Which Scar Treatment Should I Use? 8 Options

Hey guys, it’s Patrice Adeline from BeautyTimeRN.com. I’m a registered nurse And I specialize in plastic surgery and aesthetics and today I’m gonna be sharing with you guys eight effective ways to treat a scar. The first step that I wanted to share with you guys is That you might go online and find a bunch of different things saying vitamin E Or other vitamins may be super helpful for your scar But basically what I have seen in peer edited reviews, vitamin E Actually doesn’t do anything for your scar by itself It does when used in conjunction with other modalities, but I theorize that vitamin E Alongside with other oils such as coconut oil will improve the appearance of your scar because of the massage itself so since you’re massaging it into the scar to put it on it. Helps break up the collagen and therefore improve the appearance of your scar Next two things I want to talk to you guys about is silicone, silicone has been used in treatment of scars since the 1980s and it has been shown in pure edited reviews that it’s actually the gold standard for treating scars Silicone sheets can be used for scars on your body They’re kind of like bandages And you can cut them if you have a smaller scar or you can Put them next to each other if you have a longer scar so they’re very useful they should be used for at least six weeks and The only downside I want to mention about silicone sheets. It’s that if it’s summer or You are using it on your body your skin can get irritated since it is kind of like a bandage that it’s always on there Because of the oils that are being produced or if you’re sweating it can kind of irritate your skin so it’s not for everybody, but it is an amazing option to try So the second silicon thing I wanted to mention is the silicone gel the silicone gel is great in the use of The face the neck anywhere that is visible Maybe your hand the nice thing about it is the application unlike the sheets that you have to cut up and piece together The silicone gel you just put on and since you are rubbing it in just like the first step that I mentioned is You are getting also a massage because you’re rubbing it in and also a lot of the gels also contain SPF Which also helps in the provement of scars, so you’re kind of getting three in one by using a silicone gel And that’s the great thing about it Next thing you want to be talking to you guys about is SPF SPF obviously has a lot of great benefits, but also specifically to scars If exposed to the Sun scars will get darker even if you’re outside and you have clothing on The Sun can still travel through your clothing and therefore you still want to have SPF on you should be using at least SPF 30 and you should be doing it for at least a year to two years long Another tip is to use steroid injections This is obviously not something you can use at home you do have to go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist Office to do but what they would do is just inject some steroid in it usually kenalog and what this does is it takes a hypertrophic scar or a keloid that is Elevated and flattens it out, so it smooths it out The one negative thing about this is because the scar is flattened out it will probably get wider Even though the elevation of it goes down, so it’s not a treatment that everyone wants to do But if you do have a keloid scar that it is painful it might help with something like that So the next thing I want to share with you guys is lasers lasers is something I do every day on my patients to help them with their scars and there’s different types of lasers for different types of scars so if you have a textured scar Like it’s hypertrophic or hypertrophic You want to treat it with something like a Fraxel which will smooth it out if it’s a red scar you want to treat it Something like a V beam which will take out the redness and if it’s a brown scar you want to use something like TriVantage or Lasers might have different names in different offices so something that treats a brown scar The one downside to lasers even though they’re so effective and may only take one or two or three treatments They are pretty costly so out of all the modalities that I’m mentioning in this video lasers are probably the most expensive route However, you’re doing it one to three times Instead of every day for a year or two So another effective way to treat a scar is by doing micro needling on it micro needling is very effective But just like the lasers can be costly because you do need to do a few treatments with it Probably four to six depending on the scar your practitioner will be able to tell you what’s best for you It’s very similar with Fraxel in terms that it does treat the smoothness it won’t affect the texture it will affect the texture but it won’t affect the tone or the pigment of the scar so it’s great for things like acne scars stretch marks Which may not have pigment and micro needling might be the best option for it Final tip I have for you guys is the use of Botox? because Scars are caused because of the tension that it’s put on the incision or the trauma that you’ve had it Can widen the scar it can make the scar longer so because that area is? Relaxed with Botox it can actually help heal the scar So if you have a scar that is on the forehead or the cheek Areas that are very high tension it may be a great way to treat your scar, but it has to be done immediately Obviously while the scar is still fresh so that that tension is not put on in In conclusion there are a lot of different effective ways to treat a scar for more information Please go to my website BeautyTimeRN.com where I talk about different scars Costs and how to effectively treat the different scars if you like this video Please give it a like and a share and comment below with any Scar questions that you might have and I will definitely get back to you Please also check me out on Instagram Twitter and Facebook. Thanks so much for watching

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