Vibrant, Clear Skin … At Home Devices #1: HIGH FREQUENCY! Anti-aging, acne fighting treatment!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if you are new here, my name is penny I am a master esthetician in Portland, Oregon and I’m excited that you’re here today you guys because we’re gonna talk about high frequency We are starting a series on At-home devices and I decided to start with high frequency because I feel like it will speak to the majority of you High frequency is a great tool for anti-aging and it is also a great tool for acne So I thought that this would kind of speak to the majority of you in one way or another. So let’s Get right into it. First of all, what is high frequency? It has been used in the beauty industry for decades and in the treatment room I typically use high frequency on my acne clients That’s where I see the most benefit but it’s definitely something that can be used in an anti-aging manner because it promotes circulation And nourishment to the skin and really can detoxify the skin and give a vibrancy to the skin It’s definitely really really good for anti aging It’s great for lymphatic drainage good if you have puffy under your eyes or just puffiness in general It’s a really good treatment for that on the flip side for acne. It is germicidal and antibacterial anti-inflammatory It’s an amazing Non-invasive non chemical way to take down a breakout and also to stave off if you have cystic acne, I think it is Fantastic, if you have adult acne as we all know adult acne is really difficult It’s difficult to treat we’re trying to anti age at the same time that we are trying to treat Active acne and those two worlds often collide and high frequency is one of those things that can treat them both simultaneously So it’s a really really good at-home device now I want to tell you that I started This concept for this video thinking that I was going to show you from the treatment room with my in-office device and then I just changed my mind because that device plugs into a big machine and It really doesn’t translate to at home. It’s not it doesn’t have all the specs that would matter to you So I went online and I started searching for the best at home Device that I could find that fit the bill as far as safety was concerned for me So that’s how I came on this machine. I purchased it with my own money and I’m reviewing it clearly independently. They don’t know I exist or anything like that. I really like it though I really think it’s a great at-home option and I want to tell you right from the get-go that the reason I picked this one in particular is Because it has a three prong plug. I will show you guys it has this kind of plug Okay, that’s really really important in this kind of a device when you’re dealing with electricity you’re dealing with a current and we’re gonna get into that too, but that Creates a grounding. So there’s less likelihood of getting shocked to like actually shocked with the electricity So when you are searching for a device if this device isn’t your cup of tea? Be sure to find out what kind of a plug it has because that’s really really important safety wise Other than that you guys it’s actually a super cool device because it comes in a case that is really easy to store all of The applicators they are tempered glass and you can see there It’s a padded case and I like that because these tempered glass applicators are obviously fragile So this case is appreciated so that it can be stored away and I’m not gonna worry about breaking them Okay, so let’s discuss why and how it even works. First of all, you have a tool and This is the you know the base Right and you are going to get in any of these devices that you find? Typically you get three to six of these little tempered glass applicators each One of these applicators has kind of a different Intended purpose just based on its shape and its size and that kind of thing and each one of them has vacuum sealed Gas inside of it and it’s either going to be argon gas or it’s going to be neon gas. The neon gas is orange-ish Like a neon orange and the argon is like a neon violet, okay Now the neon gas is typically used for anti-aging and the argon is typically you for acne Although we got to tell you that in my practice. I definitely found both to be beneficial both ways I actually feel like they’re relatively interchangeable What happens is when you put this into the applicator, whichever whichever tempered-glass? Applicator you choose and you put it into the base and I plug this in and I’m going to show you guys this When electricity is put through this applicator The gas inside here becomes electrified and when it comes in contact with your skin There is a circuit and what happens is this electrified argon or neon gas? reacts with the naturally occurring oxygen that’s outside of the applicator and That chemical reaction results in something called an ozone. It’s ionized Oxygen that ozone it is super super germicidal antibacterial is just pure ionized oxygen and It is constantly because there’s an oscillating current going through her a very gentle oscillating current going through here It’s constantly ionized and then converted back to the regular oxygen and ionized and converted back to the regular Oxygen and so this little ozone that exists here when it is either on your skin or very close to your skin it Affects your skin by increasing circulation or creating an environment That is so bad for pee acne bacteria and other bacterias that it can clear a breakout it can Take down inflammation and it can really help with congestion. It’s actually really really cool you guys now the thing that is important to know as far as Application is concerned is that there are two types there is direct application and there is indirect application now direct application as you would imagine is Directly on your skin there is nothing in between the applicator and your skin now the you can use products on your skin when you do a direct method you just always want to avoid anything with Alcohol in it because alcohol is flammable So you definitely don’t want any products on your face that contain alcohol Now the method that I really like the most you guys is the indirect and the reason that they call that indirect is because there is something typically gauze in between the applicator and your skin now in office I have face shaped gauze that I can place over a client’s face and They’re laying down of course, and then I can use my applicator Anywhere from a quarter of an inch off of their skin creating a great spark or all the way down on the gauze But the gauze is creating this slight gap. So this is not directly ever touching the skin So that’s why it’s called the indirect method. It’s my favorite method I feel like you get the best glide and the best slip and it also creates just a little bit of a spark and that spark the greater the spark the greater the ozone the greater the ozone the greater the overall effect of You know germicidal effect antibacterial all of that kind of stuff so what you also need to know is that you never want to go more than a quarter of an inch off of the skin because That can actually cause too much of a spark and that can damage your tissue So more is better up until quarter of an inch, and then more is not better. So you want to really be You know be aware of that I suggest that you start off with the gauze in the indirect method and the applicator on the gauze And I feel like it gives you with very very light pressure gives you just enough of an ozone You will gain kind of you know a feel for the device. I always say start on the lowest setting I think that it’s just a good way to You know just get a feel for the entire procedure. I’m gonna put in the description box a list of Contraindications because there definitely are some contraindications I mean just off the top of my head you guys you don’t want to do this if you’re pregnant You do not want to do this if you have epilepsy you if you have had heart problems if you have a pacemaker You want to remove all of your jewelry just so that you don’t get any zaps or definitely some contraindications again I will list them in the description box, but I do encourage you if you have any medical concerns Before you do anything with hyper frequency just make sure that it is in a contraindication Beyond this video research and make sure that whatever medical concern you have Isn’t a contraindication so you have to be a self-advocate for that now I do want to show you this so I’m gonna plug this in really quickly Okay, so I have plugged it in and I’m gonna show you guys you can turn it on and you’re gonna be able to hear That’s turned all the way up and honestly I wouldn’t even use this turned all the way up This is a powerful little machine now I’m gonna turn it all the way down because I actually after playing with this I really feel like that’s actually a great place to start and a great Treatment zone is turn just just turned on and then kept on low and I feel like you will get a good treatment now I want to show you So you can see the gas So you can see the neon gas in there I’m also gonna show you just when I put it on my skin so you can really see it light up And hopefully you can see when it’s just off the skin. That’s the spark I can feel that I can feel that right there But there is no contact with the applicator on my skin the spark will jump and reach to your skin so remember again no more than a quarter of an inch off of your skin at any time because that spark will jump and You can cause yourself some damage you may not even be able to tell that you cause yourself damage but you you could so you want to keep that gap, you know minimal and I’ll also always remember the greater the spark the greater the ozone the greater the ozone the greater the effect Up until 1/4 of an inch, okay So what I want to do you guys is I’m gonna just show you Because I’m makeup on and everything and if you want a full demo on a client I would be happy to do that the guys that I have you guys is literally this kind okay now at work, like I said I have actual face shape But there really isn’t any reason to do that at home Because you’re not gonna lay gauze over your face because you’re likely going to be sitting up So this kind of gauze works well And what I like to do is I take one of these and I open it all the way up and Instead of laying it on my skin which would be kind of awkward. You can definitely do that You could hold it with one hand and you know go like this but what I really think that is the easiest At home is to wrap the applicator in Agha’s. So it’s just one layer of gauze like this and You’re gonna hold it with your hand. Okay, and once you have this in your hand, you’ll get a good idea something else That is an absolute must when you’re going to do a high-frequency treatment on yourself or on anyone else When you go to apply the applicator to your skin, you always want to have a finger on the applicator See my finger is on the applicator Before I touch it to my face once it touches my face I can remove that finger and I can go to work now if I was doing an acne treatment you guys I would still treat the entire face and Then I would go back and I would do specific treatments on Particular acne ache areas and obviously because I’m doing this without a mirror or anything like that But the point here is I’m keeping contact with the gauze on My skin and going in circular motions. Okay now it’s great for lymphatic drainage. You can definitely you know push that lymph from under the eyes and what I’m also doing right now is I am increasing circulation in my skin and when you do that What happens is the underlying? vessels they dilate and they push away toxins and that added circulation just Nourishes the cells in your skin and it really creates a healthy skin environment It’s a it’s a really really great treatment now when I want to remove this from my skin I’m going to put my finger back on the Elektra on the applicator Before I remove it and that’s super important you guys to do that when you’re placing it on your skin and when you’re taking it off your skin so that you don’t give yourself a little bit of A zap because you definitely can do that and certainly if you’re treating someone else you always want to do that with your finger Before you put it on and then you remove your finger If you don’t remove your thing, then you are you’re not going to be getting the actual treatment in the tip that you want So that’s the indirect method and that is definitely my favorite for overall treatment. This one is called the mushroom And I think that that’s probably my favorite applicator just because it’s easy to use It’s got the right size surface, and I don’t know it’s flat So it really travels easily over the skin the other ones that are in this particular kit that I bought are There is a roller Which is good for the body. I’ve actually never seen this before you guys This is a new because I don’t have this on my professional machine But I think that this is kind of cool if you are somebody who is into possibly working on this circulation Maybe above your knees. I mean, that’s what I’m kind of thinking I’m gonna give this a little bit of a shot then we have a tongue or a spoon applicator Okay. This one is really good for getting into kind of crevasse II areas But it’s also really good for doing under the eyes for lymphatic drainage I like that one for that this particular kit comes with this one and this is super cool because it’s good for your submental and I think that it’s just a neat shape and that would be good for encouraging that circulation in that area so that you can you know get healthier skin there and Honestly, all of this stuff to me is just a component of a good skin care regimen Because we’re just encouraging healthy skin. That’s that’s what we’re trying We’re trying to get good healthy skin and it’s the same thing with micro needling You know, we’re really trying to go for overall skin rejuvenation now something else that comes in this kit is this little guy? now this one is really really good for concentrated applications of the of The energy I’m gonna show you guys so you can see Because this one to me is one of the most used for me in the treatment room between this one and the mushroom Because I can use this on specific pimples cystic Lesions that kind of stuff it’s perfect for that. So again you turn this on now for this one I’m not using the indirect method I’m going to use the sparking method again You always have to have your finger on it and let’s say I had a pimple right here I would go ahead and place it where the pimple is then I remove this and then I can leave it for about three seconds lift Three seconds lift three seconds up until maybe 10 to 15 seconds on one particular Area and that is it because it is super concentrated right there in that tip so anyway, that is what this little tip is used for it’s for you know, obviously for more precise application and definitely for specific pimples or Underground cysts that is so so so good for that this one this one is really cool you guys and I have to tell you I Haven’t used this one in office. So I’m intrigued by this but just to be upfront here. This is a comb and You use it always on dry hair. So any of this stuff you’re never using around water Obviously water and electricity do not go together. That could be a recipe for a major shock So you always use this on clean dry hair with no styling products that might contain alcohol okay, and all you’re gonna do is you literally comb your hair like you normally would with this on and it is Electrified and it’s going to promote circulation in your scalp So theoretically that’s going to help to feed your scalp and create more of an L. Thise account bed and the premise certainly rings true and I think that it’s and I think it’s a great applicator you guys actually So if you are somebody who stood in, you know a little bit of scalp scalp health This might be something that could be of interest to you But again, I haven’t done this for I’ve used it now, of course in this kit But I haven’t done this for a long time and I don’t normally use this in the treatment room because I don’t even have this applicator there So just want to put that out there just to sum it up you guys what you would get with a high frequency treatment is increased circulation and That means increased nourishment to your skin. You would also get a anti-bacterial germicidal environment that is not good for P acne bacteria or other bacteria to live in and that Helps to improve acne over time. It’s also anti-inflammatory I literally can see a pimple just kind of deflate and It’s really really cool and for those of you with cystic acne I’m telling you that this is such a great treatment because there’s not a lot we can do about that You know, it’s in there, you know, it’s coming. There’s no amount of squeezing You should do there’s really no medications You can put on This is one of those things that can go to work on them that that acne lesion that’s coming or may never even show Itself, but will hurt you for weeks. This can help to get rid of it faster now the other thing that this is really good for you guys is if you do any kind of Extractions on yourself. If you happen to be one of those people, this is great to do post extraction because again of that germicidal effect this is also really good for post any kind of treatment that you do where there’s any chance of any kind of Bacteria, so if you derma plane, this would be a great treatment indirect treatment to do post derma planing This would be fantastic. So you kind of get the idea. It is one of those just really good augmenting treatments and yeah, so if you guys have any questions about this if you’d like to see this on someone else if you’d like to see a Treatment in the treatment room a high-frequency treatment. I’m happy to do that I thought today it would be fun to start this series with how you use this at home and Again, I will link this one in the description box You guys are going to see lots of these on the market and you’re gonna see some of them that are like $20 $30 always take into consideration the safety aspect and if nothing else look for that 3 prong plug, it’s super super important and Definitely the cheap cheap machines They don’t have it and you’re risking shocking yourself or certainly someone else if you think you’re going to treat someone else I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. I hope that you enjoyed seeing the at home device This is the start of a series leave the devices or the treatments the modalities down below That you would like to see we’re gonna get into electroporation. We’re gonna get into ultrasound Will do microcurrent. I am going to order that zip device I’ve gotten that question So much you guys that I’m going to go and fork it out so that I can test it out for you guys I also am interested in looking at the Claire blend mini the my lips. I mean, there’s so many things that You know, we just have to have a budget here for this kind of stuff, you know So yeah, leave me your suggestions in the comments section. I hope you guys have a fantastic Day, and I will talk to you again in my next skincare video Take care

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