I had some really good questions from people like what does it feel like when? You’re coughing really hard, or what does it feel like when you say that you don’t feel good [music] Don’t you think we’re better together [music] Oh…I think we are Good morning guys It is a beautiful day, crisp fall morning And what better way to start it then Ollie and I are going for a walk on the beach Do you want to go to the beach Buddy? Ollie is this so much fun? Have you been running all around the beach? You love having sandy paws. Say good morning to the people. Check out our shadows! successful morning lots of running playing better hurrying multiple times [background music] He doesn’t like to carry the ball for too long because it gets so sandy Gets his mouth so sandy, but he still wants to play Look at that tail Is that a happy tail? Oh yeah Okay, ready? Go get it! [background music] Good morning, honey We’re back. Ollie is a little tired out But I’m sure he’ll probably be up for another trip here in a little bit Mary’s just doing her vest, I just finished editing the vlog and Mary’s watching it. And, uh Yeah, welcome to our day guys. Right before we left for this trip some friends had made us some chili and so we brought that with us and heated it up on the stove yesterday, and it’s like the perfect thing because it’s kind of cool outside and Um… We got this bread at the grocery store yesterday, and I don’t even know what’s in it But it’s so good. I really like this bread. It’s like it’s called like wheat something [Mary] Scala? or something.. Wheat “scalor” or something. I don’t know but it’s good, so I’m having it with the chili and good [Mary] Wheat scabs..or something? Wheat scabs??? [laughing] Sometimes I realized that we say things like, “it was a rough morning” or Um “Mary’s not feeling great” or that sort of thing and sometimes I realize that People who haven’t had experience with cystic fibrosis or really any chronic illness, I guess Um Might not I don’t know I’ve just had some really good questions from people like, “What does it feel like when You’re coughing really hard?”, or “What does it feel like when you say that you don’t feel good?”, so Sometimes I try to think about how am I gonna articulate this? Um Some mornings are Okay, so every single morning I You know when I wake up my lungs are basically drowning in mucus because they’ve been sleeping all night So I have to do my work so I do my nebulizers and my airway clearance, I do the vest and I do a lot of work coughing coughing coughing and all of that. Now sometimes when I’ve done all that work My lungs are like Okay, let’s do this sometimes they feel really tired after And Then there’s mornings like today, where you I don’t think you can see it on camera, but my cheeks are a little bit pink and that happens when I can’t decide if it’s Tight lungs or if I’m not breathing great. I… I really can’t quite figure it out, but when I’m laying here just kind of recovering from my morning, I’m Breathing really low that’s how I would describe it. So if your lungs are like this big I’m breathing really low. I’m not taking nice deep breaths, and then I try to think well Why aren’t my lungs breathing deeply? I don’t know if it’s uncomfortable. I don’t know if they’re too tight for that Or it could be that if I do take a deep breath, it makes me cough. So I don’t know today’s just one of those mornings where it just feels like I’m just breathing Yeah But… [coughs] and that’s why after After a morning of airway clearance If my body is feeling like I think tight is the best way to describe it. But it’s not like a wheezy tight Stiff? I wonder if stiff is a good word. If you are somebody with lung complications in the comments help and Everybody’s experience is different people who have more like an asthmatic resp…uh What’s called reactive Airways is different than Somebody with like tons of mucus or whatever like everybody’s kind of different and people with COPD Are gonna feel different than people with Um Pulmonary hypertension and like there’s a ton of different lung complications. So, in your words in your experience I’d love to hear and and your descriptions might help explain what I’m feeling as well but um Then people who are interested can read through the comments and see Other people’s experiences as well, but anyway on Days like today where my lungs are stiff and tight and I’ve already put Two hours of work into it Um Sometimes the answer is I just have to like stay in bed or stay Low I don’t know because I if I do end up Talking I’ll start coughing like what just happened, but today. I feel like yes, I’ve already done two vials of hypertonic saline and two Pulmozymes and an hour of vest but I have an ocean right outside my window and some amazing salty air and I think.. I wish I could just snap my fingers and be sitting on the beach, but the thing is there are There’s a little drive from here to there. There’s a walk from the car to the beach, so Those are the parts that are not exciting, but I want to be at the beach And it is worth it so I am gonna do the work and I’m gonna be uncomfortable And I’m gonna cough my brains out, but then I will be on the beach And I want to bring a blanket and sit on the beach and just enjoy it. So, we will probably see you at the beach. And just like that we’re back at the beach It is sunny and warm it’s 66 degrees and we’re gonna go enjoy it. I’m trying Trying..Alright honey That’s another thing about when my lungs are bad It takes all my emotions away That’s okay. And he’s really patient with me Is it hard? Sometimes, but I love you. But you know I’m happy even if I can’t smile Oh, I know honey. Okay. [background music] Hey you two! Is he getting in the ocean? [background music] Oh Is it cold? Oooo! [background music] Nice! This sums up our afternoon We got back from the beach… Have we vlogged since then? I’ve been not vlogging, how about you? No, but I didn’t take the drone out from the roof deck and Captured some sunset and some beautiful fall trees [Peter] Boston in the fall is just beautiful so [Mary] So if you weren’t able to come to Boston this fall Don’t worry. We brought you via drone, [Peter] So here you go [background music] And now What are we gonna do? We’re gonna go back to the beach There’s not a great area around us right here for Ollie to go better hurry. [Mary] And by not great He means absolutely zero. [Peter] like there’s not a yard here, but the beach is two minutes away And so I think we’ll go down there, and [Mary] Hey Ollie, how do you feel about going back to the beach? [Peter] Want to go to the beach? [Mary] Let’s go to the beach, beach, let’s go get away.. [Peter] Are you so tired? [Mary] Oh look he wagged his tail! [Peter] Little bit? [Mary] That’s how I feel! [Peter] You like you want to do it? [Mary] My brain wants to go, but my body’s like Ahh… [Peter] So your tail says yes, but your lungs say no. [Mary] Yes! Do you guys hear that It’s the sound of the ocean. [Mary singing] There’s something About the ocean, makes me rise up and say There’s something about the ocean …I don’t know the words to the song [Peter] We’re just taking in the stars, it’s amazing every direction we can see stars. It’s pretty [Mary] Like I’ve never been able to see it like it’s a true full dome. It’s always been like oh, there’s some bright lights over there, I can’t see… but the whole way It’s amazing! [Peter] Yeah, we were just talking about how we Don’t view ourselves as beach people Because we aren’t like go in the hot summer day and like…[Mary] sit on the beach all day. [Peter] Yeah, but we are like cool off season dog beach people That’s what we are And Ollie is just so cute. And are you. Look, she’s wearing her deer pants [Mary laughs] We’re back, and some of our friends arrived so we just had a good time talking with them about college days, and Scotland, um The couple, one of the couples who are staying here went to Scotland right after us they did the program right after we left and So it’s good to catch up with them and another buddy from college so we had fun and Now I’m doing my vest and I’m not sure what Peter’s doing he just took Ollie out, but anyway that’s what we’re up to Hey guys some of our friends got in tonight, who are staying here at the house with us [Mary laughs] Did Mary just say that? [Mary] Nooo… Womp womp… We’re gonna finish up Mary’s vest, hook up our IVs for the night and say As always we will see you tomorrow. Goodnight! And don’t forget. We’ve got an after-party with the cutest poodle on earth Say goodnight to the people, Bones. Goodnight! [zoom sound] [muisc] Better together… [music] Oh don’t you think we’re better

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  • I’ve had some really good questions about what it actually FEELS like…so I did my best to describe it. But I need your help! How would you describe your health complications…and if you don’t want to describe your health, or if your body is working pretty good, I challenge you to describe something else…like what it feels like if your foot falls asleep- as if you’re telling someone who has never experienced it- I think this could get pretty funny 🙂

  • I have pulmonary fibrosis. It feels like as if your lungs were burning. And it means getting out of breath so quickly. And people starring at you like: Wtf what's wrong with this young girl coughing like a chain smoker lol

  • I was recently diagnosed with asthma. I guess I e had it a while and didn’t realize it. I thought I was “out of shape”. I became less and less active because some days even showering was EXHAUSTING. I’d feel short of breath and tired and my heart would race with exertion. One day while on vacation I was walking up hill and just felt like I couldn’t get any air into my lungs. It was so scary. I just stood and cried. I felt like it was all in my head. I soon had a PFT done and it showed severe obstruction. Terrified me. I’ve never smoked a single cigarette and they were telling me I had severe COPD!!!! Seen a Pulmonologist and he said I’ve had asthma a long time undiagnosed to get this bad. It’s yet to be determined whether I have permanent lung damage. Since starting treatment I feel 75% better but there are still days I feel like I’m struggling to breathe but I’m better. I still have days when just breathing seems to wear me out and I just want to sit all day so I don’t exert myself to breathe because it makes me physically tired. Some days I can laugh and some days if I laugh it makes me cough and feel short of breath. Some days I can’t yawn very adequately because I can’t deep breathe. Then, some days I feel like a million dollars. Life is still good and I’m thankful for good doctors and good medicine! Mainly I’m thankful for God’s grace and that people like you, Mary, share your struggles. I pray for you all the time! ❤️

  • I love when Peter calls us "the people"…i feel like we should have t-shirts made up that say "I am The Frey life people" lol.
    Awesome drone footage btw & I hope you're feeling better, Mary! ❤

  • I want a vlogging of just Mary singing! Your voice is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us I too have always wondered how you feel when you're feeling rough.

    You two are always the cutest, and so positive. I look forward to your vlogs every night!

    Enjoy the beach!!! 🍃🍃🍃

  • Oh Mary and Peter sometimes when I watch you guys I think about how magical your relationship is and cant imagine one of you without the other, Yours is a beautiful marriage!!

  • I have a connective tissue disorder called Marfan Syndrome and one of the things it causes in me is that my sternum is indented waaaay inwards so it compresses my lungs and deviates my heart to the left. There isn't enough room in my chest. I get out of breath from any physical activity (stairs are my archenemy) and my lungs get irritated by things like smoke and fumes extra easily. (The smoke from all the fires in NorCal has been setting me off something wicked. My lungs feel so junky right now)

    I want to get corrective surgery to fix my sternum, but my doctors keep saying no.

  • Does CF affect your sexlife? i hope this doesnt sound rude. i mean, i imagine its similar to a heavy workout for you and your lungs.

  • I have asthma and when I have an attack, my airways feel constricted. It feels like I'm breathing through a straw (and I'm not talking about a bubble tea straw). 🙂I have problems exhaling. If I can't empty my lungs, I don't have much room to take in air. Also, every muscle in my body is very tense. When I feel a cough attack coming on, I try to breath very shallow bc I don't want to cough. It takes too much energy to cough and sets off an asthma attack and gives me a headache. I also can't lay down. That makes it harder to breath. That being said, I'm thankful that my asthma is somewhat under control and I don't have too many major attacks. Anyway, that's the best way I can describe not being able to breathe. Love you three!

  • Ollie is such a good boy. Watching him gives me joy. 🙂

  • I've never really wheezed. I have COPD, bronchial obstruction, and severe presistant asthma. The COPD and bronichial obstruction affect me the most regularly. Usually in the morning my lungs feel like they're "not awake" like they don't want to work. When I get chronic sinus infections, my lungs feel tight but they also feel "stiff" like you said

  • I had bronchial pneumonia once and it was the scariest experience I've ever had in my life! I had excruciating pain all over my body (if someone could explain that symptom that would be great) and the way I described it was it felt like my body was eating my organs (I don't know how that feels, I've heard it's painful though), and when I breathed everything smelled metallic 😣

    I've also once had my heartbeat go up to 165 bpm and stay there ( 3 bags of saline brought it down some and eventually my heart rate went back to normal on its own)

    I get palpitations sometimes where I lose my breath for a second and have to cough when that happens ( if someone could explain that as well)

    I'm also epileptic and have only had two seizures and haven't had any more since the second one and I've been on anti-seizure meds since August of last year

  • When my lungs are tight I normally have a dry cough; it's like a desert in my chest. I much prefer a productive cough because coughing for so long and not being able to get any mucus up is frustrating!

  • yea i have copd and ashma and change seasson eartate my lungs and cold weather too so iam sill on oxgen since febuary2017. i have been inporving little each day mary frye

  • Mary, I am with you.
    "Something about the ocean
    Makes me rise up and praise
    Something about the heavens
    Makes me stand in awe again
    Something about the sunrise
    Reminds me of Your faithfulness"

  • "and I've never been to Boston in the fall"

  • I can't tell you how happy your videos makes me. My mom was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma and I really want her to live her life like you do with happiness and enthusiasm despite the long road ahead us. You're amazing!

  • I use the word full. Like I am in a too small life vest or wet suit

  • I am a COPD, Non-CF Bronchiectasis, Reactive Airway Disease Warrior. When I say I'm not feeling well but look so healthy, no one can believe that actually inhaling and then making sure I can exhale everything from my hyperinflated lungs is difficult. Sometimes I breathe light or what feels above my lungs and sometimes I breathe deep. I try not to breathe through my mouth, but through my mouth on the "in" and pursed lips on the "out". It's the inflammation that hurts and even hurts my vocal cords so I don't talk. How does one explain that my lungs hurt or my chest hurts….just like that….it just hurts.

    I just finished my Azithro and feel much much better today!

  • I have chronic respiratory failure, and tightness and short of breath is how I get. its not so much wheezy but, just like my chest is being crushed and my lungs are tight.

  • Did you really say "Boston in the fall" without making a Veggie Tales reference?! hahaha!

    …because unlike you, I've never been to Boston in the fall…. (sorry, had to)

  • Hey I am a new subscriber! I’m addicted to follow your guys journey! Your so inspirational and a huge ball of sunshine in even the darkest times! I am so happy I came across your channel! Swear this isn’t spam I took the time to write this. I’m a new YouTuber who would love to vlog. But I have no idea where to start. Do you have any tips or tricks? Thank you even if you don’t reply thank you! Your a huge role model in my life right now! I came across the channel 4 days ago and haven’t stopped watching!

  • Why is Mary not using her new vest?

  • I have an asthma, during an asthmatic event it feels like your slowly suffocating. Your airway is getting tighter and you are wheezing and all you can think about is needing your rescue inhaler.

  • We don't really know what's going on with me, but I have both restrictive and obstructive lung issues. I have a cough that produces mucus but sometimes fails to actually bring it up. Laughing makes my coughing A LOT worse. Sometimes I get stabbing pains in my lungs that make me not want to take in a breath because it HURTS. I have to force my way through it. It usually takes a few tries. Occasionally my chest gets tight and it can be hard to inhale or exhale, sometimes both. Sometimes you can hear whistling when I breathe too. Some coughing fits are bad enough that I throw up. My mucus also has a very metallic taste to it, and is very thick and sticky. All around gross. TMI, but it's the truth behind lung issues.

  • I have asthma, to me it feels like I cannot take a deep breath. Or get enough air in.

  • I have allergies and asthma. I was Dx when I was about 9. I’m 45 now. When I get sick, my breathing sounds just like you, Mary. All the coughing, the treatments, the meds, the exhaustion. You’ve taught me so much, for sure. I’ve had some of the worst bouts of pneumonia, chest colds…. lasting weeks to months. Yet that is just a blink of an eye for you. When I was younger I didn’t have a nebulizer, just an inhaler, it was pure hell trying to breathe. If I could have had a dr scrape all the junk out of my lungs, I would have done it. Everytime you start coughing hard, and have to stop talking, or try to control the cough because you are on camera, or wanna keep talking, or maybe because your throat hurts….I’m fighting with you. I can feel my chest muscle convulse and flex as I listen to you coughing. I know that slight gagging noise as you try to stop the cough. I also know why it’s so impossibly hard to eat with all the mucus going into your stomach. I find your personality contagious, your attitude amazing. You don’t hold back. You tell it like it is, but not in a Darth Vader doom and gloom kinda way. In a “Do what ya think you can’t do” kinda way, I love that. (I say that to myself all the time now, it’s pretty awesome). My super power is breathing, my super hero is you.

  • Bless your family 💞 Can we in the comments make a contract prayer for Mary, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Savior, give Mary more good days and all of us in the Frey "zone" who are suffering to have nice blessed days ❤️ God you are our healer, help us stand on your promises and Word unmovable in faith, take all of our problems and turn in into something beautiful. Thank you Father that you love us and your love heals us spiritually and physically, give us neverending hope and help us be a blessing towards people that don't know you, help us be a vessel for your Holy Spirit everyday.

  • Love your leggings Mary! ♡

  • Hi! I have a suggestion for your shop. I would loooooove a "do what you think you can't do" small sticker for my laptop! That phrase is so inspiring to me as a student and it would really motivate me I think and I would 100% buy it!! Maybe look into multiple sizes for your decals instead of having some only be large wall ones or only small ones? Idk it was just a thought I had! Mary and Peter, you always bring a smile to my face. It's so reassuring to see you overcoming and being positive while going through such difficult things everyday. It really makes me feel like I can face the difficult things in my life too! Love you both lots, so glad I found this channel!! <3 <3 <3

  • I have asthma

  • she is good at singing

  • For me I have asthma and when I get into a coughing fit my lungs feel tight. After I'm done coughing my lungs are tired which for me means that I have a hard time catching my breath causing me to have a hard time breathing. I deal with this on a regular basis especially when there is cool crisp air outside that constricts my airway. The best way I can describe this is that it feels like after someone has gone for a run and you're trying to catch your breath but you can't so you end up continuing to breathe heavily.

  • I have CF. Most of the times, it feels like someone is squeezing your lungs and won't let them expand!

  • Its so pretty!! 🍁🍂🍁

  • Asthma: I feel like a heavy object is resting on my chest so I have to push harder to breathe.
    I also have suspected endometriosis: it feels like someone is pulling then twisting my pelvis on the left. Also like you can't walk or straighten up because of a pull.

  • Peter is really a talented drone videographer, if that's a thing!

  • Also, Mary, can you explain what getting through High School was like with CF? I just got a new student who has the illness

  • Shallow breathing

  • I am someone without CF. I don’t even “feel” my lungs so it was hard to know what you mean when you said you had a slow morning – so glad you described it in detail. What I can imagine CF to be like is having the worst day of bronchitis all day everyday. Imagining that makes me inspired by your positivity all over again. ❤️ Today I am not going to take breathing for granted.

  • This may be a dumb question, but does it help if you sleep on an incline?

  • Great discussion, I'm a cold induced asthmatic. When it flares up my lungs and back of my throat feels like it has glue or paper mache slowly dripping down the back of my throat. I don't know if that is how you feel it with CF but i wanted to add this

  • Aww 😊 i don’t know but I done like to watch videos like this I done know why 🙁but they Bring me back to there vlogs is good I don’t know but I hate to see anything sick it makes me sad 😞 and i should not be complaining but there vlogs are good and they so sweet of what I see and she strong and he is a good husband 😊

  • I have asthma, it's like having a big stone on your chest in the morning while waking up from coughing so hard that I'm puking if I'm not taking my medication fast enough. Most times I have so much mucus that I'm feeling really sick when I wake up, but it's better the rest of the day 🙂

  • I was so thankful to hear you say sometimes your lungs feel tired. I said that to my doctor once and he told me lungs don't get tired. I have the same feeling about my lungs feeling stiff sometimes and I feel like there are bands around my lungs to keep them from expanding enough to take deep breaths. I am praying for you.

  • I have obstructive sleep apnea and I wear an oxygen mask when I sleep. I often wake up with my lungs feeling tight, stiff and crampy. It feels like I can’t fill my lungs enough.

  • Where do you get your music ?I love all the songs you use !!!

  • Ollie prancing around the beach.#supermodelgoals

  • I have asthma: I feel like my breathing isn't doing what it's meant to do, like it feels like breathing isn't working. I also have extreme coughing fits with some of my respiratory allergies and it just feels like my bronchs are on fire and like there's something to cough up and I can't breathe and then I often throw up from the coughs.

  • hi mary, i have c.o.p.d and i always say it's like trying to breath through a straw.

  • I have asthma (I do tend to be mucusy although my terminology is phlegmy) and when I get triggered (It is pretty under control right now, praise the Lord) I, of course, wheeze and cough and choke and cough up phleghmy stuff and otherwise enjoy all the benefits of an insufficient supply of oxygen. As my breathing gets more under control I tend to do what I call, "shallow breathe" which sounds like what you describe. I think I do it because, 1) it does trigger a whole bunch more coughing when I try to force myself to breathe deeper and 2) I feel less symptomatic and I don't really know how to explain that. When you talk about cystic fibrosis, what you say is very familiar. But there are things that are very different. You seem to be able to sleep flat but I can't be flat at all. I will feel like I'm suffocating. I've been known to sleep in a recliner to keep me breathing better. I'm just happy to be in a period of life where my asthma isn't defining what I can or can't do. There's no guarantee if the regimen I'm on will always remain effective but for now, I'm enjoying pretty good breathing. I must say, I love your "breathing is my super power".

  • Love you guys so much.. you make me love life and just take one day at a time! Live a full life and be happy with what I have

  • Actually with asthma you do get a ton of mucous, that's just part of the immune response. Sometimes you just feel like your lungs/trachea are just full of mucous. The best way to describe breathing for me would be feeling like you have something around your ribs restricting your lungs to breathe. Not fun!

  • Hi Mary, Peter and Ollie my name is Ryan and I am 15. I just want to say I am so glad I found your channel, I also have cystic fibrosis and I just want to say that you guys are a massive part of my support system. I look up you guys and you make me want to my best to keep breathing. Thank you so much for your positivity and I hope we can meet someday.

  • I have asthma and when I do have an attack I have tight chest pain

  • I have asthma and the low breaths that she is talking about, I call shallow breathing. My lungs feel tight often and I breathe shallow because it is physically tiring to breathe deeply or it feels like my chest will burst if I do. When I have attacks, it feels as if I am breathing through a straw. That's how I would describe it.

  • Anyone else thinking of veggie tales with never been to Boston in the fall?

  • tight is a good way to explain it. I have really bad allergies and my lungs wont cooperate and fill up with fluids and mucus and I cant breath fully into them. tThey feel soooo tight

  • When I am having a hard time breathing it feels like my lungs are being squeezed, not like I can't inhale. It usually causes shallow breathing and chest pain!

  • I have severe asthma. I would explain it as your lungs feel like they’re shrinking, and they won’t let you take as much air in without coughing a lot.

  • i get coughs alot to where it feels like its almost hard to cough air out after a while and it takes more conscious effort to breath deeper afterwards

  • I think you both should move to the seaside if you can …fresh air and fun for Ollie 😊

  • I have really bad asthma and it causes excess mucus in my lungs and throat and for me I get really bad pains a lot that feels like a knife through my chest right in the middle. I also feel like I don't use most of my lung capacity. Like there is a wall right across the middle of my lungs so I don't use the bottom half and can't get a full breath. I cough a lot too and don't have a lot of energy often. My lung function isn't very good and most medications don't control me. I don't just get attacks I have consistent problems all of the time and am on a bunch of mess to help but I still have a lot of problems

  • I have bad anxiety (so not an illness per say). It feels like someone laid a brick on my chest and my emotions are shaky and my head feels full and like I need to get up and go and there's usually a million undefined thoughts running so quickly through my brain and it also feels like if I don't do something, something will go wrong.

  • 1:51 "4 Paw Pile-up" 😉

  • I have asthma, arthritis and fibromyalgia, and i cant compare any of that to cf but i understand how it feels to be hurting and not be able to just get up and go off to work or school. I understand the tightness when you breathe because of the asthma I think of it as having a bunch of bricks sitting on your chest. thats how i would describe it,

  • Air cannot be salty, that's why the sea is salty.. because the salt doesn't condense 😆😄 Love you guys x

  • Here I am catching up on vlogs again! 🙂 ….I always like to know whats going on in the Frey Life…(((Hugs)))

  • For me after I have an asthma attack all the coughing makes my lungs feel sore and tired and heavy. You inspire me don't ever give up you are so beautiful and strong!

  • I have COPD and on bad days it feels like my chest is too small and my lungs are too big. So I cant take a deep enough breath to feel like Im getting enough air. Its like sipping water when youre really thirsty but you really want to gulp it all and you cant. So you stay thirsty all the time. And I do the same as you on those days. Stay in bed and try to do as little as possible. And it stinks. But thats when I get my tablet and watch my Youtube peeps until I feel better. So thank you both for being one of the bright spots in a bad experience. <3

  • With my asthma it feels tight and my lungs feel heavy

  • I have asthma and I hardly ever take deep breaths, it makes me cough. Its too much energy, the bronchioles are too constricted and that much air cant get through and so you're really shortening your self of getting the air back in so thats what makes you cough – to my understanding. I hate walking up hills, it gets too much because that extra activity makes my lungs hate me. It does feel tight like a corset around you. It's not fun

  • I feel like it is very shallow breathing, where you can't breathe deeply, and therefore can't get enough oxygen. I sometimes describe it as having the weight of my dog on my chest. I know it sounds so weird, but think about what it would feel like to have an Ollie on your chest!

  • I have asthma and tracheal bronchial malagia, my asthma feel tight and wheezey and I cough a lot hard to catch my breath. My tracheal bronchial malagia I feel tired light headed. When it's bad I can't catch my breath and my whole chest hurts. I have to be on oxygen because of the tbm. I got the tbm because I had double pneumonia had to be in a medical induce coma and was on a ventilator for 6 weeks which weakened my trachea and bronci.

  • I always explain the way my lungs feel as it feels like they're really tough leather and no matter how hard I try, I just can't stretch that leather enough to get the air in adequately.

  • Love you guys!💕✨

  • I would say that having shizophernia would be I have to try so hard to concentrate it's like pushing a beach ball under water for as long as you can. And I can only work for 4 hours a day because the mental energy it takes to stay present it's draining. And I say to healthy people could you push a beach ball under water for 8 hours a day….if you had to work? And they are like of course not. And u get so tired pushing the beach ball it has to come to the surface eventually. And as a child trying to sleep was very challenging because it was as if there were 8 people around my bed talking all night long..because I saw them and heard them …of course they weren't real…but I didn't know that at the time. And I didn't know what my illness was until I was seventeen and so all these doctors were trying out all these different medicines on me…you become a human science project. But now I am on medication and have worked really hard with the help of my family and God to create the best life I can have for myself. And all of this hard stuff has made me stronger and tough.

  • Whoever CC'ed this video… THANK YOU!!!!

  • I suffer from asthma and the best way i can describe is when i am in an attack which comes at random sometimes its kinda a panicky feeling like o.m.g. I'm trying to breath but my chest isn't responding like when you stub your toe you instantly gasp for air because it hurt its like that but only imagine your chest not rising like it should and it basically feels like something is sitting on your chest and you cant catch your breath untill you use your recue inhaler sometimes when your in a attack you cant talk to tell someone what you need its a scary and paralizeing feeling

  • I have CF and I know exactly the feeling you're describing! To me, it's like you know when you're blowing up a balloon and the first breathe just kids gets the balloon up and then you have to blow really hard for the air to actually jump start the balloon blowing up? With CF, bad days are like being stuck at that part of the balloon blowing stage and you can't get any air except the tiny amount that just brings the balloon up at little bit. I hope this made sense to anyone but myself!

  • I agree it’s so hard to describe how lung issues feel! I have asthma, restrictive lung disease and I cough all the time – tons of mucus, and i couldn’t put one word on what it’s like either!

  • Catching up as we are behind on episodes. You took us to Boston in the fall! Anybody remember that from Veggie Tales Pirate Who Don't Do Anything?

  • With asthma and in an attack, I cough a lot. My lungs feel compressed when I can't get a full breath.

  • I have asthma and when I am struggling i feel like i have an elephant sitting on my chest.

  • What's cystic fibrosis why do you cough

  • I'm asthmatic and I compare my lungs to peanuts when they're not doing great! They feel like instead of big functioning lungs, they're little peanuts!😂 I also compare it to having a belt tightened around my chest

  • I have asthma and chronic bronchitis and sometimes when I wake up or on a bad lung day it feels like there is not enough oxygen in the air – like someone mixed the atmosphere wrong. So I end up trying to take the biggest breaths I can and coughing and wheezing and feeling like I just ran a marathon even though I haven’t even gotten out of bed.

  • Mary would a nebulizer be any good to help u with another airways clearance solution ?? I'm asthmatic and when I'm put on a nebulizer it feels so good coz it lifts the mucus off my lungs? So was just wondering would u try that??

  • cystic fibrosis is caused by salt eating. please, look it up it will save your life! try a diet of distilled water and high potassium fruits like lemons, apples, grapes, pears, and berries. peace, love and health to you!

  • One how far is it to the beach I still want that house and when my lungs kind of feel bad that either feel like hard all rubber bands that can’t move or they feel like younger rubber bands I can move a lot

  • I have CF too and when I take a deep breath it makes me couth for a long time so thats my result why Idont breath deeply in and out.

  • I know this video is a year old but I wanted to say I have asthma and my morning are hard I feel like a 🎈 ball on that I can't let the air out some 🌄 mornings are hare but as soon as I do all my medss like you I try to feel better and get moving also there are days were I just csnt breath and don't get our of bed ..but you encourage me to get up and get movinf no matter what!

  • My lungs feel like… you know when you eat way too much and get super duper full and you feel like you can’t breathe fully? That’s how mine feel sometimes.. but I don’t have lung problems.. I think it’s an anxiety thing 🤷🏻‍♀️ who knowssss

  • Yea idk on the outside on my left lung feels weird maybe tight or pain but i have to stretch my arm back for it to go away..

  • For me I don’t have anything diagnosed (doctors do like to blame it on Asthma even though I have never been diagnosed with anything.) but bad days feel like that moment after you run really fast for about a minute and your airways a bit tight, your breathing shallow and a bit faster.

  • I am 41 with CF and I know exactly what your saying. I feel that on those days I feel exhausted and need to listen to my body and rest. I feel like my lungs are “heavy” and irritated on those rough days! Thank you for sharing your journey!! Much love to ya cyster!!

  • I would love still photos of your scenic drone footages

  • I would describe it as the feeling of drowning and the more that you try to breathe the heavier the water gets.

  • I can describe it in one word horrible

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