What Makes a Cool Scar?

You know what can be like sometimes really
cool and sometimes just really lame are scars. Having like a bear claw scar that just went
down the chest just like SHHHHHHHH. That would only be really cool under a certain circumstance.
Otherwise it would be stupid. So if you went to the beach, and someone came up to you and
was like, “Woah! That Scar! Dude! Where’d you get it?” “Yeah, man. Well I was just like
walking through the woods one day, like carrying raw meat and delivering it to someone when
all of a sudden I saw like this baby cub, like this bear cub and I was like, ‘Oh! Well
I might as well go pick this up’. So I went and picked it up and then a mama bear came
and attacked me.” That would be stupid. That would be a really really dumb reason to have
a scar, and it wouldn’t be cool. If the same guy came up to you and did that, and this
was your answer. “Yeah, man I was just like saving a bunch of babies from like a burning
building full of burning bears and then as I left a bear like attacked me and you know,
burning, and I was…burning bears…b…Building saving babies from burning buildings and burning
bears.” That would be really cool. However, you would need like a really good story and
reason because people would be like, “Woah! You saved a bunch of baby…wh…why were
you in a burning building full of bears? Why are there bears in a building? And why were
there babies in the same building as there were bears? And why was it on fire? Then you’d
probably have to come up with a story like…like okay, like if, like if some guy ran like a
daycare, and he was a pyromaniac, but he kept his pyromaniac stuff like under control usually,
except sometimes it gets out of hand. And it was in the middle of a daycare session,
and then all of a sudden he was lighting something on fire, and it started the whole building
on fire. But then, but then he like cryogenically freezes bears in his…in his uh upstairs
in his attic because he thinks that bears are gonna go extinct, and then he’s gonna
freeze them and in the future he’s gonna thaw them. But what happened was the fire like
melted the ice and the bears came out, and they’re alive, and then they’re on fire, and
they’re angry so they start attacking. And they’re also hungry because I mean c’mon you’ve
been cryogenically frozen by some creepy dude for like twenty years. You…you would probably
be pretty hungry. And so then, they’re like attacking the babies and then you run in and
you like, “Bears…Burning…Babies, no Babies…Burning…Bears buh…buh…dah!” and then you save the babies,
and the bears come and attack you. I feel like that would be a pretty good story for
it. Anyway thank you for watching. Check out my Twitter if you want to see more tweets
and stuff. But I guess I can’t really say more tweets unless you’ve seen some of my
tweets, and that’s interesting. Check out my Twitter if you want to see tweets or more
tweets or fewer tweets. That makes no sense. Goodbye!

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