Vaginal Cysts and Swellings : Differential Diagnosis – Discussion

Hello everybody
today i will be discussing about differen causes of vaginal cysts
and swellings i am really sorry for the spelling of swelling
Today we will discuss different common causes of
vaginal cysts and swellings with which patients presents to us
these are gartners duct cyst bartholin duct cyst
inclusion cyst lipomas
hematoma They all are the common cysts seen in the
vagina and the vulva and the main thing will be our discussion about what are the different
features of each cyst How we can diffrentiate one from other what are the features peculiar
to gartners duct cyst what are the features of bartholin duct cyst and lipomas hematomas
and inclusion cysts ok main thing is the location of the cyst that determines which cyst it
is likely to be we will discuss individually about each cyst and swellings ok let us begin
with gartners duct cyst these are the cysts which arise from embryonic remnants of the
mesonephric duct which pass along the anterior aspect of the vaginal canal so this cysts
are situated on the anterior vaginal wall and anterior vaginal canal usually these cysts
are small and asymptomatic and they dont cause any symptoms like dyspareunia or discharge
mOST of the times they dont cause any symtoms and they are small they are found incidentally
during the pelvic examination and we dont worry about these cysts because they can be
followed conservatively and if the patient becomes symptomatic then we opt for excision
but remember this is only for symptomatic patients Most of the times we follow them
conservatively ok now proceed forward and look about Inclusion cysts these are the cysts
these are the most common vaginal cysts and they are situated on the posterior lower vaginal
surface these cysts result from birth trauma or previous gynaecological surgeries as the
name suggesst these are the inclusion cyst i.e blockage of the duct due to some trauma
some surgery and the secretions remain there and forms inclusion cysts these are also most
of the times asymptomatic and conservatively managed Ok Bartholin’s duct cysts this is
very important because these are the large cysts of the vulva these are most common cysts
of the vulva Bartholin duct open into a groove between
the hymen and labia minora acturally what happens Bartholins duct get blocked due to
microorganisms proliferation the bartholins duct gets blocked and the secretion of bartholin
gland which are normally useful for coitus they make the vaginal wall moisty and it makes
easy for intercourse and when their duct becomes blocked their secretion cannot pour out and
they form a cyst and marsupialisation is its treatment
What do we mean by marsupialisation it is a procedure in which the cyst is incised
and its edges are stitched with the normal skin because if we dont do marsupialisation
then again recurrence rate is higher so we opt for marsupialisation
Lipomas these are benign encapsulated tumors of fat
cells they are mostly found in labia majora and are superficial in location
they are just the tumors of fat cellsand if we donot remove it doesnot cause any problem
the conversion of lipomas into sarcomas and carcinomas is rare and we donot need to worry
about it until their are some symptoms due to its mass effect
if it causes dyspareunia or any other symptoms, we will go for excision otherwise its fine
Hematomas of the vulva These are due to blunt trauma or straddle
injury and sometimes these hematomas can occur without injuries and are known as spontaneous
hematomas they are due to result of rupture of varicose
vein in pregnancy or the postpartum period Rupture of varicose vein in pregnancy or the
postpartum period ok these were the diffrential diagnosis of
the vaginal cysts and swellings Hope you have understood it and now you can
diffrentiate between gartners duct cyst bartholin duct cyst inclusio cyst Lipomas and Hematomas
their location differs gartners duct cysts are mostly found on the
anterior vaginal wall Bartholin duct cysts are found between the hymen and labia minora
inclusion cysts on the posterior vaginal wall and Lipomas are superficia cysts they are
made up of fats and hematomas are due to injuries and sometimes spontaneous rupture in the case
of varicose vein or in the pregnancy ok
Thanks for watching my video and subscribe to my channel and please do comment if you
want any other videos or if you have any different views regarding these vaginal cysts Please
comment in the box below Ok
thanks again

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