Who does not know the slug the sweetheart of your grandmother of your mother great for making various recipes because the slug is very she nourishes the skin a lot she moisturizes A lot and there is in your in your backyard that is so easy people take the seedling plant my barbosa so wonderful but some people talk or I can not use barbosa she pinches my face gives me an allergy Clear friend because You know the hopscotch she has there. aloe, this is it toxic is what she does she can have up to one bermuda tite on your skin so have to be very careful you have to know how to use the slug and today I’m going to teach you a little recipe and I’ll tell you how you should use it and you’ll be very Enchanted are we going to pick up a little piece of water. What do you do? Take off, you see, she’s going out a lot of that yellow goo goo shaq, I’m alive, people live is always more complicated, right? but we will take this Her gelzinho here is strip all the caste and you have to put in a water because in the water can take away that little yellow thing that causes allergy in your skin is there that is not good you have to take it ok, so I took it all here then I got the gel zinho ta oil and I put in the water that there I give a little shot well this little hopscotch here O Shoot well, there’s a wash in it to take away the yellow pns. Go get the towel. Live is always great after being cleaned everything she oh you will put it on the right plate O and we go hamas to thá People are you already subscribed to channel I I wanted to ask you to write to me. follow the recipe I had I always do the retinas and that usually live is good ó so I’m going to teach a lot of little things I want you to stay until the end, you can follow me after you is but the good there that recipe had let’s suppose you want to make an anti-wrinkle cream Beauty What will you wear here for anti wrinkle cream we’re going to need an oil can be or oil of almonds or castor oil what if today this is castor oil you know that fruit for the money that has that fruit is also wonderful for meditation hydration is very good it’s skin even she takes if you catch her pure pass on the heel she pulls her feet I’m going to get this one today, what are you going to do? there in your mix and if you have a little acne too, it’s going to be wonderful for your skin usually who has acne and I advise to use honey that honey eliete bactericide antifungal is not it wonderful then you take a little bit of honey Come on, the douro alive in us is like a spoon or something. and you take and you go to the dough again give a little stir and in it to mix the ingredients what can you do You’re giving the plate to me. You can see the plate. so, but what’s up there? O It’s a goo. wherever you always do the allergy test and if it applies anything is in the loves ó It took a shit to see you there. This baba is wonderful, people are very good, even you can go there at night. Before you sleep, take that baby sitter. passes on your face Pass is on your lap in your neck Girls do not stop caring for you because a lot of people were forgetting to take care of the neck, you see, she formed that drool you’re going to leave it here on your skin about an hour You’re better off, china. when you wash your hand or your face will stay impressed with what happened satellite was wonderful now we’re going to teach a recipe Then there’s hair, and you’re going to get it. barbosa the way I did there in the beginning is going to take the beautiful there you can add the oil of almonds he is very good for those who have hair elastic damaged by ozu blend there a spoon and for those who have fine hair You can also put the castor oil like that I do I take a spoon of capillary mask and I mend it with that goss of mine with it’s a From these eyes I leave my hair for about 40 minutes to an hour It’s after I’ve washed my hair and washed my hair. Hydrate then rinse your hair, it’s wonderful, it’s very good, it’s remembering that all the products that you do in the face always you have to use a solar filter, spent even with sunscreen I like sunscreen dear, made the home good, okay? so we kind of spend money on so much crap people because they do not buy a good sunscreen, right? the two that I really like that I’m using now is roque that is johnson johnson is 60 he already comes with a base would be today I spent here gives impression that I passed base on the face and is the sunscreen est and this one here the dallara chen 50 also like a lot So abuse the sunscreen. whose skin does not sleep with makeup girls because makeup greatly damages the skin care with expired makeup that ages the skin good I like this tip, my loves leave me alone if I deserve a kiss in your heart. until the next video such

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