What Hair Color Is The Best For Your Skin Tone? | Choose The Proper Hair Dying Color

Hey guys, welcome back to Wishtrend TV It’s your sister Eunice in the house today, and I’m so happy to see every single one of you Well guys, I am back with another episode of What’s Trending, if you haven’t seen the last episode of What’s Trending It was 7 effective solutions for double chins So if you haven’t seen that check it out right now. Now, I know it’s a little bit too late But I just want to say happy new years to every single one of you and one of the reasons I think That I’m saying this is because when it’s a new year, we actually want a change, you know And first, I don’t know how you feel, but for me, I love switching up my hair color However, it’s difficult to decide what color suits you the best But as we know already Your hair color can really have a huge impact on your image. Now some colors can give you a positive vibe And some other colors can give you kind of a negative vibe What we mean by that is when we think of the color white we can think of something as innocent and pure but at the same time when we think of white we can think of someone as Kind of looking a little bit too pale a little bit not really healthy or kind of sick Alright. So, let me give you an example our favorite Our favorite BTS’s RM. So he looks good with any hair color Yes, he does, but he used to have black hair and ash hair from these two I mean personally I love both but majority of the staff says that the ash hair really matches his complexion a little bit more. on the other side black hair, I don’t think brings out his hotness. Now, let’s look at Irene from Red Velvet. Now. She looks fabulous with all hair colors. However, with her yellow hair, she looks a little bit, her tone looks a little bit more yellowish and with the dark brown hair her complexion looks more lively and more vibrant. Yes, we can definitely tell that for our favorite idols choosing the right hair color is very important. But for us, too! It’s very important that we choose the right color, but it’s still kind of difficult to figure it out right? But don’t worry guys that’s why we’re here with What’s Trending and we’re gonna give you some recommendations for your hair color that matches you and also we have a FAQ session towards the end for those of you that might have questions about dyeing your hair. Also, let’s figure out which season you fall under I think a lot of people make the mistake by saying if you have a lighter color Automatically your cool tone and if you have a darker skin tone you’re automatically warm tone but this is not the case. For example, warm tone has yellow base and Cold tone has a blue base. For example. Rihanna is winter cool tone and Nicki Minaj is summer cool tone Alright. Now before we start our self-diagnosis test, I really want to give you some pointers that you should keep in your mind Number one rule is make sure that you have no makeup on, because if you do have a different base color on we can’t really figure out your true skin tone So number one no makeup while you’re doing this test. And number two no accessories for the same reasons, and number three: Make sure that you do it in natural or white lighting Because if you are under a different color lightening it can kind of change the color of your skin tone. Fourth do this diagnosis objectively. What I mean by that is I look good with all the colors. Yes I do That’s what I think, so it’s gonna be kind of hard for me to do this test But we do have to do it objectively if you are not sure if a certain color matches you or not You can actually ask your friends. That will be the answer. Alright. So let’s move on to our self diagnosis test. We’re gonna select either A B C or D Just choose one. Okay. All right. Number one: what’s a lipstick color that looks good on you? A: peach pink; B: rose pink; C: salmon pink; D: magenta Number two: what kind of image do people think you have? A: A lovely and lively image B: A mature, calm image C: A girly, fresh image D: A urban, chic image Alright number three: what’s your eye color? Now a tip here if you’re not exactly sure what eye color you have all you gotta do is take a selfie and then Zoom in to see what color your eyes are. A: yellow tone; B: light brown; C: green, blue, or brown; D: dark brown or black Number four. For number four, make sure A and C is together and B and D is together. So you can choose one between the two. A and C says: You easily tan when out in the sun for long periods of time B and D says: Your skin gets red and it burns when you’re out in the Sun for long periods of time. Number five: A and C is gold jewelry looks good on you B and D says silver jewelry looks better on you Number six: A and C Your hands look prettier with brown or orange manicure B and D says your hands are prettier with red pink or blue manicure A and C says the veins on your wrists are green under natural lighting. For B and D, the veins on your wrists are blue under natural lighting. Now check which ones you have the most from ABC and D. And that is your personal color. For those of you that have evenly numbers of ABCD. That means you have neutral personal color So this means a is spring warm B is summer cool C is autumn warm and D is winter cool. Alright guys, so did you check which color is your personal color? Now, let’s move on to our hair recommendations Yeah, spring warm tones. Have a more calm vibe. When you guys match with warm colors, you have a more vibrant, lively complexion. lively complexion for you guys For you guys are more characterized by a yellowish hair base and Also light brown eyes and a brighter skin tone to recommend the hair colors for you guys are Kotori beige coral beige light olive brown Cinnamon and caramel and other light brown colors. Some things to avoid is blue color and black color we recommend that you stay away from bluish tones. Some of our favorite idols with the same personal color as you is Bts’s Jin and we have IU Suzie, Sully, and Yoonah. You guys can check out their style and hair colors as well for some inspirations. Sommer cool tones Have a fresh cool image and very clear skin tone as well So for you guys you guys match really feminine and innocent makeup. Dark brown hair color and gray hair color Really freshens up your skin complexion and remember to stay away from yellow toned hair colors, okay? And for some of our favorite idols that have the same color as you are BTSs Jimin and Irene from Red Velvet Dayeon from Twice, Taeyeon from SNSD My favorite, my lover, G-Dragon. Moving on to autumn warm tone. This gives off a very healthy, tanned look. It’s often that you have yellow toned complexion without any red and that you have dark eyes and dark hair Now, good news for you guys You guys actually can choose from variety of hair colors because there’s a lot of choices for you guys. Colors that suit you guys are brick brown, chocolate brown, and orange toned auburns. and a lot of people are really curious about ash tones and you guys are very very lucky because fall warm tones look really good with ash colors. If you have medium or darker skin tone and you have ash hair, those two colors can clash with one another so it’s best that you avoid it And it is also best to stay away from reddish colors like Marcella and burgundy so for some of our favorite idols that have the same personal color as you we have BTS J-Hope, and also one of my favorites, Jenny from Black Pink and we have Seol-hyun and Lee Hyori. For winter cool tones, you have cool, translucent-like skin. This personal color is complemented by bright colors, and you are more urban and very sophisticated. For you guys you have no redness in your skin complexion, and you probably have dark hair and dark eyes. black is the best color for you guys and also on the very opposite side, jet blonde hair will see you guys really well. So remember to stay away from colors That’s very in between and also for some of our favorite idols with the same personal color We have Hyunah and Chaeyeon from Twice. so I hope that you guys enjoyed our hair recommendations for spring summer fall and winter and we also Recommend that you try out the hair styles of the idols that has similar personal color as you guys did. Now here’s an FAQ session. We did think that you will have some questions about your personal colors So let’s get started. Can it be change by acquired traits. Your personal color shouldn’t change, but the colors that does look good on you might change a bit. What I mean by that is I might get a little bit tan during the summer time So a certain color would suit me better and in the winter I may get a little bit lighter and another different types of colors will suit me better so keep this in mind that it might change a little bit. Ah, I thought the same. Good question. So what you can do is buy new clothes, it’s definitely an option that you can do. However, realistically that’s really difficult. So what you can do is, let’s say before I had darker clothes and everything in my closet is super dark and black. However, I figured out that with my personal color a brighter color on me looks better. Then what I would do is on the bottom, i can keep the darker clothes, and on top, whatever is the closest to my face I would switch it up to brighter colors And another example is let’s say that you don’t want to switch up your top You want to keep your tops? Then you can wear a dark color and then add a jacket or something on top with a brighter color So it will match your personal color. Yes, baby Yes, I feel you on this one because, There are certain colors. I mean, I look good with every single color, You know I’m saying? But some people do tell me that I look better with brighter colors But I love darker clothes like I love wearing all black all the time. So this was kind of a dilemma for me So I do feel you on this one What you can do is just because we tell you that this color fits your personal color It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the Bible that you have to follow by the rules. We recommend that you experiment So make sure that wherever that you’re gonna wear this outfit to that event you kind of match to see if that color would fit the event itself and you try it, you experiment girl You do what you got to do, you know? So don’t ever limit yourself. Alright guys. Thank you so much for tuning until the very end. Don’t forget to subscribe like and click on the notification button that little bell next or subscription button so you will know every time each time that we upload. The next episode on our channel will be Wishtrend TV vs. Acene, so stay tuned and for that also! Thank you guys so much for tuning in till the very end to hang out with me I hope this was very helpful for you guys. Remember you guys are beautiful just as you are! I love you guys so much I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

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