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(Creole) Koman Ou Ye? I’m Jasmine and welcome back to my channel. Today is all about my at-home
facial routine this is complete with my extractions my facial masks and my
serums and my sprays and my toners and all that good stuff.
If you want to know how I do my at-home facials then definitely keep on watching.
So the exact same device I use for my hair seam, I use for my facials it is a two and one which
is great so again I fill it up to the maximum and then I wait for it to bubble
up and once that has bubbles up you’re going to actually see the steam coming
from the other end and that steam is where all the goodness comes in now
sometimes what I like to do is I like to add in a couple of drops of tea tree
essential oil because it is an antibacterial and super super great for
my oily skin but for now I’m just using plain old water and as you can see I am
really enjoying myself this is just a great and affordable way to experience
some spa-like services without having to break the bank.
I usually go through this for 15 minutes. Once I am done I take my extractor which
I got from Sephora it’s actually a three in one and I like to use a white cotton
pad right here I’m just keeping the nose taut while I extract which is me
basically removing my whiteheads I have a lot of whiteheads especially around my
nose and my chin and this is an example of the whiteheads that I extract and
I do this ONLY once a month NO more than that. I don’t want my skin to you know be
super super sensitive so I only do this once a month and this works for me so I
only do this around the nose and the chin areas I find that when I do it
around my cheeks I don’t really notice any of the whiteheads coming out so I
basically stick with the center of my face and I don’t even bother with my
forehead. So mainly basically the value part and
this is what the pad looks like yet this is all of the white heads that came out
of my nose and my chin I know so now I’m taking a Dead Sea mask and I’m applying
that all over my face just for some added luxury and I like to take a brush
because I don’t want to get my hands dirty about 15 minutes later once this
is about dry I am going to wash my face with warm water and rinse it off with
some cool water to close up the pores and I am feeling super refreshed my skin
is loving it and I love patting my face dry with a clean towel next I’m taking
my pixie billet onyx ago and I’m just, passing this over my face. Now I’m taking
my derma e concentrated serum I love this stuff and what I like to do is Pat
this on my skin I don’t rub because I don’t want to move germs around so yep
this is the more sanitary way next I’ll be taking my ELF nourishing night cream
as well as my derma e rejuvenating face oil I’m going to be mixing these two
together emulsifying them in my hands and I’ll also be patting that onto my
face because I don’t want to tug on the skin and cause more wrinkles you know
what I mean so yeah I like to Pat it on my skin and give my skin some extra
nourishment from the oils and the serum this complete my at-home facial if glowy
is rejuvenated its youthful and I absolutely love doing this on days when
I just want to treat myself all right that’s it for this video today I really
hope you enjoyed it and if you have stay tuned till the end then you are in luck
because I’m actually having a little giveaway I’m actually giving away one of
these derma e face oils I’m going to be giving out the illuminating face oil so
if you guys are interested in this giveaway then please check out the
description box. By the way for my other giveaway in my other video.
I announced the three winners in the description box to this video as well I’m going to
also pin the name of the giveaway winners in the
comment section down below it doesn’t check that out and that is it.
I want to thank you all so much for watching and supporting and subscribing to my channel
and I will see you all in the next one Peace Out! CLOSED CAPTION PROVIDED BY

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