We Tested DIY Sheet Masks Vs. Store-Bought Sheet Masks

– Today we’re gonna test
a DIY sheet mask against two store bought versions. I’ve got a really high end expensive one and then we have our middle
of the road sheet mask it is a Sephora sheet
mask, it costs about $6, and finally we’ve got our
DIY version which uses apple cider vinegar, greet
tea and a few other things. So we’re gonna try and make our own and then put it to the test. I have ordered some
like blank sheet masks. I thought I was gonna
get like four of them, I think I have 400 of them, that’s a lie, there’s 100 of them. One fourth cup of green tea, two table spoons of apple cider vinegar and three to four drops
of tea tree essential oil. Looking good, now I’m gonna drop my little alka seltzer tablet looking
sheet mask into the bowl. What the heck? I’m glad this bag came
with 100 face masks because I’m gonna wanna do this 100 times. So this is looking properly terrifying but it actually smells really good so I am going to carefully
put this in a ziploc baggy, I have to be sure to like
fold it really precisely so that people can’t tell
the different between the store bought version and mine, or maybe I should just unfold
the store bought version that sounds like a better
idea let’s do that. Here we go, okay, done. – My initial thoughts is that the coloring looks pretty clear and
it looks pretty juicy compared to the other ones. It smells pretty rancid. Chief Manny will have a sniff. – Smells funny. I like this one on, except that it just smells funny. – It’s quite soothing. Ooh it’s very cold. – My skin looks great. – My skin feels super moisturized I think this one was definitely bought judging just by the shape of it. If I had to guess I’d say this might actually be the real one, I can’t tell the difference anymore. – I would recommend this one,
if you can get past the smell. – So face mask B. – Face mask B has been kind of weird. – This one smells better. Still looks like toilet paper. Definitely looks like toilet paper. – The smell is really
good, the texture is good, but it’s making my face tingle so bad. I got a feeling this is the expensive one just ’cause of the smell and the textures. – It was cool and refreshing. 10 minutes later I just have to say my face feels really
soft and really smooth. Last one we are gonna try C. Let’s see how this goes. Oh my God, oh it’s so cold. I kinda wish this had a smell. – The thickness is really good, it’s like stuck to my
face, it’s not tingly, it doesn’t smell bad,
and my dog is terrified of me in this mask, his
tail is between his legs and he doesn’t wanna hang out with me. – My face is a lot slimier
than the other two. Okay so mask A definitely the DIY version but I actually liked it. – A was my favorite it had
like homeopathic vibe to it. I’m for like ph balanced
sensitive skin vibes so A was good, if you
get past the weird smell but I feel like you can get there have a shower the next day, you’re good. – So I am very happy to report that the DIY face mask
was the proud favorite. I doubted it for a little while but it really pulled through. If there is a product
whether it’s a beauty product or any other type of product
it doesn’t have to be a beauty product, that
you wanna see me test, definitely let me know in the comments, also if you have a really
good sheet mask recipe, let me know that in the comments too, because I’ve got a pack of 96 sheet masks.

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