[both] Good morning! I thought today for our Monday video it would be kind of comical to interview Peter because he is sick right now and I wanna get his take on what it’s like to be the sick person. I think it’s ironic that, like, what was it four weeks ago we made a Monday video right here in this spot. [Mary laughs] And we pretended to have the flu. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ [Mary] We’ve got Peter all set up with everything he needs. He’s got his gold fishy pretzels, [Mary] he has his tea, he’s got his kombucha, water, tissues, thermometer, [Mary] ibuprofen. I’m set. [Mary] He’s all set, and I’ve been [Mary] staying far, far away, but I thought just for this little interview, I’m gonna sit here and ask Peter some questions, so. I’m nervous. [Mary] Are you? I just woke up from sweating all over. [Mary laughing] Aww! So, ask away. [Mary] So give us the top three things you learned about being sick, being the sick person. Well, it’s not very fun. Fevers feel like…doodoo. [Mary laughs] And you feel bad. I feel bad, like, being in bed, and… [Mary] What do you mean by feel bad? Well, I feel bad that Mary has to like fend for herself because I am not… [Mary] Yes, I feel that. In my opinion, it feels like guilt. I always feel guilty, [Mary] like I’m not doing my part in the family or whatever. [Mary] But just like you always tell me like it is totally okay to just be, [Mary] and be sick and let your body fight, and… I think it’s just harder when your spouse or someone else in the house is like, chronically ill, like, you feel bad getting sick and so that’s yeah, that guilt factor. [Mary] Yeah. But Mary’s been awesome taking care of me. [Peter burps] [Mary] Good one! You’re allowed to do anything when you’re sick. [Peter laughs] [Mary] One benefit of being sick. Yeah. [Mary] Okay, so one factor in our family because I have Cystic Fibrosis, we have to be extra careful about germs, so if Peter shows symptoms of germs we immediately stop kissing, stop sharing any drinks or food, really be cognizant of what you’ve touched and washing your hands very frequently. I saw, I saw a comment I think a couple weeks ago where somebody said like what do you guys do when Peter gets sick because like obviously we have to avoid germs for Mary and… and I think the commenter said, does he’s like stay in a yurt in the backyard? I thought it was so funny. [Mary] So we are installing a yurt tonight. Yeah. No, we have this guest bedroom that I slept in last night, and I’ve been in here all day and Mary opened the window to give a breeze in here. And we have the air filter running. [Mary] Yeah, we have like a HEPA air filter. We had it on turboblast. Yeah, but basically we do our best to keep me quarantined basically. [Mary] Right. Um. And then I know Mary’s been cleaning today, like, washing the sheets. [Peter burps] Excuse me. And… so I like yes, in an ideal world there wouldn’t be a sick person in the house. [Mary] Correct. But we do our best to keep me separate and thankfully I haven’t been sick. We were just talking about I think like last time I… like was real sick was probably 2 and a half years ago. [Mary] Yeah, we weren’t living here. It was before we lived here. But I’ve had like smaller colds since then I think. [Mary] Yeah. But…so we just try to be smart and safe and do what we can and obviously there’s that reality that… germs you can’t see and… [Mary] Yep. But that’s what we do. We also realized that I was already exposed to whatever he has in the days prior because literally the night before he became symptomatic, hours before he became symptomatic we were hanging out just like normal. We were in the same bed obviously, sharing blankets and whatever, we were being together, and then he woke up in the middle of the night and he said he felt like his throat was sore and then… It was just like there’s no way to eliminate being exposed and that’s also why we’re careful in public because just because our friends say that they don’t feel any symptoms, and they don’t have any symptoms, they could already be coming down with something. That’s why we’re really cautious with like trying not to give hugs very often and that sort of thing. One of the things that I don’t think I’ve ever had sickness come on so quickly, like usually it’s…I don’t know, when I’ve gotten sick it’s like one day I’ll have a little bit of sore throat and it’s like oh, I wonder if I’m getting sick. [Mary] Yeah. But I felt completely normal on Saturday and Sunday morning woke up, and it was like I’m sick. And then, like… I was at church that morning and [Mary] Because it just felt like a sore throat. Yeah, I was, you know, I was being careful about germs and everything and…but I was leading the church service and… obviously that wasn’t great on my throat, but then after church it just like starting going downhill quickly. It was weird but I don’t know. [Mary] And then this morning is when you got the fever and body aches and just not feeling good. But I am really curious, this is the first time Peter has been this kind of sick since I’ve been on IVIG. And I am so curious if I’m not gonna get sick. And if I don’t get this sickness, I’m gonna be like IVIG is amazing! Whoo! The reality is I mean I’m a very, like, realistic person, so I feel like I’m probably gonna get some form of this illness, because like I said we’ve been together and there’s no way to perfectly eliminate these germs. I feel like I probably will get some symptoms but hopefully it won’t be full-blown badness and we’ll just deal with it. I mean, that’s reality. You can’t eliminate being exposed, you can’t live in a bubble and so we try to put me in a bubble by doing IVIG, but… And we went on this trip. I mean I think the irony of all this is like I am sitting in that spot where we talked about tips on not getting the flu, and then you know one of those big tips was like don’t go on a trip where you ride on an airplane and so it feels like oh, we went against our own advice. [Mary] Well, we waited til flu season was… We waited until, you know, flu season was a little farther along and but the reality of it all is is… we said this in our vlogs while we were traveling, like, we accept the consequences of making this trip because at the end of the day like we felt like this was a window where we could get away, and we knew it would take a toll on Mary’s body. We didn’t, you know, I think when we said we accept the consequences we weren’t thinking of me getting the flu. [Mary] Right. But I accept that like we did fly on an airplane. I think the guy across the aisle was sneezing, like, there’s those realities, and I don’t know. I mean… [Mary] Yeah. So we just have to get Peter [Mary] thoroughly rested and ready for this coming weekend. He has two church services to plan. [Mary] So, that’s what we’re gonna do, and… [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ And don’t forget to give Peter a thumbs ups for, um, hopefully it’ll cheer him on to feel better soon. And goodnight Ollie Boy! [Mary talking as Ollie] Goodnight everybody! ♬♬

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  • We pulled out the camera while Peter was sick and took a few minutes to talk through some thoughts on when a caregiver gets sick. We know that many of you care for loved ones, so we want to encourage you to keep on going. Your act of love is not unseen!

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    Mary He made certain that you could take care of Peter too. Two people that love Jesus so much and I love that.
    Love ๐Ÿ’— yโ€™all

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  • Oh, the irony!! Hope everything went well at clinic today ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi there how are you today?? I am good. mom and i dyed eggs and I put away my winter cloths and got my spring /summer outfits.We traveled to my aunt Marciaโ€™s house to celebrate easter and spent the night. we are home now. it was so much fun.

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  • You know, if Peter wore a mask on the plane too it might help.

  • I mean no offense at all by this, just a mere observation but I do kind of think it's funny that you say you have to be extra careful about germs but yet we see you guys sharing stuff so often… I have an autoimmune disease and my husband and I are very sensible about cross contamination. For example, we don't drink out of the same cups, eat off the same utensils etc (the washed ones we share obviously but I mean like once we are using it we don't share). This is because it is proven that you are contagious well before showing signs for most things, which means you shouldn't drink out of the same cup on a daily basis since you would be catching it too before you would even know their sick… Obviously living in close proximity to someone makes it almost impossible not to share germs to some degree, but it GREATLY reduces some cross-contamination if you will. It should not be offensive or anything of the sort to your partner if you do not share things (like oh, you won't share a cup with me?! etc), rather they should want that for your health. Having said that, I understand romantically that it's a little hard to not share germs, but cutting out the sharing of cups etc really helps reducr the added chance of catching something. I know it's none of my business, but just wanted to share in case others are in a similar situation ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Get better Peter.

  • Friends can also be carriers of the illness and you can get it this way. When ever I go over to my best friends house their children are carriers and I end up getting sick every time so we limit my exposure to them. For me it is inevitable with no immune system I get everything that goes on around me. This was a great video. You are exactly right. We can't just live in a bubble. I need to get out and visit our friends time to time. I would still get sick because my boyfriend is a carrier so when people at his job get sick I get it. There is just no fool proof way.

  • Glad you're better now and hoping Mary's version of this wasn't too bad!

  • Mary does not cough in this video. I know it's not a normal video, but she does not cough.

  • I did the same thing. Went to bed feeling amazing, woke up like 3 hours later and I was sooooo sick. Day 1 was just yuck. Day 2 (easter) I lost my voice. Day 3 (today) I felt better…until I didnt..hope you get feeling better soon!

  • I swear I thought I already watched this? Rerun???
    A mask will not keep you from getting sick you are still breathing the same air everyone else is . Masks are for the sick to not spread germs if the cough, sneeze or breath on others. People carry viruses for two weeks in their body sometimes. You never know if you touched merchandise at a store or even if it was delivered to your door. It may have been handed by a sick person Iโ€™m a nurse.

  • Thankfully I have a pretty good immune system despite all my chronic illnesses. Except, it did destroy my pancreas, but I'm all about forgiveness lol

  • Mary and Peter, I can absolutely relate to this. My brother had a trach the last 6 years of his life. I got the flu, and of course I had to stay home from school. . . I was stuck on one side of the house and he was on the other. My mom would go between the two of us. She was constantly washing her hands. With the help of his nurses he didn't get the flu. Man those were a rough few days. We loved being together, so I can only imagine what this is like for you guys. Hugs, prayers and love to you both, and Olie

  • I cannot take ibuprofen it makes me breakout in bruises and causes nearly unbearable pain in those areas…

  • i know that issue to well… I have Primary Immunodeficiency Disease(PIDD), a lung disease and POTS and everything has to be germ free for me or I could be hospitalized and when my husband/caregiver gets sick we have to what we can to try to not me sick which isn't easy sense you can't really run from germs 100% but you just have to do what you can do anyways hope peter gets better and hope you don't catch whatever he has mary

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  • My partner and I live with his parents and his mom recently passed from ovarian cancer that she had been fighting for a long time. I definitely understand Peter when he says "you feel guilty getting sick when someone you love has a chronic illness". I never wanted to say that I felt ill because I knew she felt ill in ways that I could never fathom. But she was the strongest person I know.

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