What is a Ganglion Cyst? (2019)

What is a Ganglion Cyst? Getting the Goo Out of Ganglion Cyst A ganglion cyst is a small sac of fluid that forms over a joint or ligament (tissue that links muscular tissue to bone). Inside the cyst is a thick, sticky, clear, anemic, gelatinous product. Depending upon the size, cysts may feel firm or mushy. One of the locations is the top of the foot. Straight here now does it hurt when I
press on it that doesn’t hurt I think it hurt when I
press down here where it comes from yes that was coming out of the jar and
actually it’s not terribly hurting a lot is just a little sensitive okay we’re
just gonna clean it up a little bit here with some betadine is that true Judy Hewitt is it that big
one percent average average one I’d assist your Judi stone orchid easy
for me to call you that but I should call your doctor in front of patients
out the waiting room doctors bit okay so you’re gonna just feel a little bee
sting I’m gonna go right underneath the skin here one two three and that’s as
bad as it gets – that little thing that popular here
that was just right up the tendon just make you feel bad yeah squirt it kind of
okay you want me to lay you back while I do this
yes please I think I would prefer and I don’t okay how’s that yeah now do you
feel anything sharp here huh hold that how about here yeah a little bit
I cheated I would it anyway so let’s see if we can draw some of this fluid out if this is hurting you let me know and
I’ll put in a little bit more anesthetic that hurts that
I think I’ll be fun and very slowly here this thing has lots
of little chambers in it Uman and so all right if this is really hurting I’m
gonna just stop with the needle here and what we’re gonna do is just try and
squeeze a bunch of this out we can you okay yeah I’m okay
okay listen you’re loud now needles out yep
so I’m just gonna see now that we’ve opened it up a little bit maybe we can
marry it off we can get some of that material out from the inside they said
like posse it’s not posits mic a clear thick kind of gel almost like you can
see it’s kind of so this is the stuff that’s inside the joint for the the
ganglion cyst it’s just this very thick gooey joint fluid or the fluid that’s
around a tendon sheath and then you know that’s it’s benign it’s not going to
hurt anything that it’s there it’s just a question of what you can tolerate okay
thank you is it just for my boy overly being
aggravated there you know it most likely was from some injury some kind of
minimal injury to the tendon or to the joint and that’s all it was in there
that wasn’t very much it’s just a little teeny bit in here all right so I’m going
to just put a little bit of cortisone in there and see if we can get this to dry
out mystic and all right and then we’re gonna put what
we call a pressure dressing on it how long do you want me to have that on
for so just leave this on for I don’t know 24 hours maybe this is a little
cold spray here it’s just a little adhesive to help the tube sticker that I’m gonna is there anything I need to watch for
nope I’m on call over Christmas if there’s
anything that concern to you call the office
it’ll tell you how to get my voicemail but you know it might feel a little bit
bruised it might might feel a little bit sore just cuz I was pushing on it and
and stuff I didn’t get that much out but what came out was definitely ganglion
cyst fluid huh alright then so this is what we call a pressure dressing so it
actually feels good okay so just leave that on for about 24
hours and then you know we can meet back I’m gonna say as needed mm-hmm all right
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