Vlogger With Facial Tumour Beats The Bullies By Singing

COURTNEY BLACKMORE: O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light. COMM: Singer Courtney Blackmore was born with a rare condition that causes extra tissue
growth in her face. COURTNEY BLACKMORE: So, I was born with cystic hygroma, which is a rare birth defect that
affects the lymphatic system and creates extra tissue and a growth. My growth was on my chin
and it deformed my jaw when I was in the womb so that is why I cannot close my mouth. KATRINA BLACKMORE: And that was eight grade. COURTNEY BLACKMORE: I have had many surgeries, over 20 surgeries in my lifetime. At the moment,
I do not plan to have any more because it can be dangerous. As long as I don’t have
to have one right now, I won’t. COMM: Despite often being met with nasty and negative comments, the 20-year-old regularly
uploads videos of herself singing to YouTube. COURTNEY BLACKMORE: Singing is one of my outlets. It’s my outlet for, if I was being bullied
or going through a rough time, it was the way that I could express myself. COURTNEY BLACKMORE: People ask me in person, why do you upload, what’s the point in uploading? If you know you are different, you know you are gonna get hate. COURTNEY BLACKMORE: For me it’s an outlet. It’s an expression of me and for me it doesn’t
matter what people say, it’s my choice. If you don’t like it you can go, you can
click the next video. Hey, guys, whats up? I am going to be singing Beautiful by Christina
Aguilera, and this song has been requested a lot. COMM: When Courtney started posting videos online her parents were worried about how
people might react. KATRINA BLACKMORE: She’s faced more things in a short amount of time in her lifetime
then anybody should have to. KATRINA BLACKMORE: I know she’s cried plenty of times. I know she’s had so much support
though that overweighs all the bullies that are out there. I have a hard, I think I have
more of a hard time with it than she does. COMM: Dreams are beginning to come true for Courtney, as well as amassing a legion of
fans online, she and her boyfriend Chad are now planning a wedding. COURTNEY BLACKMORE: Was I worried that I would never find love? Yes, I was afraid that there
wasn’t going to be someone that would accept me and love me, for me. CHAD: My first impressions of Courtney when I first met her, she is beautiful, smart,
she is talented, amazing. COURTNEY BLACKMORE: Hello! It’s recording. Chad: I’m in the middle of things. COURTNEY BLACKMORE: Then get off the phone. Think you guys can see me hopefully. Chad: Yes, yes. Tip tip tell yo. COURTNEY BLACKMORE: Chad is an amazing person and amazing guy. He is so funny, always keeps
me laughing. On my days that I feel really really down, he is there to push me up and
makes me laugh and makes me happy. CHAD: We like to go riding together, we ride our horses. CHAD: We watch movies, go on walks, go swimming, we do everything together. COMM: Courtney hopes that her videos will help to bring more acceptance for people living
with her condition. COURTNEY BLACKMORE: I just want to say thank you for all you guys have done for me. You
guys have given me more confidence and bravery than I have ever had. KATRINA BLACKMORE: When I see Courtney singing, I feel excited that she can do that. If I
sing, it sounds like all the dogs in the neighbourhood are going to join in. So, to hear her sing
is amazing. She has a beautiful voice. LARRY BLACKMORE: Life is not easy and Courtney has proven that even under adversity, she
still perseveres. COURTNEY BLACKMORE: It’s been really really hard to just accept myself and accept the
way I look. I’ve always wanted to look normal, but there is no normal nowadays. It’s ok
to be different, it’s ok that I look different. For me this is normal and that’s ok and
I am ok with being who I am.

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