What to Expect from Vascular Laser Treatment : The Recovery Period for Vascular Laser Treatment?

Hi I’m Dr. Micheal Walker from Hill Country
Facial Plastic Surgery Center and on behalf of the Expert Village I’ll be talking about
vascular laser treatments today. What’s the recovery period? Well typically there’s immediate
improvement and there is some erythema and swelling around the lesion treated for several
days. So recovery is usually less than a week. What’s the average cost of laser treatments?
It all depends, where it’s located and how much of an area has to be treated. Can run
anywhere to less than a hundred dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars. Depending
if multiple treatments are required which is not uncommon with large vascular lesions.
And typically facial lesions they only require two or three sessions to completely eradicate
them and smooth them and blend them into to the surrounding skin.

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