what actually cleared our ACNE SKIN…

this is just the mist version of that one yeah it’s literally a ingredient we just found that looks like a submarine makeup I kept this important you did Matic it kind of went away cuz I wrote my eyes a little bit haha he does makeup skincare styling everything Hana has hot an experience at their skin it’s like inspiring to hear yeah I mean it’s a journey it was used to have really bad me too and I I think I would just use anything and use more of it and think that it would help me again and I feel like my self-esteem was I wouldn’t say like lower because if I’m me but like when I was talking to people I was I already feel like they’re not looking into my eyes oh yeah I’m looking at the dots like yeah I would feel so like you know I think about what I have to say whenever they do that it’s like do you think I’m dirty like alright do you think I’m like not Clint like clean cuz like I have acne like that’s what I felt like yeah even when you put makeup on it’s like yes bombs yeah not like a confident feeling so yeah everyone has acne and like I know there’s so many people were like everyone has it like it’s fine but it sucks it hurt ya just wanna let you know like clearing acne is definitely a process it doesn’t just happen oh it’s like clear dawg you know so we’re gonna talk about some products and ingredients in there that we like and why we like it just because we use this products don’t don’t think that you have to use that double of it or like yeah it’s like no reaction yeah I’m also like just because we say it it doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for you yeah but like I think these videos can be helpful yeah if like the person is being honest if you do try it and it works then that’s like one less like that’s like oh my gosh like I found something that’s gonna help my skin like that’s a really great feeling trust me and like I don’t want you but I don’t want you going into this feeling like this is it this is what I’m gonna do and then that’s it you know what I mean and it’s gonna be gone because that’s not how it works like you’re gonna have to like kind of test it out and see what works and then and then you’ll figure it out and it’s not gonna happen overnight but what you put in your body what you linked in habits like touching your face and all that like it’s this morning got cleansing balm ie nature we have I have a cool idea Hollis just kiss me when I guess telling like I really just like yeah offer them that’s just because he introduced it to me or like that me it’s really yeah you were to want to introduce it to me do you not remember literally okay I came over and like it was the beginning of my acne where I was like all over my forehead and you were like are you and you were like what are you using he tried this one and you just put it down for me and then I literally tried it and like after two days like my acne had gone down so much this was the only thing that I used for six or seven months after that and then I started using the pharmacy want to yeah really good too but I also really liked it then I met you cleansing Baba a lot in Korea so this one is just very very simple I think it just takes off everything like foot boil cleansers it just has to take off all your makeup and emulsify well so it doesn’t leave like a queasy film or the dry feeling I used to use the torture one mm-hmm and like it just did not help ever since this one I have only stuck to bombs that’s just my preference um so for cleansers this one um this one in the Neogene one I couldn’t bring the Neogene one because they’re just not a travel sized version the foam green tea phone one I never tried that one it’s so good you can get it on yes style and so cool and okay Amazon this one I like you can use it day or night I like to use it in the morning because it just doesn’t make my skin feel dry up yeah it doesn’t strip your yeah it’s very gentle yeah very very gentle as you know I really like that one it’s so good I just like this Paula’s Choice honestly very simple gel cleanser these are both fragrance free and have antioxidants they’re very simple they don’t sting the eyes so I really like this on the packet yeah it’s so cute the color yeah if I follow crave on Instagram and like they’re very like eco-conscious her packaging and like sustainable sourcing and so I I learned so much from this brands like just like calling they’re into story so this one I just find that it’s very easy to use it’s sort of like a gel to cream so it comes out clear about as you rub it it becomes like world emulsion it doesn’t strip the skin which is very important I used to think that I just want to wash wash wash and clean clean clean but you don’t really don’t want to like scoop your skin of this natural oils regular peach levels you want to keep it at around like 5 to 7 which is more than sitting side anything higher than 7 I wouldn’t touch so these are both sulfate free also because there are some cleansers that like make me feel like it’s super tight yeah you just don’t used to think that man my skin was clean really just when your skin is so dry like that it makes your skin want to produce it even more oil yeah and then in custom wrap it just like in balance I really like this lineage so this is like a toner this is a very simple hydrating toner I feel like you should always put the moisture back to your skin this is a very soothing fragrance being miss toner the it comes in a glass bottle too yeah this one’s like almost out and what if this is just moisturize the skin it has mono seat boil I think and that’s a very lightweight feeling oil with any acids so it just helps to sort of balance out the skin and fight its moisture so very simple one I feel like everybody could use it a bunch of humectants in it as well Carol yeah I’m beating a dead horse but this is like the reason my skin cleared up in combination with other stuff that this like was so so helpful and like I get a lot of messages from you guys like Tommy your experience and like saying like Harold you really helped but the narrow some we’re saying like it hasn’t hopped and like I completely understand just know that going into it like this works for a lot of people and also it doesn’t work for some people outside it’s like more tailored to what you need so yeah it’s a customized bottle if you don’t know what this is but I don’t use that every day now we’re serums I think I really like exfoliant for Serbs because I think your skin just needs that especially if it’s very congested after a regular cleansing you gonna go in with a toner and then apply a serum on top I really like this TLC glycolic night serum so talk % aj ph a black i don’t think it says like what which equates rich and rich but they’re both really really good eh-eh just gently exfoliates the skin and overnight and BHA oh yeah it goes into the pores and just sort of cleanses it out for you um obviously it’s not gonna work like in a night like you’re not gonna have to wake up with like clear skin but it doesn’t work for like little bombs too so if you suffer from a little bit those are like whiteheads and like things like that this is a really good option it is kind of pricey yeah yeah but it does leave your skin looking very like an apple peel like shiny yeah like to be honest it is really pricey this is the like one of the only items where I will spend money on it but I haven’t really dis one is a small one but at home I have a really big one got a yeah and it lasts it lasted me an a year and a half oh so I do think it’s worth it we ask that much as strong it’s like it’s strong and also like don’t use it every night I know it says two but I don’t think that’s a good idea yeah and second thing and personally for me I really saw a difference overnight my acne wasn’t gone obviously but like I saw a smoother complexion because I had a lot of bumps on my face like a lot and like it was a lot smoother a complexion and so this is like one of the things where I’m just like I mean I feel like I’m always talking about this but like it’s good it’s really really good feels like your skin feels the word like resurfaced maybe or like polished yeah it just looks more it just helps well well yeah like it Eitan like and it’s it will sing a little bit if you’ve never done something like this before just don’t overdo it and don’t be alarmed it’s okay if it stings a little bit just like be careful with it like you kind of just have to know your skin look the first time I used to it stung yeah um and then I waited a couple days and I used it again but like it really really works don’t put it on eyes and also he’s a spot treatment because it does what really well and this is for a nighttime yeah nighttime sunscreen that’s good okay so this is I’m the same brand as the matcha cleanser this is great and this like I’m so careful with sunscreens super careful and I used to use a drunk elfin one a lot but it is a little thick yeah yeah it’s a little thick it’s a little more gritty yeah yeah it didn’t break me out which is why I used it so much cuz like I was so scared to try anything else but yes you know yeah but this is a lot better to me it’s a really lightweight water yeah it’s like more watery like when you when you pour it out it kind of looks like glue first like Elmer’s glue yeah but then when you put it on it’s really smooth really light like you don’t even feel awesome whew yeah this tiny little bottle lasts me so long yeah I I mean I’ve been reaching for this one it’s like almost out like this really I just let her try and then she loves it too this is a physical sunscreen with antioxidants I mean I don’t hate fragrance is essential oils but I know a lot of people are sensitive to it if it’s like relatively low on the list I’m okay with it it I just wouldn’t apply essentials directly to the face everything we’re talking about is either no fingers or low in fragrance but this one is a really really nice formula it glides it’s very not irritating fragrance free yeah and it kind of leaves your skin with like a healthy yeah I like been looking for something like this yeah seriously like or so on this one like I just there’s not a lot of good SPF sand moisture yeah yeah but this one’s really light yeah and I’m you and the reason I like this kind of stuff is like kind of if I’m on the go for example like if I’m about to go work out I like to walk to the gym yeah yeah it’s so like this is really good no this is moisturizers and I’m talking about this first because this is what I used when I had acne this at night it’s good yeah I do it’s drunk elephant la la rocha lip cream I think what again most of these I’ve said in the last video but I just love it so much anyway so it’s this one and it really helped like after I use this I feel like I just put this on at night and I just feel like my skin is so moisturize yeah like so moisturize it is quite thick so if you’re really not into thick moisturizers this might not be your thing but I personally like a thicker moisturizer at night because my my skin with lighter moisturizers it’s okay during the day but at night I really want to things yeah yeah yeah good one won’t break you up honestly for a day time I drunk Lvovich martini this is a tiny woman these are also quite expensive if anything you can find an alternative for this one oh this one is like my go-to okay I mean I really like this one this is by Paula’s Choice this is the nightly reconditioning moisturizer it’s this night but you can apply it under your some sunblock it’s very very I don’t know how with gel texture it’s very just cooling type of texture not like peppermint cooling or menthol it’s just it feels cold yeah yeah whole and lightweight yeah it has flex unit which I thought how she does yes very conditioning for the skin honestly this is the moisturizer I’ve been using it every single night since I’ve been here like Ivan Ivan was like just try it and I was like and I squeezed it I hate trying anything and he squeezed it out and I was like it’s so like I was like what yeah in my head I was like this is I’m gonna feel so dry and then I was like okay I’m just gonna try it and then I tried it and the next morning I literally told Ivan I’m like this thing is bomb yeah so good at the Neutrogena hydro boost it’s like a job team it’s my kind of looks like a cream in the bottle but it’s definitely more jelly jelly yeah so this sounds great and I go for their fragrance for you and even though I’m in fragrance it’s fine it’s honestly not that bad this one is a hard on acid based moisturizer so it really just balances Irish skin I don’t like a sedan hold a thousand times itself and weight in water very moisturizing I do find that you need another layer of something over it at nighttime another one comes in SPF two so he can check that one out the Sun was crazy at the dawn of wine yeah cuz you had stripes on you oh yeah so I didn’t use this one I had acne but it wasn’t out yet but I think I would have during it I use it now for my hyperpigmentation yeah this is the Great Barrier relief from crave and um the only eye she gave me a blurb about like what it does know how it works but the only one I remember is the Tammany oil it was really good for like dark spots um so that’s what that’s what kind of draw me draw true through me [Music] there was this one time in when I was snowboarding and stuff it was really cold my face got really dry right here and um I used this like after a couple days it was like really good all the redness went down everything um so I really like this and you don’t need a lot of it I don’t use it every night a really important ingredient when you have out before the skin is like vitamin C so I try to have like a mask by Tennessee mask or like I just put this on the table just in a day time when I actually I applied this on to my face while I’m just walking around not doing anything this is the bioscience vitamin C masses with squalene and it is plant-derived squalene and sustainable squealing from sugar canes so traditionally squealing is extracted from shark fin which is super bad for the environment and that one has 10% vitamin C and they just apply it in a day time honestly before you might even want no baby yeah and then I just wash it off like while brushing my teeth before my coffee actually drink my coffee before it brush my teeth you oh how long do you leave it on about 15 minutes and then I always have a vitamin C in E cereal there’s a bunch of brands out there obviously I don’t need to tell you but I’m in C and E with hyaluronic acid and for a real like acid as a popular blend and it really does work so you know whichever brand you want to use honestly it’s up to your this one is my youth there’s another one called by youth to the people which is a peptide fight among see and have a lot of the assets into those are all good I wanna say anything about any C in a Simulink then down yeah if you have breakouts and you’re suffering from not saturate so actually you’re annoyed if I don’t miss you would really help I should have done that more like at the beginning when my acne went away but I don’t know yeah honestly our skin is so another thing was like sort of your like the ingredient guy but like another thing my doctor told me was this was early household for annotation got me asana my I me a sin of mine as like a version of vitamin B which is quite popular right now it’s like my name b5 or something now Paul’s choice has a booster and then obviously she has a signature ology the booster you cannot mix it with your moisturizer and apply it on to the skin to in my experience I don’t need savanna Nissen sounds like BS sin of mine on my closet flushing I know some people are allergic even though it’s like a vitamin B which your body or you naturally creates oh that’s a good tip that okay okay so the last thing I want to talk about our pimple patches because these are all amazing yeah they’re really good probably heard it from like everyone I know like oh sorry expatriates all right those these were out of all ones those are the new ones I think they still have both but this one is just a oval shape I I find that this one stick much better okay but I don’t want tiny ones on this one or even I only use the really big ones because the tiny ones always fall off yeah oh wait this won’t stick much better this is the new way I want a see collection of the sides like a sticker oh I see yeah the one like the girl they’re called Hydra coy patches they say basically suck up any pus or any healing liquid or oils don’t use them on pimples that are just like like flat yeah because like it’s not gonna work you have to use them on ones that are like bridging yeah we’re like yes in them in that like one side of you’re like oh I really want to pop this but shouldn’t yeah she wants that for I think she masks the right ones can really help calm your skin down there’s a green tea one and this one is the one from up here alright thirty pieces in there and it comes with the tweezer up here so you can just peel the mask off and you don’t have to keep opening you know like it creates a lot of plastic waste each sheet mask so there’s thirty in here and you can just I I feel like it’s very convenient and also pitched a to just gently we resurface the skin and I find that this one really helps call my skin I think there’s a green key version that it’s really good too so I would try to greenkeepers you know as well our number one tip we would give that’s not skin care related okay you know Chris oh this heart I would say avoid daily if you can she is she loves day just like eating like she’s good oh okay me probably like when you’re using makeup when you have acne don’t use stuff that comes like in a bottle instead of like stuff that you have to use your hands a lot for yeah yeah that’s like that’s just asking for trouble yeah I like don’t like yeah use stuff that you have to dig more things that are coming up you know let’s concealer palettes that come in like I don’t use any of them yeah like it like as much as I love color pop and I use all their super shock shadows now stuff like that where you have to go like this and then tap it on like that I’m okay now but I wouldn’t recommend if you’re touching you’re touching it touching back touching it to to that I hope you found those helpful and I really I hope you know on your skin character Amy it’s like improving obviously like I said it’s not going to take like overnight it’s not gonna be like oh I use want to any of these products and then next day I’m like my skin is so clear everything just takes time you just need to be peace you have to be patient a thing that really helped me is the next one will work and I just say it over and over again because like you just you really don’t know like you don’t like I know a lot of you guys have suffered with it I know you guys have dealt with it yeah yeah like mine was thankfully mine only lasted like a year and a half which is long to some other people but it’s short for a lot of people and it’s like I just hide I just feel for you like that really sucks and like I don’t know what else to tell you except like literally the next thing could be the thing no I’m saying yeah it’s like please just like keep trying and like if you want to complain complain to me it’s fine what is on your face and there isn’t defined what it is what you are in sighs man I know that’s really easy to say like we’re just like it doesn’t define me you are more like it really really really doesn’t and but it is okay to feel bad like like it’s okay for you guys to feel bad for a little bit like we don’t want to discount also there comes a point where like at one point our just walking outside with no makeup on and I just had my pimples and everything this was is what it is so why I’m gonna have to live my life try and be happier possible yeah don’t stress really it does justified don’t stare in the mirror for like hours you know I stared in a normal yourself I know like don’t avoid mirrors here but like don’t I don’t obsess over it because I think that can lead to a lot of like stress and then like it just might have some different ways out your body I think I’m gonna do a giveaway for you guys so I’m just gonna insert here what I’m gonna give away some of these products I don’t have like a lot of them like extra so all you have to do to enter the giveaway is thumbs up this video and comment something you like about yourself oh yeah oh I saw your Instagram handles like and I contact you for the winner now if I good to go check out her videos on makeup skincare styling she has a lot of tips to share we’ll see you bye bye bye wait what what are you doing not like this see if forms I have my entire hand full Sam OH

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    Wants to enter giveaway but instead experiences a crisis over if/what I love about myself at 2am 😅 I love my workout habits lol
    Please help my needy skin 😢

  • i love that im always optimistic towards lyfe 😁 @wenxuanx

  • I like that I've finally learned to not care about what others think of me!!! ig: 2hansz

  • Dealing with acne scars now. Haha trying products to help reduce the acne scars/pore sizes…

  • I like how I’m not affected by the negativity of others

    IG: @paofection

  • I like how much I've grown over the years. I have become a lot more confident in my own skin @rajawright

  • Something that I like about myself is that because I have a lot of insecurities myself… I have learned to sympathize with others… As in how it feels to be in their shoes…. To not judge them and to be more accepting towards others and myself.


  • ive always had clear skin and everyone would praise me for having pimple-free skin so ive never really thought of getting pimples in the future but then senior year came and suddenly im starting to breakout it just makes me lose my confidence :(( thank you bc your videos somehow makes me feel less alone for experiencing these things

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • i love that im a chinese lol @laurensophielim

  • i like my kindness. even though sometimes others don't recognize those good deeds i did but at least i'm happy doing the things that would be helpful or bring happiness for them. this criteria of the giveaway really make me think and question what i like about myself. thankyou, i guess i found it:) @thaliaft

  • i feel so broke i use target face wash and aveeno moisturizer lmao

  • I love how I’m always hard working and going out of my comfort zone.

    ig: herissaa

  • I want a friend like Ivan 😭

  • I can relate so much when people just don't look into my eyes when i speak 😭 it's really depressing sometimes. Even though my acne is really pulling me down, I love my lips hehe they're really plumpy and I like that! (ig @ujeyi)

  • loved this video Ivan and Hana <3 these kinds of videos always give me hope, thanks so much!
    what I love about myself? probably my artistic ability I love creating pieces of art by either drawing or painting 🙂 and my ig is @kehtsup

  • Tamanu oil is literally life! It heals all wounds and fade hyperpigmentation. I even mix it with a little tea tree oil to put under my arms after shaving. I get mine from iHerb by the brand aura cacia.

  • Something I like about myself is my height, I use to feel so weird about being tall but now I love my long legs. ig: columba.b

  • *cries in broke*

  • I love my eyes (typical right?) and I really hope to love my skin soon and myself in general.

    ig: luchiayo

  • Did u ever try roaccutance?

  • I can’t put bunch layer of skincare every night. It makes my skin irritated 😤 huh

  • I like my eyelashes


  • i like how i always try to improve myself and listen to advice


  • I don’t even have an dollar

  • Embrace the flaw self and practice self-love everyday. Acne is just acne, and skin is just skin. Be confident and love who you are. 💗 ig: keviccccc_25yo

  • I love these tips! I just wanted to say God loves you so much, he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins and rose victorious on the third day with great power and glory, defeating the devil and death and bringing forth life to all who believe in him!

    John 10:10 King James Version
    10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

  • Question: do you guys reapply sunscreen?

  • Thank you Ivan lam..you are my savior..more blessings to come and keep healthy and safe😃

  • … 🙁 i thought i was done with acne but it hit me again so suddenly

    so thank you for this video you guys <3 ~

  • I've had acne for 8 years, I have tried everything under the sun. But I just bought 2 Krave beauty products: Matcha-Hemp cleanser and the Great Barrier Relief, I am really hoping they help! Thank you for making this helpful video

  • i’m gonna try the paula’s choice sunscreen and the krave cleanser. i’ve been looking for a sunscreen that has good ingredients, and this one looks great. <3 thank you ivan and hana!

  • something i like about myself! hmm.. lately, whenever i feel like shit or have bad thoughts, idk everytime there's a voice that comes from inside that says that everything will be okay and i know this is difficult but if anyone can get through this, it's you. This has helped me lose 15 kgs, eat healthier and better my skin. @theoverreactingguy

  • i love how my skin likes to be bipolar.
    Ig: ice.ice.ivy

  • I did not have much acne during my teenage years but suddenly in my early 20s my face starts to break out like crazy. I tried many products but nothing seemed to work. So I recently got into Korean beauty thanks to you guys (and other youtubers) I think my skin starts to get better. I love to watch your skin-care videos, so maybe one day I will find (with the help of you) THE product that might help me to cure my current skin-condition. As a newbie to Korean skin care there are so many products but thankfully you only introduce us to the products that might help us.
    IG: lazy_tran

  • My acne has been the bane of my existence it has greatly affected my mental health to the point I am so embarrassed to go outside, but when I absolutely need to go outside I wear sunglasses and keep my head down. Recently, I went out with my older brother and we were hanging out with his friends. I felt so uncomfortable, embarrassed and anxious that I felt like crying, so I shrank into myself and separated myself from the group and stood alone because I couldn't bear being around people who could see my ugly skin.
    This no way to live, I need to be patient with myself.

  • Thanks for recommending some products for acne and giving helpful tips! I've had acne since I was a teenager. It's mostly manageable because it's hormonal. It only gets worse when I'm stressed.

  • In my younger years I don’t have any issues with acne but then when I reached my late 20’s thats the time it went out so much that I don’t know where is it coming from or what is the reason of it so I tried to watch your videos and ofcourse some of the vloggers also who had the same skin issue. In short it teaches me to have patience that it won’t really go away after a night of putting skin regimen and lastly, it helps me to accept more of my skin condition and also to love myself without the approval of other people☺️.

  • I just came across your chanel, you’re so cute! Great video!

  • my skin has been clearing up very nicely during past few months but i still struggle a lot with acne scarring and redness so i think i‘m gonna try a vitamin c serum like you said! thank you for this video ~

  • I really love my ankles hahahah, I really do. I'm still on my journey to clear skin and I related to Hana when she felt that people think she was dirty, I feel that way everyday. IG:@ashleysmq

  • My skin went crazy after college, and I have been struggling with acne and PIH/pitted scarring for years now. Sort of random, but I like my teeth (and smile). ig: deestractor

  • Love u guys thank you sm

  • Why is this guy wearing make up?

  • Meu Deus o vídeo tá legendado glória a Deus aaaaaa😍♥️

  • my bro asked how many times i wash my face a few days ago and realized theres still dumbass people out there that dont understand its uncontrollable now mater how much i wash my face mother fuc-😂😂😂😂💀💀💀🔪🔪🔪🔪

  • I hate when people look you so bad, like you look nasty it breaks my heart😑😏

  • Cleansing balm, cleansing gel, toner and moisturizer really help my skin (plus spf) Still finding the right night serum for now.
    IG: ibgwiraga

  • I really want to try some of this products but some are really hard to get in the philippines

  • One thing I really love about myself is my eyes. I think that's the best part of my face.

  • could you guys check out "ageless on" youtune channel? she is great but sadly she needs exposure…im sure you will find her helpful so please do check her YouTube out♡♡♡

  • Can potted concealer work if you only use a brush? I only use a brush with mine but never took that into consideration. I have a hard time finding concealer that has a good undertone, they're always too orange/pink/red 😭

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