We Tried That Pimple Popping Toy

– I don’t like that. Who would do this, who made this? Let me talk to them. – [Emily] So that’s a
no on the pimple popper? – It’s a no but then I keep going back in. (upbeat music) – That’s pretty good. – Oh, it’s so much. – I never heard about the Pop It Pal. – I thought, why did
this product even exist? And we’re gonna get one. – I need to know what this is about. – The pop it pal seems like a way to get that satisfaction
of popping a pimple without dirtying up your pores. – My boyfriend gets a lot of blackheads. I squeeze the blackheads out of his face and he’s like, that’s disgusting. – I find it really
satisfying to pop a pimple. It’s like a little bit of (pops). It feels like I accomplished something. – I love picking pimples. I still watch videos of Sandra
Lee, Doctor Pimple Popper. – I watch to help me fall asleep. – I actually can’t watch
pimple popping videos. It freaks me out. – After I stopped wanting to throw up, I was like, come on, Sandra,
get it out, get it out. So satisfying. – Watching pimple
popping is very soothing. It’s just (sighs) so good. – It looks kind of like spam that’s been left out. – [Andrew] It just feels like plastic. It’s a little slimy. – This seems very scientific. – Squeeze with two
fingers to pop the pimple and have fun. You can refill it, so you can
do it over and over again. – I’m about to pop my first pimple. – Oh, it’s coming. – [Andrew] This is a good one. Look at on my nail. – It’s not the same, but it is satisfying. I’m a little grossed out, yeah. But the pus is very satisfying. – We’re gonna be taking these home. We’re gonna see if it’s as good as popping a real pimple. – Hopefully, it’ll help me
keep my fingers off my face. Wonder if this is meant for
adults, ’cause this is hard. This pimple popper and
I had quite the weekend. I introduced it to my girlfriend. Hey babe, you wanna pop a pimple? – What? – She equally hated it and loved it. – Oh no. Oh my God. I keep doing it. – She was visibly and
verbally hating on it but she also couldn’t stop popping it. – That was a good one. – [Emily] You keep doing it. – I know. – Walking around the office, they were like, hey,
what’s that in your hand? – [JJ’s boss] Oh my
God, so much, oh my God. It’s gross but amazing at the same time. – [JJ] Would you buy one? – Yes. – So that was my boss and
she was obsessed with it. – My friends and I, we
got brunch and stuff. – Cheers. – I’m gonna show my friend Katelyn here. I had her close her eyes and everything. She was like, what is this? She was like, is this a bar of soap, and I’m like, it’s kind of the opposite. – [Katelyn] Pop them? – [Andrew] Yeah, like a pimple. – Wait, there’s things in there? – Yeah, there’s pus. She loves popping pimples. (Katelyn squeals) And she fell in love with it. – [Katelyn] Oh my God, there’s so much. – Everybody in the bar was looking at us. They were like, what
are they playing with? – It’s like a stress outlet for me and being able to pop those
just literally brought life to my life. – My roommates were also interested in it. They weren’t as disgusted. – I think it’s lip balm. – It says, “Do not eat,”
on the package, I saw it. – I’m not eating it. – One of my roommates actually
put the pus on her lips to moisturize.
– Cool. – Mariah found out that it
works really well as a lip balm. I was really surprised, my
roommate Mitch liked it a lot. – This to me is somehow satisfying. – Mitch is a very pretty boy. He likes to take very
good care of himself, so seeing him play with a pimple popper was kind of funny. – When I got home, my boyfriend, who’s a medical student, is studying. I told him I had a surprise for him. – Is it something I’m gonna like? – Maybe. So I handed it to him, and– you know those pimple
videos I like watching? This lets you pretend to pop pimples. – Why would anyone want to do this? Ugh, oh, it jumps out at you. (makes disgusted noises) that’s so fucking gross. – Yeah, he hates it when I pop his zits, but when we were doing it together, he was explaining to me all
the medical terminology. – [Boyfriend] Follicular
hyperproliferation, inflammation, the presence of excessive
sebum production. – I buy everything travel size. Oh my God, it’s so cute, I could bring this with me everywhere. Whatever, who cares what people think? I think I’m gonna pop some
pimples on the high line. Guys, there’s nothing better than just popping a couple pimples while having a view of New York City. This totally relieved my stress. Pus kept coming and coming
and coming out of them. – I think I’m starting to kind of like it, but it doesn’t fight back
like a pimple fights back. – Yeah, that’s what I was saying. – We had a little adventure because we wanted to refill it. Place pimple pus in
microwave for 10 seconds. – We don’t have a microwave. – We don’t have a microwave. – It’s fun to pop, but then I get anxious because I know I have to refill it again. Refilling it, it just was disastrous. I cut a hole at the top of this to try to get the pus in. This cracked. Resorted to just pushing
it inside each little hole. So it starts to make
me cringe a little bit. I just see all these little gouges. I don’t even wanna pick my own pimples anymore because I just think of this. – The pimple popper
didn’t really work for me. It actually may have made my pimple popping activities worse. – [Girlfriend] What are you doing? You’re supposed to use
this so that you don’t– – That doesn’t get rid
of my actual pimples. Talking about it so much
made me look at my face and see how many pimples I actually have. Do you see those? – I think my boyfriend was glad that I was popping this instead of his face. Wanna pop some pimples with me? – No. – Go play with your Pop It, not my face. Why not?
– ‘Cause it’s gross. – It kind of distracted me from the blackheads on his forehead. – The best thing the
pimple popper brought me was new friends on the subway. So I was just popping during my commute ’cause I wanted to chill out, and this guy just came up to me and was like, what are you doing? Normally, you don’t talk
to anyone on the train. Everyone’s trying to be tough, so it was cool to have this
small conversation with people over something silly and kind of gross. We started talking about
pimple popper videos and they’re like, oh I love those, and I’m like, gross, but I’m
the one fake popping pimples on the train, so. – I learned that it’s just
a really polarizing subject. For someone that has
that kind of obsession with wanting to pop stuff, this is a better alternative ’cause you’re not gonna hurt your skin. – Everybody who pops pimples should try this product
because it really changes the way that you feel
about pimple popping. Being this up and close with it made me really think about how I should be treating my own skin. I would give it five out of five if this little eyedropper worked better. – It’s going to get a
reaction out of people, whether they like it or hate it. – I don’t think that we should be disgusted by our own biology. Everyone gets zits and
we should celebrate that instead of shunning it. I’m surprised that this
hasn’t been on Shark Tank yet, honestly, ’cause I think that
there’s a huge market for it. – It’s like my little pus-y baby.

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