If you’ve tried everything to get your breakouts to stop with no success then this video is so,so, for you! Just because a product is labeled that it works for acne breakouts, doesn’t mean that it does! So, we’re going to talk about what does work and we’re going to talk about what does not work in this video. Well hey there! I am Chris Gibson, and this is Chris Gibson Live and there is a reason why that I am known as the hardest-working guy in skin care! And I can tell you as an acne sufferer in my teens into my early adulthood, I know what I’m talking about it comes to this problem! I wrote a book on the subject that sold over a million copies… of course I know what to tell you to do about this problem! One of the things that used to drive me just nuts when I was struggling with my acne problem was the products being useless to me. I mean I tried everything! I tried everything, I tried what my dermatologist told me to use, but I also tried everything over-the-counter. I would do anything to clear up my skin because acne was such a big big problem for me. It was such a self-esteem crusher for me that I was willing to spend any amount of money on any product. I have a drawer that I laughingly talk about as the drawer of no return or the drawer of skincare no return, where I just tossed out everything that didn’t work. I don’t even like to think about how much money I wasted on that, but today I’m gonna tell you what doesn’t work and why it doesn’t work and I’m gonna tell you what does work what will work for you so that you have a way to address the problem once and for all. And, if you stay with me on the video, at the end I’m going to give you access to a FREE guide that’s going to help you do this so the video is going to be very very helpful but I’m also going to give you the guide for this. So, let’s talk about products and why they don’t work well. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the products that are on the market today for acne, when you look at the ingredients, they are exactly the same ingredients that were around in the 1980s! Which the 80s and the 90s is when I suffered with my skin problems. Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, which was known as Pesagel back in the day and was a prescription, actually all of those particular acne products, they don’t really help in the long run. What happens is people use them and then they begin to dry out their skin so they see a little bit of an improvement in their acne problem but then all of a sudden they’re getting bigger or worse or deeper breakouts. And that’s because these products dry the skin out and leave a layer of dried skin which traps more oil and dirt and bacteria which leads to more breakouts. So that’s what I talked about, it doesn’t really matter if a product has an infomercial, it really doesn’t matter if a product says “acne” on it or even has acne in the name. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the ingredients. And I can tell you one of the things I did was change my products but I’m gonna get to that in a minute. So the reason they don’t work well is because there haven’t been any really new breakthroughs in the skincare arena when it comes to actually clearing up surface acne on the skin and we could talk about accutane and the deeper acne vulgaris which is what I had in those days but even that didn’t work for me. So, what did work for me, is a system that I’m gonna give you in the video and we’re going to talk about that. So what doesn’t work for you, if you’re watching this video, is a product so you wouldn’t be watching this if you hadn’t tried a product and it worked. So let’s talk about the other reason they don’t work is because they’re based on myths about acne and the myths are sstill so prevalent! I’ve done myth buster after myth buster TV show, for this problem and it’s still prevalent out there I still hear about the same one so let’s go through these really quickly. Acne is not caused by dirt, it is not caused by oily skin, it is not caused by chocolate, or soft drinks per se. Okay, it is not caused by those things. Acne is caused because there is a bacteria that every human being on the planet has on their skin. and, it’s an bacteria that feeds off the human oil that we produce. So, in some individuals like myself and perhaps like you or someone in your family or someone you know their body is ultra sensitive to this bacteria and what happens is the bacteria gets down in the pore begins to digest the human oil that we produce and it creates an infection. That bacterial growth is an infection in the pore, thus we have the breakout or the pimple or the zit or whatever you want to call it or more importantly the acne vulgaris which is deeper which causes scarring. Which is one of the things that is my goal and all of this work is to get you healthy and clear up your skin is to keep you from having acne scars. So that’s the really big deal so the myths stand in the way because we believe them on a conscious and a subconscious level and we’re marketed to by these giant pharmaceutical and advertising companies we won’t mention any names I’m kind of “Pro” uh-huh they’re a “pro” “pro” at it but they market this stuff to us and we believe it. Now, there are some individuals that have blockages that create acne that are just very surface based and very based on the fact that their their pores are blocked and that’s all they have going on they have no sensitivity or any other stuff going on. I’m going to talk about it’s just they need a good exfoliation routine and had they done that they wouldn’t have to spend money month after month for products to do that for them. So that’s the people that get some relief out of those of us who go and spend all the money and invest in this stuff. We go to the dermatologist, we take all these antibiotics which I’m gonna talk about that in a minute, which leads to more problems. We don’t get the relief we seek or we pay for. What we get is some temporary cessation and then we get worse breakouts that are deeper and the deeper breakouts cause scarring so we’re gonna put a stop to that. So the myths are it’s caused by dirt, it’s caused by oily skin, it’s not. It’s hereditary it’s not. You may be ultra sensitive but that’s not what causes acne. It has everything to do with your sensitivity to the acne bacteria that’s on your skin and what’s going on in your pores so here’s where it gets fun and I talked about what to do we’re gonna go on a food vacation. We’re gonna take out dairy, altered dairy. Especially sugar okay. We would take that out of the diet. Not chocolate. You’re gonna have sugar free chocolate but we’re gonna take out the things that increase the oil production in the body. which then gives the bacteria something to feed on. So a food vacation is the very first thing that we want to do we want to take out that altered dairy products we want to take out hydrogenated oils we want to take out sugar all of those things, and eat leafy greens, lean meats, much like the Mediterranean diet. We want to clean up our diet. We want to do that for a week and see what results we get. The other thing that you want to do is you’re gonna change out your skin care products. You’ve got to look at the products you’re using make sure they don’t have salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, mineral oil, sulfates, sulfides, urea. Any of those things that I just listed are gonna be in the skincare label you don’t want to put that on your skin. It’s over drying and very irritating. You want to use sorbitol or glycerin or organic oil-based products you know a my Clear Revolution Skincare line that’s based on this. I don’t care if you use mine or someone else’s. What’s important is that you use products that don’t add to the problem. That they don’t create extra dry skin. They don’t block more pores and they don’t put poison on your skin to make things worse. So product use is huge in this. The next thing that I did that helped clear up my acne was my skin care routine. It’s very simple, it’s Chris’s skincare routine basics… it is exfoliate, cleanse, treat, and moisturize, and let me talk about cleansing again with a cleanser that’s not full of that. We just went over exfoliation. it’s very important using a buff puff sponge or some sort of scrub two or three times a week to get that dead skin that’s built up on the surface layer of your skin to be removed so that your pores can breathe and can drain properly and let oil build up in bacteria very very super important and I’m gonna put some links in the video description box for these things that I’m talking about like face wash and exfoliation tools and all those I’ll I’ll put a link in there for you in them in the box the other thing that’s super important is moisturize you’ve gotta moisturize your skin because once you clean it your body’s gonna try to produce more oil to replace the oil you just remember most rising with a good moisturizer like what I talked about that is you know botanically based borage oil, sage and citrus. some sort of like moisturizers gonna keep the skin moisturised hydrated and it won’t produce as much oil and what I’ll it does produce will be produced on top of the moisturizer you’re using and therefore will be out of the poor and on the surface of the skin so very important to moisturize so what you want to do to treat the bumps you currently have is a tea tree oil or Melaleuca oil which is what it’s known by 100% solution find that again a link in the video description box if you don’t know where to find those and cortisone cream is also very very helpful to reduce the swelling of a current pimple or a bump or a breakout just lightly use that well that will actually make a big big difference for more on that you can see that in the video on my top four treatments to stop acting those tracks and the most important thing I want to share with you today is it takes a lot of courage to address your skincare problems and all these tips that I’m giving you right now are going to make a huge huge difference for you and for sticking with me to the entire video I also want to give you access to a guide that people pay for on Chris Gibson for free for staying with me and learning about this stuff so you can do something about your skin and make yourself feel good because that’s what my channel is about it’s about looking good feeling good and living good please grab the guide by all means it’s yours it’s free you just go to the link click it and there’s a button you don’t have to wait for it to show up in your email box do you have to do any of that stuff now there are two more videos right here that I want you to watch that are coming up and the one is on how to stop acne in its tracks it’s my biggest skincare hack of all and the other one is four things you can do to stop a breakout right away to actually have the breakout diminish where you can go out for your date or go out and do whatever you have to do and participate without worrying about a pimple or a breakout getting worse so really really super popular video I would like for you to watch her right here and I will see you in the next videos

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