Trippie Redd “Love Scars” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

When the pussy feels like macaroni and cheese. They played this fucking sample from Super
Metroid and that shit was fire. So, they put the beat behind it or whatever. I ended up making two songs. It was like the song that started off as two songs. It was “Long Way Home from Mars/Love Scars”. But then I just split ’em apart and made
it “Love Scars” its own song. But I recorded it in the dark. I didn’t have no pen, no pad. I was in the dark in the whole opposite room. It was cold as fuck. Nobody was watching me and shit, so I got
really into character and made this shit. That’s where we grew up on. We grew up on 14th St. You feel me? So they call me Lil’ 14. That’s where I grew up at. My granny still stays there to this day. I feel like it’s at the breaking point of
a relationship. Like, where the fuck are we at? Why did this come about? You used to say you were in love. I used to say that shit back. You got me going out bad! You did some shit that just got me like, “Damn!” It just got me going. All the homies see this shit. What the fuck going on? You know? It be some little shorties trying to be like
little hoes or whatever. Trying to get money out of me. But, no. Don’t nobody get no fucking money out of me. I did play sports. I played fucking football and basketball. Football, mostly, though. I was fucking corner and safety. Running back. You playing too many games shorty. Like, why you on that shit? You know what I’m saying? Why are you playing games with me? This ain’t no fucking scrimmage, nor is it
a game. This is not the Finals, bitch. Aye, man. Shout out my bloody, my whoadie. Shout out my bousins. Aye, man. Say, man. What it look like? You know what I’m saying? I ain’t here to talk about gangs and shit. I’m here to talk about this music shit. These bitches be trifling, bro. They be stinking and they be having shit wrong
with them. And that shit is not going. That’s the dirtiest shit ever. I choose to call my anger issues the devil,
’cause it is. And I try to keep that from happening. You know what I’m saying? But, shit. I made this song so y’all can vibe to it and
realize it yourself. Don’t play yourself. Don’t chase no hoes. Don’t chase no bitch. If she don’t want you, she don’t want you. I drink Hennessy straight. But I mean, I tried it with lemonade once. It wasn’t even that good, but it was a good
bar, you know what I’m saying?

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