Using Retin A, Anti Aging or Acne Products? You need Ceramides in Skin Care

Are you using Retin-A or Retinol-based anti-aging
products to fight fine line and wrinkles? Or how ’bout Acne? Are you using Acne products to dry out those
breakouts and pimples? Maybe now you have sensitive skin from using
those products or maybe you just plain have sensitive skin, you have Rosacea, Eczema,
or Psoriasis. Well you may need Ceramides in your skincare
to replace what these products are depleting. And as always, sources and product descriptions
will be in the-… Let’s try it again. And as always, sources and product links will
be in the description below. Hey there, I’m Christy and I’m the owner of
Go See Christy Beauty Boutique, and I have been treating clients with hyperpigmentation,
Acne, fighting fine lines and wrinkles for over ten years, and today we’re going to be
talking about “Ceramides in Skincare”… and why you need them! Oh! And don’t forget to listen for the PRO TIP! First we’re going to talk about why Ceramides
are important to your skin. So, first of all we’re going to talk about
the Stratum Corneum. The Stratum Corneum is the out-most layer
of your skin and it is very, very thin. It is actually one-tenth of the thickness
of this piece of paper here; so one-tenth of this. So it’s actually very, very thin. But the Stratum Corneum is actually really,
really important to the function of the skin ’cause it’s-, it not only serves as a protective
barrier from the external environments, from, you know, pollutants, and chemicals, and just
products that we’re using, it also regulates the Electrolytes and the moisture from the
external environments and to protect the internal part of our bodies. So it’s also really important because it actually
makes up seventy-five percent of the Stratum Corneum. So when you start to use products, or when
your skin is exposed to harsh ingredients, and you strip away the Ceramides, now we start
getting in to some inflammation, we can get in to dehydration, which then for even further
long-term moisture loss, can lead to thinning of the skin and fine lines and wrinkles. So WHY does your skin need the Lipids to hold
the moisture in? Well, we’re going to go back to our brick
wall illustration right over here. So if you can picture the brick wall, those
are the bricks, those are your Corneocytes. And then the cement that holds those Corneocytes
together, that is called the Inter-cellular Cement. So the spaces in between the brick, that is
where the Ceramides are, ‘kay? So Ceramides, Fatty Acids, and Cholesterol. So there’s, like, that, that mortar. And it actually is a-, it keeps the moisture
in; so the moisture permeability of the skin. So Lipid Synthethi-, Syn-, SYNTHESIS… Can we-… Okay, go ahead! So Lipid Synthesis happens in the Keratinocytes
in all layers of the Epidermis. So when you remove the barrier function of
the Fatty Acids through cleansers, AHA-based products, Glycolic acid peels, or any type
of acid peels, Microdermabrasion, the use of Retin-A or Retinoids, any type of thing
that’s going to strip that, what happens is it actually stimulates your skin to make more
Fatty Acids to remove-, or to REPLACE the Fatty Acids that have been removed. So Ceramides are very important, and so what
they do is they regulate Lipid function in the cell membranes. And regulate cell death, otherwise known as
“Apoptosis”. There are NINE different types of Ceramides
in the Stratum Corneum and it actually makes up fifty percent of the Stratum Corneum. Now before we get in to what specific Ceramides
are best for different types of skin conditions, I would LOVE it if you go ahead and hit that
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helpful, and, to support our channel! So, on with the next thing. There are THREE different Fatty Lipids that
you need to have in correct proportion in order to have the proper skin barrier and
skin recovery. And that is Cholesterol, Ceramides, and Fatty
Acids. Now this allows your skin to be able to retain
its own moisture. This also helps your skin protect itself from
UV rays, chemicals, as well as the environment. And, of course, bacteria. So whether your skin’s precious Ceramides
are being depleted by using anti-aging products, over-washing your skin — that a lot of people
who have oily skin and Acne skin types tend to do — or, just using a lot of Retinoid-based
products, whatever it may be, you need to REPLENISH those Ceramides for your skin to
be able to protect itself. Because this is what happens: When you deplete
your skin’s own Ceramide, your skin starts to dry and hard, and that’s why they, you
know, start to crack open, but over time they develop fine lines and wrinkles that may not
even be related to UV damage. Here comes the PRO TIP! Right up here. So, the PRO TIP is: Use a Ceramide-supplemented
serum, because they are the most concentrated, up to two times a day, especially when your
skin is depleted of Ceramides. And, once again, the way that you can know
is if you are using Retin-A, Retinoids, anything that is exfoliating your skin at a very quick
rate, and your skin looks really shiny, looks a little thin, and it’s dry and flaky, that
means your skin may be depleted of Ceramides. So make sure that you get a Ceramide-supplemented
serum that you can use up to two times a day. This is going to help supplement and RESTORE
the skin’s own NMF — the Natural Moisturizing Factor. So this is going to help sun-damaged skin,
Acne skin, people who have Rosacea, as well as dry, irritated, over-sensitized skin. So specifically, serums that contain Ceramides
1 and 3, those are actually specifically good for people who have Psoriasis or people who
have dry, flaky, irritated skin. It helps restore its own moisture barrier. So according to an article by Dr. Heather
Brannon titled, “Ceramides: Skin Lipids that Keep the Skin Moisturized”, people who have
Eczema have marketedly lower Ceramides in their Stratum Corneum. In which case, so people who have Psoriasis
actually have the same number of Ceramides with people who have normal skin. But Psoriasis sufferers have LESS Ceramide
1, 3, 4, and a subset of 5 and 6. But they have MORE of Ceramide 2. So I’m going to suggest some products that
can help those of you who are suffering from Eczema, or Psoriasis, who have Rosacea, you
have a-, you may have a compromised Lipid barrier, so we’re going to talk about some
products that can help you restore some of those Ceramides. So the product descriptions and the links
will be in the description below, so go ahead and click on that, but one of them is the
CeraVe Gel Oil. Now this does have Retinol in it, and it sells
for $15.99, however, so for those of you who have sensitive skin, or you’re already using
a Retin-A or Retinoid-based product, I DON’T recommend this for your skin type. They do have the, the whole array of Ceramides
enriched in this product. So we do have another alternative product
that I’m going to talk about. Now the other one is GREAT for those of who
you have Eczema and those of you who have sensitive skin, it has ALL the Ceramides that
you need, and it’s actually ranked a little bit higher on the ingredients list, and that’s
called Reinforce, and that is from I Love Skin Inc., and so I will put a link on that,
too. I have the link on there for Amazon, it’s
sold by the same company, but I actually went on their website and they’re actually selling
it for HALF of what Amazon is selling it for. So I will also go ahead and put a link for
that as well. And I hope you’ll understand better why you
actually need the Ceramides. So in the Beauty Industry, even though they
keep focusing on anti-aging products, anti-aging products, where a lot of it speeds up the
skin cell turnover rate, if you don’t balance that out by helping your skin have moisture,
retain its own Ceramides and Fatty Acids, and you throw that balance off, then you’re
actually aging your skin — or you CAN age your skin — quicker. So you do have to have that balance there. So remember, once again: Make-up is an ART,
and skincare is a SCIENCE. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in our
next video.

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