Two Mighty Pilar Cysts!

Make sure we are never hurting you okay? okay. Make sure we’re not hurting you again, okay? Last time she had the double That was kind of a cute one like a little twin-sie Same sort of thing I’m going to kind of just be pulling on you to loosen this area up here Let’s see if I can’t push that out here Pushing against you Pretty one! Sorry, here I’m pulling on you a little bit. You alright? Yes Just in case that’s anything, let’s take that off and just because she had twin-sie before, let me just double check Okay, good. okay just a little stitch there We’re done? Mhmm And then you have.. she has one on the.. she has a couple stitches on top I think she’s taking out today Two stitches in each of these Who is your hairstylist? And we can just say their first name It’s Preston. Preston! So we’re gonna give him a shoutout here because he was the one who spotted these on you and he’s in Glendale? Yeah Glendora? Glendale Okay He actually wanted to come today Oh, he did? He got booked for like a music video oh, well that comes first Yeah Well that’s far! I thought you said Glendora at first That’s further. I always get the two confused. and I think I said that to you last time Yeah Right? I always do. Can you put more gauze under there just in case? Okay. Now I’m going to have you lean more forward again there we go that will be better here hmm… that [inaudible] might need a, um, a, like, pivot on top How long have you been with Preston there? I’ve known him since kinder actually. Oh.. you went to school together you mean? kinder? yeah So we’ve been friends… That’s a long time! He’s been doing my hair for a few years now I can see it’s kind of flat under there Let’s see if it will squeeze out or not a little bit of a leak, a little bit of a break in it and it’s oozing out, but we can still pull the whole thing out there here we go That one is out now, too Let me just double check again Did he ask you all about the first one, when you had it done? Yeah because you haven’t seen him yet, right? yeah i saw him, we went to dinner he said, “Oh my god, it looks amazing” did i show it, did i show it to you? we didn’t post it yet, did we? No Just a little bit of it? I know my brother, he was looking I don’t think we posted it yet I think we just got it prepared to post But usually it takes actually about a month for us to kinda get one out Oh really? because we’re backed up we have a lot sometimes we book like… sometimes we tape five things in a day Sometimes we tape nothing, you know? on the weekends we tape nothing so we have to try to bank them a little bit so that you guys can consistently see something everyday everyone needs their fix and well, he’ll be so pleased to hear his name feels gone It’s ’cause have little ones next to it too Yeah! I think you’re going to be zapped again. I’m just growing them do you want to see them? yeah I’m gonna come over to the front here So the first one is this one That was the one from the side, yeah. see… it’s not even open yet I can cut into it and you can see what is inside there The other one, we kind of squeezed it and it opened up see there’s the stuff on the inside so what is it? It’s skin. skin or puss? No, just skin. There’s no puss. Yeah it’s not infected or anything. this is… i squeezed it and it popped out some of it popped out, and here it is see? oh that’s weird. yeah, it was more like a smashed one, it was flattened right there, because of the scalp pushed it down smushed it down. There you go, one and two. say “bye bye!” That one we will call “Preston”

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