Who Will Win? 2 Face Mask Applicators – Which is Worth It?

hi everyone I’m going to paint my face
with another face mask in this video to compare these two face mask applicators
I already did a review of this brush that came in this set by equal tools
this is the equal tools mini mask mates if you didn’t watch that video I will
link it down below for you to watch this one is a silicone spatula that I got in
a set of Q from Amazon comes in this cute little bag that I keep just to keep
them safe and clean in between uses and one handle is in baby blue aqua color
and then the other one is a pink handle what I want you to get from this video
is is it worth it so if it’s worth it for you to get then
get it if it’s not worth it for you to get don’t get it even though these are
both relatively affordable they’re under $10 if you don’t need it don’t buy it I
really want to start doing like five minute or ten minute reviews on skin
care products or even makeup products so that it would provide value to you to
see if you would pick it up or not or if it’s worth it to you I really am
striving to do shorter review videos because I know I give a lot of
information and it might be a little bit too much so if five to ten minute videos
reviewing one or two products is good for you then I would love for you to
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less but provide more value let’s start with this video I am so sweaty because I
just worked out so I’m gonna go shower and then after my shower well actually
in my shower I’m going to try this L’Oreal pure sugar scrub I’m so excited
it’s the Kiwi one and I actually will do a first impression little try out thing
and share my thoughts on my Instagram so if you can see oh it’s always up in the
top left corner of my screen in my videos my socials and my blog they are
up there so if you would like to follow me on Instagram please do and I think
that you should because I do post daily when I’m not having a very bad time in
life and I mostly do a really quick review
yeah I some I mostly do reviews and I show you some of the skincare products
that I’ve been using a rotation check that out if you’re interested in my
thoughts of that scrub and then you’ll be in a bathroom with me so that I can
show you half on my face the mask using this one and then the mask using this
brush so let’s get on into it alright welcome to my bathroom I’m going to dig
into the mask now with the silicone brush I’m going to use it apply mask to
this side of my face here is the brush I’m going to take it
in depending on the type of mask that you have it might be a little bit
difficult to get out but so same thing in the last all this like getting my
mask all over my body so you can see you can kind of scrape it with this brush
this is a spatula and that’s just in case you get this huge quanta of mask
when you first scoop it out of the container which you can see right here
and then of course move up and put on the rest of your face so around the nose
not too bad but you’ll see what the other brush that I find it to be a lot
easier and this is kind of girls I mean thankfully that my face is clean like I
would never apply treatments and stuff to a dirty face but you already mean
like I just exfoliated and wash my face and I just went back into the container
to get some more mass but you know what that’s just gonna happen anyway like you
would 100% do the same thing with your hands I do put it on my neck as well I
always get the same treatment to my neck does it do to my face you can see it’s
kind of like uneven here and there but as long as I have all the areas covered
it’s totally fine but yeah I really like this spatula because it just flattens
everything out spreads everything like butter
so that was the spatula and now I’m going to use the Ecotools
synthetic brush and of course this one’s gonna be harder to get out
it is a brush instead of a spatula but I mean look at that
it’s exactly like using a foundation brush and applying foundation to your
face it’s so much smoother the application is much more even that’s a
good thing when you apply masks because you don’t want your masks do you have
too thick of a layer on your face because then I’ll take forever to dry
and you’re only advised to have a facial mask on for 10 minutes otherwise it’ll
start to really dry out your face the two differences that I concluded using
these two brushes is that one it’s much easier to scoop out of the jar with the
spatula but the brush applies mask more evenly
you know honestly you can probably use your foundation brushes for this too but
I only have two foundation brushes one of them is cheap and then the other one
is a Mac one and I don’t know I just feel very uneasy thinking about using my
makeup brushes for this but you could try so that was it for my application
you can see this side is much thicker than this side because it’s much more
uneven I had to make up for all of the little gaps that I have by putting it on
either more masks or just going over the same area a couple more times then I’m I
really want to and now I’m gonna show you how easy it is to clean both brushes
so I’m just running this under water cold water warm water works too it
doesn’t really matter because this is a synthetic brush and the spatula is a
silicone brush you can see it’s all coming out really easily make at least
with a synthetic brush you don’t have to worry about it getting stained or
splaying and all the masks getting caught within the bristles and it’s like
impossible to come out which by the way that’s why I wanted to say about my
foundation brushes I do not think there is synthetic so this would be a pain for
means you use and then because spatula is super easy to clean it’s just coming
right off you do have to be careful because right here the mask can get
stuck so you just can’t put the lifted a little bit and bend it just so you can
get that out and that’s basically it I don’t even wash it with soap or anything
because it’s not going to harbor bacteria here is the math application up
close you can see quite a difference so I will wait for about 10 minutes
actually I’m not gonna wait for 10 minutes for this to dry before I do my
outro so let’s go and do my outro with this mask on so verdict I still would
definitely recommend if you think it’s worth getting these at all I would
recommend the equal tools one you saw that I had difficulty with scooping the
mask out of the jar with the Eagle tools brush but I feel like even though I read
up to three times the application is just so much more even and it’s so much
easier to apply the mask on with this brush and you always want a thin even
layer when you mask so that your mask can dry faster now that I’m like sitting
here and I have the fan on I feel like this side of my face that I
applied the mask on with this spatula is colder than this one like this one’s
pretty dry and this one I know it’s still wet so that’s why I definitely
recommend the Eagle tools one if you don’t think that these are worth it if
you would rather use your hands let me know in the comments below what you
would rather apply your mask with and if you think that these are worth getting
which one would you get I really hope that you enjoyed my video if it helped
you please give it a thumbs up subscribe to see more videos from me turn on your
post notifications so you get notified of my future uploads and thanks so much
for watching I will see you in my next video bye

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  • Thanks so much for this video! There isn’t many videos on face mask applicators much less a contrasting one!!

  • Before you put face mask you wash
    you face or not

  • Thank you for this review. I was thinking of buying a silicon brush but looks like the synthetic one is more easier to use in applying masks on the skin

  • Very informative! what face mask do you use?
    also what body soap do you use? your skin is so clear

  • You just saved me a couple bucks from buying that 2 pack silicone spatula on amazon. These are the straight to the point videos I like

  • Thank you
    I actually wish I had found your video last night
    I just placed an order last night on Amazon getting same spatula 2pc. That comes with two brushes
    It looks like the spatula causes alot of wasted product also.. great review👏💚

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