We Tried Gwyneth Paltrow’s $125 Instant Facial

– You know what, it smells like crab. (chuckling) it really does. It smells like crab. I mean, but not in a bad
way, cause I like crab. – I’m not quite sure how I feel about her skin care regime slash line. – Goop? It doesn’t sound like a beauty product. It sounds like a bathroom product. Poop. – I feel like she’s done like a lot of crazy stuff with beauty, like was she putting placenta on her face? – [Woman] I never understand
any of the things that are in her products. – Oh that’s in a different language. – Fused into high-tech formulas that deliver immediate and ongoing results. I don’t know what that means. – Oh, it daffodil and sweet iris – Leaving your skin
smooth, even and luminous. Luminous. That’s a great word. – It sounds like it knows what it’s doing. – I don’t know much about
poets daffodil or sweet iris. But I do want my skin to be luminous. – So circular motion, so baby circles – Ooh, it helps to even skin tone, yay! – Tingly is like a nice way to say it. – There’s something. There’s something going on, I can feel it. – This seems to be tingling, like a lot more than like
other parts of my face. – Especially like on my nose. – It feels like millions
of tiny needles in my face – I don’t know. I like wonder if I’m psyching myself out and be like, is that
what tingling feels like. – This is my choice to keep it on because I just don’t wanna, I want that glow. I want the glow. – And now we wait. – Time to take it off, guys. We’re not wasting any time. We’re not playing with Gwen. – What if like the light
was just like whaaaaa – I look fresh and renewed like I just got back from a trip. – Definitely feels smooth. Much smoother than my face felt before. – Did she go to the Barbados? No she didn’t. She just used some goop. – I guess I do kinda have a
little bit of a glow going on like look at the way that
light is hitting that skin. – I definitely feel refreshed. – I’m red here. This maybe is my fault. Maybe I left it on too long. – Pow. Cut. Cut – (mumbles) It’s just
getting redder as I sit here. – My skin feels a little tighter. Oh my gosh, no, it kinda feels weird. – I think I would need
to like wait a few hours and see what it looks
like, if that make sense. So maybe it cleaned all my pores out. Maybe that was the
needles stabbing feeling was the cleaning of the pores. And I still smell like crab. So that’s nice. – My skin doesn’t burn anymore, and I think it looks less red. – It did something because I look cute. – I’m hoping that this lasts as long as tingling on my face. – It’s not like glowing enough that I wouldn’t want to put makeup on. But it is glowing. – Not even being dramatic. I am a huge fan of this. – Like my skin feels really smooth. And I think it looks like I did something. – And it’s not like a shiny glow, where it’s like, ugh. It just like I’m naturally radiating. – 125 dollars for this little thing, you won’t catch me getting it. – It doesn’t have like crazy results that I can expect out of something that’s this expensive. – Don’t be afraid of the burn and the red, because it will go away, and you will have glow. You will have glow. Do you want this stuff, for Don’t you want that?

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