What Does A Thyroidectomy Scar Look Like?

hi guys I hope you’re doing well and
welcome to all of my new people who are tuning in to watch my video is welcome
and I’m so happy to have you here so I’m betting to buy now it’s been quite a
while since essence video methane Olaf is personally going on in my life so I
kind of took a break and you know I’m back I’m back in Dubai I thank you for
hello um two weeks and yet I’ve been here for two weeks so I’m all so doing
over the jet lag and I thought well let’s just start looking again so one of
the meetings that I want to show you today is what my thyroidectomy sky looks
like so it’s been two and a half months since I have surgery and everything’s
healing really well I have to wear this cape on my neck for three months and it
just going to help keep this skin like um I guess keep the skin from moving and
it’s going to help discard this be more flat so I’m going to show you what that
looks like a little bit later but right now I need for some lunch because I’m so
hungry I just went to the gym and I need to refuel I totally just made the trance
appear it’s just um soy sauce garlic ginger and then some asparagus spinach
and chicken breast so it tastes good smells delicious and I’m also being
really naughty and I’m snacking on some fruit and nut mix while I’m cooking
probably not the best idea because I’m going to get full but this looks
delicious yummy don’t mind ma’am just sitting on the floor now to eat my lunch
but you may be wondering why I’m eating so much spinach when before I was like
no Spanish no spinach now that I don’t have a thyroid I now have
hyperthyroidism which means I can eat as much spinach and seafood and all the
foods that was currently banned for me from having Graves disease I can eat as
much of them as I want and one of the things that I’m experiencing since my
total thyroidectomy is I have the beginning stages of osteoporosis and
and really low in calcium so I am on calcium supplement but I think that it’s
better if I just eat foods that are full of calcium so I am adding in a little
more like leafy greens into my diet because they are full of calcium and I
am trying to add this a little bit of barium each day as well okay so now let
me show you my stuff so like I mentioned before I’m wearing this tape on my sky
and it’s just to hold the skin nice and tight so it’s not moving around and that
shit’s going to make this guy heal a lot flatter so I’ll take this off and then
I’ll loom you in so this is like it’s just this really really thin thin tape
it’s quite strong and that’s just what I put on myself every day
so every night already every second day I change the tape so I take it off and I
rub some fire oil on my scalp I don’t know if you can get this all over the
world that we can get this in Australia yeah this is what my surgeon recommended
and I’ve used this before discussed amazing so this is what it looks like
now I was leaning into can fully see it this is my sky you can see now that I
don’t have like my thyroid I mean you would have seen before
I had really large thyroid this side was larger than this side I’m not sure what
this dog is I used to be completely covered in those dots but now I just
have this one left and yeah it’s a bit red now just because I just took the
tape off but that is what a thyroidectomy scar looks like I think
they can be smaller but I had to have a total thyroidectomy so they removed my
entire thigh roid um yeah that’s what it looks like once it heals I don’t think
you’ll even be able to see it because it’s like completely in the crease of my
neck so the size I thought it would be everyone was like oh
so you’ll have a huge scar but what’s more important I should scar on my neck
or and having my life back or being sick and not having it I like the answer was
easy for me also I’m radioactive what is already a radioactive iodine without
coat I can’t even remember anymore that was just not even an option for me we my
endocrinologist simply because I would have children soon so um she was like no
I’m not even going to suggest that you go down that path so just have your
thyroid removed and it’s a lot easier and honestly since I’ve had it done I
sort of saw in which that I like I before I was always like when I did have
great disease and people will be like how are you I say yeah I’m fine because
my nails alright but now that I’m so much better now I can see before I was
so sick like I was spending probably 80% of my day lying down in bed but that’s
not normal so I’m just so grateful that I could have it done so fast and I’m
already feeling better and it’s only been two and a half months and they say
that it takes minimum like six months for everything to kind of here and get
back to normal so I believe we’re going to know myself in another three months
I’m really excited about that but yeah that’s it that’s what it looks like guys
so I’m going to finish this video here I hope you enjoyed it and please like and
subscribe if you haven’t already nf see you next time bye guys I’m

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