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Bus not arrived yet Your top is looking good what’s so good I’ve tried it out after watching a viral hack in the morning just adjusting it since morning now I know the problems to this hack You’ve given me an idea now I’ll make in which we’ll test some viral fashion hacks whether they are really working or not and you get this video to 1,00,000 LIKES so lets start with this top you’ve changed your clothes yes I feel you’ll get the chance to wear so many So I can change at least one pair you are not looking that stylish model instead you reminds me my Grand Mother Now we’ll discuss what are the problems in this hack this is the top from which she got inspired so the first problem is its looking like a Petticoat rather than a Tube top I think you too agree with it cause skirt is designed according to our waist & hips size so its have flare or pleats and a Tube top is body hugging as its not having any other support this elastic too looking weird no tube top has this type of elastic do dieting.. you look faty I am thin this is our problem number third it makes you look fat even if your are thin as it has so much of flare wait a little this is our problem number four like it makes you feel embarrass anywhere so I would not suggest to wear it at any public place now move on to our next hack lets try this one keep its sleeves like this but its not looking good that much to me you can also make a knot like this here ok will try now its looking good a reason behind it what’s that ? she is thin and has chose so loose T- shirt obviously we need to choose a loose one to get fitted from the neck its looking like a night suit its back fitting too looks so loose and weird so you need to tie the sleeves like this you can see the before after this knot makes it tightly fitted yeah but a small problem is there its neckline is not looking even so to rectify it so your dress is ready now I’ve seen this hack so many times so lets try it so I too cut this legging like they did in the video now put it like this too long… uneven V shape now have a look on its problems might have so many problems so first is this uneven V shape which is looking uneven from the edges you need to do give it a precise cut otherwise it will not look good and thighs are thicker than the arms so it will look so loose from here getting a bangles look from here I think no need to wear bangles after carrying this top it also looking too loose from here I never ever will go anywhere wearing this so this hack has also got failed this is so easy put it on your head now grab both the corners now make a knot now pull it like this so your shrug is ready its looking nice if you don’t have shrug so you can use any of your scarf this way yeah its worth it in emergency so this hack proved to be 50 50 for us lets try this one so wear shirt like this take a bangle put both the shirt corners in this bangle like this I think we should take a loose shirt but its gonna be loose from your shoulders too but truly its looking so nice to me but this hack is of no use if its not be a stretchable fabric with a stretchable clothes you’ll easily make a knot at the back side so this hack for now is a Fail you have to try this hack no I am not gonna to try this so wear a shirt this way yes not like a normal way leave a sleeve like this so you need to make a knot of this corner with that sleeve fold it and now I am looking like this only one thing reminds me after seeing this hack we not gonna be able to do this what you’ve done with this shirt I’ve just follow the tips shown in that video but tell me the problems looking so weird this reminds me about that ancient times no fitting at all this is so tight what if this button will get broken I think it would be better if you wear it like a normal shirt I am not be able to do this hack I am not getting how came that V shape in the video its not get perfectly fitted even if you try to fix it by stretching it here & there video idea is yours you made me to wear all that clothes by the way some hacks from them… No one is good None is good except one or two so will have fun making this video I think you too were like it so get this video to 1,00,000 LIKES Do SUBSCRIBE to our channel Anaysa also turn on that notification bell

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