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Hi guys, Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. Well today the reason I have this outstanding outfit is that I had just take part in my friend’s wedding party. Before removing the make up, I would like to make a video of which I will share how I self-treated my acne. 🙂 For those who is closed to me, they all know that I had such a long time get along with acne. For those who just know me by this video, I would like to share that I have almost 7 years living with acne on face. And during that time, I tried all method considered to treat acne , but the situation was not improved. I was totally frustrated.:(((( But now those who have not met me for long time often have a same question for me that : “ wow, you look wonderful now. How did you get rid of those hated acne? Did you ask for help from hospital or beauty care center? And my answer is all same. “I found the solution for myself by experience those ……. days” And I need to say that because this is my personal experience, I don’t commit that it works for all cases. Ok lets go. The 1st method is: detox The 1st method is: detox The first detox method is liver flush The first detox method is liver flush which uses olive oil and lemon juice Before implementation, I spend 3 days for cleaning digestion system. This step ensures my liver flush work smoothly. On the 4th day, I ate nothing, only have a cup of fruit juice in the morning and water in the afternoon. In the evening, before going to sleep, I have a mix of 120ml of olive and 120ml lemon juice. After that, I lay on the right side, in 20 mins. Then I go to sleep as normal. The next day waking up, I go for an enema in the morning after drinking a mixture of sea saltwater and lemon juice. And this is what I …. poo poo As you can see. This is only a part of what I poo The “poo” is huge amount with size from sesame seed to small stone. Depend on each people, the eliminated toxic is different. Someone have green, the other is yellow, even red waste. This method I known by a facebook user name: Bich Ha Tran and you can follow her facbook or health care blog for more information. When I access this method, it still has argument. I myself follow this method for 3 years and did not have any health problem. However, if you are following the traditional treatments, this method will not suit for you. If you want to take this, you need to search information carefully. Candida detox The 2nd detox method is Candida detox which uses coconut oil. Coconut oil is a natural substance which kills yeast and bacteria. However, using coconut is not simple And it also depend on individual health. I can drink it but it take a long time. When coconut oil works, it makes us getting tired. Some symptoms are abdomen ache, vomit. It was such a hard time when I eliminated. aying like that, but this method is not dangerous to your lives. So, Provided that you search information carefully before carrying out, it will be OK. The 3rd method is: Lymphatic system detox This is main method of Indian Ayurveda This is an ancient Indian medical system which high estimate self cure of the body. And the lipid I used was: GHEE. It is a liquid which is distilled from butter. Then I use this GHEE liquid together with others kinds of Indian herbal to get a final liquid by distillation way. This method is quite comfortable in compare with 2 methods above. you eat fruits and vegetables daily. And to have better result, you should also take food processed with GHEE In addition with eating, you should also have massage and sauna with essential oil and herbal. Remember to relax with yoga and meditation music. The final step is elimination. Those are 3 detox methods I applied on my acne treatment. The 4th is In this method, I minimize carbohydrate. The time I suffered from serious acne, I ate much carbohydrate, affinated sugar, animal milk. Those food causes an imbalance in my hormone which is the root of face hormonal acne. That time, It was too hard for me to cut down carbohydrate in eating diet. But now, I can control the input amount of carbohydrate in to my body. Then I move to another more comprehensive method. Eat clean I say no with fast food, refined food, affinated sugar, gas drinks, and minimize eating animal meat. Alcohol some time I take it depence on my mood. :))) . The 5th method I apply is “peace of mind”There is a fact that the time I have acne is also the time I suffered from spirit crisis. I have many trouble in my life. All problems come to me at the same time. Those things make me stressed, and go to sleep too late at night. This also is a part which cause my acne status seriously. However, as you can see, I am now “peaceful” than the past. I don’t let those troubles affect badly to my life. I appreciate what I have, every moment in my life. And we come to my last method: Skin care. My skin care routine now is very simple and my skin is satisfied with that. Those are all method I apply include: internal and external caring. Please believe that acne is not a terrible thing but actually it is a signal from out body and you need to listen and modify to have feedback to that signal.

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