Two Lipomas! Popped from the Arm with Dr. Pimple Popper

again if anything hurts you let me know a little squeeze here okay squeeze in your hand squeezing here okay you’re doing great okay no problem no problems at all you had a little one right here popped right out Yeah, wasn’t too bad, was it? -it was horrible -it was horrible? I want to try not to take out normal fat because you don’t want to have an indent there, you know, but you want to take it all out so let me put a little stich under there It’s Friday, I’m so happy about that long week You okay? -yeah You felt something? oh you were just say agreeing with me
yes ok yeah this isn’t thank goodness for
numbing stuff He’s like an active guy I’m gonna put another one in there just in case yeah you commute with your husband right now huh Christy I saw him drop you off huh that’s so he just like really literally
next door doesn’t he never comes over here for lunch when you have a drug
lunch or something oh because we have to go home to feed my son
oh oh you both run home How far is that? Christy: “About 20 minutes so I’m home about 10 minutes at the most” what you gotta stop doing that it isn’t right I do the top stitches here so you get I think he relaxes after I pop them out
so just do that first and get out of the way Patient: “Am I intense?” no you know you’re not I but I just know you don’t love the idea that’s all ok don’t worry you’re very
you’re fine you’re doing great everything looks really good and here it
is easy you’re making it very easy on us and everything I’m just trying to make sure you’re
comfortable get squeezed and squeezed up he had a bit so that won’t squirt on us Patient: “I heard that come out” You did? You heard that one It’s still in there a little bit oh you’ve heard that one too He says he has three more Valerie: “Maybe you get a turn next time Christy” Yeah I gave Valerie the chance to squeeze it, she got to squeeze that one You were born here? oh yeah ok Do you have any brothers or sisters? Patient: “I have a sister” Oh you do? Does she live like with you or close by parents? Patient: “Yeah she lives at my mom’s. Will I be sore tomorrow?” uh-huh I mean if you rub the areas you
may be but nothing that you know you can still fully function I mean I would say
you just don’t want to do anything that’s going to be banging up on these
or something you know what I mean I think it’s just like sore as if what
would you guys say sore as if like you had a scratcher it’s not bad I don’t know how to describe it careful
that I call okay Patient: “I was expecting it to be a lot worse” Dr. Lee: “You were?” Valerie: “You’ll be more like achy” as if we know, right? we only like what if we all know but
yeah I would think so we’ve all had it done before Patient: “It can’t be worse than when I broke my leg” oh my god no that’s way worse this is
not like breaking a leg You better not tell people it’s like that not just like breaking your leg no no I mean people don’t complain about
I don’t think that people even necessarily need anything to take you can take Tylenol if you want to but I wouldn’t I don’t think a lot of people even have to take that Let me make sure that end part is closing Let me just tighten the inside here just in case sometimes the edge I keep it short so
Put one stitch here and we’ll still see you in like two weeks to take these stitches out there’e one we’re almost done probably two more minutes here and we’re done move that over to the other side here you gotta grab it yourself stupid black
can’t see anything gotta grab it Hold on let me see. Let go of that again, let me do that again I don’t
think it’d take a bite out of that there we go ok yeah all right so you have like a little bow
on both of these ok like a little blue bow of stitch and you just want to keep
it in place with a little band-aid so it doesn’t get snagged on anything for the
next two weeks until we see you again this drape is annoying me too and then we’ll take it out so don’t cut this like cut it right there leave a little bit there you go thank you Let me just clean it off a little more there
I will show you your little friend that
you took out all right before you throw away a suture don’t throw it away yet okay
I’m gonna put a stitch on this one too I think he’s real active and he may pull on them It wants to pull right there, it’s very thin If I put one here it will help it to stay tight you know what trim that one actually a
little bit more this is the one lower on your body on
your yeah it’s like its own one little contained little fat ball and this is that one up higher the one
that was like on your forearm they just got pushed sideways she
popped it up that way and I felt it still underneath there. Whoop, it’s stuck to me so you just I had little bumps? Yeah If I cut through it it’s just a piece of fat really It’s all fat. It’s pretty.

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