Two Male Drs. Staffers Try Facial Masks for the First Time!

– Erica, you motivated us to put this one to the test with a
couple of really, really manly men who are on
staff here at The Doctors. They volunteered to do this. We did not force this upon them. Welcome Brian and Shane to the show. – We enlisted our two resident
tough guys to see exactly how tough, that’s pretty tough. (audience cheers) – Is this about a facial
mask, or what? (laughs) – Are those, is that really
the way you guys look? Damn. (all laugh) – [Nita] Let’s stay
focused, let’s stay focused. – Wait till they do the facial mask. Guys, have you ever done
one of these before? – I’ve had a few facials in my day but nothing like childbirth type pain, so. – Okay, so I have to ask, any nerves? – Yeah, I’m nervous, this
is my first facial mask so that looked kind of scary. (audience laughs) – I’m a little nervous after her reaction, yes I have to say. – Any chance, guys,
manly men that you are, any chance this gonna
hurt you a little bit? Or are you too tough for that? – I’m gonna tell the
truth but I have a feeling I’m gonna be too tough
for that, so we’ll see. – I’m sure it’s not as bad as she says. – I don’t know about him though. I’m a little worried about him. – I’m sure it’s fine. – Get going guys, ’cause
it’s one of those things. – The pressure is on. – It takes some time for
the mask to do its thing. Again, we want to be very
careful in saying that. – Do we have all the ingredients on this so-called black mask? – One thing I should say is
these guys actually tested a little bit before. We always says test something
on a small piece of skin before so these guys did that so that we knew they
wouldn’t have a bad reaction. That’s always very important. – [Dr. Ordon] Make it nice
and thick now, come on. (audience laughs) – It’s so obvious they’ve done, well. In fairness, Brian looks like he has. With Shane it’s so obvious
that he’s never done this. – [Dr. Ordon] Brian, you do
this everyday, don’t you? Fess up. – [Nita] I mean, you’re a pro at this. – So far, so good. – He’s very particular
about how he gets it on. Go Brian. – Shane, what are you doing? – This isn’t how you do it? – [Nita] We’re betting left and the best. – [Travis] It’s supposed to be a mask. – [Nita] Come on, Shane, keep up, keep up. – [Dr. Ordon] The whole face. – [Travis] We could
probably take 45 minutes just watching them put this on. – [Dr. Ordon] There you go. – [Nita] He’s getting
better, he’s getting better. – It does highlight though,
how there’s a method to this. – I think Brian could have another career. Look how well he’s doing that. – [Dr. Ordon] What do you
say we have Brian finish and he can do Shane too? – Okay, you guys finish, we
may have you work together to get this thing on appropriately. We’re gonna let that do
whatever it’s supposed to do. – [Dr. Ordon] Shane, cover the whole face. – Okay, I’m getting
there, I’m getting there. – No you’re not. (laughs) – Cut him some slack,
Drew, cut him some slack. – You ever put that on him
in the middle of the show I’m sure it’s a little nerve racking so we’ll let them do what
they’re going to do back there and those results will be
revealed later in the show.

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