We Tried Magnetic Face Masks – Do They Really Work? | Crash Test Beauties

– Oh you can feel it. – [Girl] Mmmm. – Agh! – Whoa!
– Whoa! – Oh it stuck to the mirror. – That is crazy. (laughing) (upbeat music) I have to say, I’m a big
fan of the face mask. – ‘Cause like I’ll go through weeks where I use like a sheet mask every other day. – I don’t really use them that often. The only times I’ve ever
really used them are for this series, Crash Test Beauties. – I should do face masks
about two times a week. – We brush our teeth ’cause we
want to keep our teeth around like you should be taking care
of your skin and your face ’cause you want your face
to be around, I guess. – Oh, this is cute. – Where is this from? – Onyx Youth, it almost
sounds like a rock band. – It’s Korean. – Korean. – It does, yeah. – Onyx Youth, magnetic mask
could be like their first hit. – They have nice skin. – Packaging looks very nice. – Looks like sleek. – Kind of gender neutral, even maybe skews a little guy-esque, kind of,
almost feels like a surf brand. – Is it gonna float off of my skin when I use this tool thing? – Do you want healthier,
younger looking skin? Look no further. – [Kim] Oh I’ve seen,
well I think I know… (clipping) – Oh, sh… – Dramatically transform
your skin in minutes. – Well now we know it works. – This has got some weight to it. – I don’t think you
could go through security at the airport with
this, what do you think? – Probably not. – This is a powerful tool. – Whoa, something about the spatula. – [Kim] Feels kind of warm. – [Corey] This will be fun. – I might’ve put on a lot. – It doesn’t really say, oh it says thin. – It’s like a cool sensation
when you first get it there. – Yeah it does smell pretty good. I’m not feeling like I just
walked out of a flower shop. – Feels like, I don’t know,
it’s kind of a weird feeling. – I think I’m definitely
putting too much on here, hopefully that heavy magnet will just suck this stuff right off our face. – Not like it’s tingling or anything. – I got a lot of hair
on my face so I’m gonna try to avoid that. – I just put my eyebrows
in and so I’m really hoping it doesn’t take off my eyebrows. – What if it just took
your whole beard off? – It’s okay, it’s not really
that much of a beard anyways. – It’s not drying, it’s
not tightening anywhere. – It goes on really smoothly. – If feels soothing,
like I’m on a vacation and I’m getting some type of facial. – Like you’re icing a cake
’cause you’re using a spatula. – It says a thin layer. – That’s thin, right? – Honestly, if feels
comfortable on the face. I might forget I even have this on. – Well… – I think you just laid it
on thick in a couple areas. – It says, do not use water to remove. We’re really relying on this magnet. (soft music) – This looks like a big thumb
to those like cafeteria lady. (laughing) – Do we need a drum roll or.. Should we ask the drummer of Onyx Youth? Our new rock band to… – Yeah, yeah. (drum rolling) – Oh you can feel it. – Mmmmm. – Agh! – Oh my gosh! Whoa!
– Whoa! – Ooooh! – I see it, it is so wild. – Oh it stuck to the mirror. – That is crazy. – Oh, it looks like someone with, like a guy with spiky hair. – Oh my gosh. – That’s cool. – I feel very hydrated. – When you were a kid,
did you ever like go into a sandbox with a magnet? – Yeah, all the time and
just pick up all the metal? – That’s exactly what it feels like. – For somebody with dry skin,
I’m lookin’ real moisturized. (laughing) – It did say to massage the
leftover stuff into your skin. – Definitely an experience. I’ve never had something like
tug on my face like that. – I mean gives you a little bit of a glow. – High key though. – It definitely lived up
to being something unique and kind of cool. – This might be good to use
like before you go to bed. – I mean if you had dry skin and… – You don’t have issues
with your skin being oily. – I feel like it would
be beneficial to you. – I would recommend this to
my friends with dry skin. – After you use like a magnet mask, do you feel more attractive? – Oh, okay. (slapping) (laughing) I look fine, so I mean, yeah. – You should probably go
out tonight and you know, why waste that magnetic glow you have? – I should, I should
but first I need to find someone to go out with. – Also people who don’t
have a lot of time, you only have to leave this
on for five or ten minutes. – Once we start our band,
Onyx Youth, I mean I don’t think dates will be a problem for you. – Oh. – You’ll be a rockstar. – Totally. – Alright, cool. (laughing) (upbeat music)

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