acidity to reform that protective barrier we talked
about earlier there are many remedies for acne treatment that talked about
mixing baking soda with things like lemon juice or coconut oil but keep in
mind baking soda is still very basic even when added to these other mixtures
and if you’re going to venture into the unknown always do a spot test before
applying the mixture to your entire face remember every skin type is different
and it may take time to find a cleanser that works for you this goes double with
those four very sensitive skin or those who are prone to acne here are a few
tips when it comes to washing your face if you battle with dry or overly
sensitive skin try to stay away from anything that will strip your skin of
its natural oils like baking soda instead you want to look for cleansers
that are detergent free or are glycerin based for those with acne prone skin
some folks do say that using baking soda spot treatments work wonders however we
don’t recommend it your skin is going to be harder to treat because it can be
oily and dry at the same time try using a gentle cleanser or something medicated
that contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid if your skin is really troublesome
it’s always best to check with your dermatologist and find out what your
best options are if you’re someone with oily skin you want to set your sights on
something foamy that will help lift that extra oil off your skin but still leave
enough that it won’t be damaging when it comes to washing your face at the end of
the night really all you need is some clean water that is if you don’t have a
bunch of makeup on coconut oil can help remove waxy leftover makeup from the day
and won’t irritate your skin like some makeup removers that contain alcohol
you’ll want to avoid anything with alcohol in it as it could irritate your
face washing your face really doesn’t have to be that complicated the main
thing is to keep it simple what do you use to wash your face what kind of skin
you have why not let us know your face washing routine and what works for you
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  • This is useful

  • Um I don't think anyone else tried this but ok

  • Who the f*** is using baking soda on their face

  • I have oily skin and I use an acne face wash bar to get rid of my zits

  • Who washes their face with baking soda? I've never heard of that

  • I was good till you said F.D.A.

  • 🔧🤨🤦🏻‍♀️🐡

  • Just use Diluted Organic Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother…it will work wonder…try it!✌🏼

    PS:Don't use synthetic and commercial cleansers it's as same as washing as sodium bicarbonate because most cleansers are basic too because it contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which strips the natural oil and the acid mantle

  • What do you use to wash your face? What kind of skin do you have? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends! 🙂

  • I have acne oily skin and I started to use baking soda two weeks ago. I only use it twice a week. Is that still harmful to my skin? 🤔🤔🤔I really would like to know.🙂🙂🙂👋

  • I love using baking soda on my face. Since I started using it a few times a week, the moisture of my skin has evened out and I no longer need a moisturizer under my foundation.

  • I've been using baking soda for 10 years and rarely breakout. Although I only do it twice a week.

  • I've been using baking soda for some time on my face and I only have good things to say about it for now

    My skin isn't too sensitive but I do have some allergies. However, it didn't react at all to baking soda, but I did feel a slight "burning" feeling when I first started using it, nothing unbearable though

    I'm really loving it because it's making the bumbs and dark spots that I had on my skin because of acne become less visible!

  • I mix baking soda in bathing water. I do this to level pH of body and avoid going bald.for hair it's good but getting itching sense in my hands recently….

  • i has always used it and it is very good .. and this is bullshit nonsense ..

  • I just need help to not have textured skin like every. Time I put makeup and I go to the sun it look horrible

  • Ofc they'll not approve because they can't make any money now and no more people will go to them when they know that baking soda can treat your acne marks, 🤣.

  • @ 1:45
    Because the FDA who receives money from big pharmaceutical companies are a trusted source of information….I'll take my chances with cheap baking soda over expensive addictive drugs any day

  • I just don't know about this. I think it's a load of crap lol. I recently started using baking soda+lemon juice+honey and it's been amazing for my skin. I've used it for a week and my complexion is so much better. My skintone is even, lighter and softer with a glow! You'd have to come pry this stuff out of my death grip to get me to stop using it. It has been amazing. I have been applying it every other day and only leave it on for 5 minutes. I did 10 at first but, it left my face a little reddish in some areas. It went away in a few minutes but, I'd say 5 minutes has been perfect:)

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