Treatment of hidden acne, blackheads effectively. At Hien Van Spa – lesson 245

This is a hidden acne For a hidden acne like this, Hien take one time and is completely clean for areas with acne hidden like this, Hien take once completely clean This is hidden acne head black This is hidden acne head black , Hien take once completely clean But besides that, it also has inflammatory acne you see not next to the acne hidden there will be inflammatory acne And seriously we have to take them out When fully removed, the baby’s skin will not be dark and leave scars Must remove all cae acne inside Hien still often says that the most important thing when taking acne is the technique How to let customers’ skin limit damage And after we have finished, we must make sure the skin of the customer when going home will not be swollen, red or spreading inflammatory acne often you take the customer’s skin or inflammation spreads around If you know how to take it, even if the acne inside is not gone, it still won’t spread around When finished, we should combine with high-tech machine High-tech machine helps us fight inflammation, spread acne and reduce redness For a hidden acne like this, Hien take one time and is completely clean For inflammatory acne we have to take a few times Take slowly to make sure the area of acne is not hurt and leaves no dark spots or pitted scars No dark spots or scars Hien took it not hurt much it was only slightly pink It will only pinkish a little later and it will be gone Most importantly we must avoid hurting the skin These are two pimple, and here they have two it is collapsed and in this area it is cyst Can you see it shot? It is still inside Later, Hien will use a high-tech supportive device so that his skin does not swell, acne will not spread It doesn’t look inflamed but the acne is really big inside very big This is an inflammatory acne And this is hidden acne, Hien will take hidden acne first What do you guys take It shoots on Hien’s face, guys😂😂 Hien took it without swelling and redness acne is very hard, Hien will use the needle to help open the acne otherwise it won’t out it has a little bit inside Today, Hien take big pimple His chin area is full of acne it is very much for acne like this one If your skin is really acne-like like this, Hien will clean once about 80-90% just need twice to be completely clean 80% clean once because this acne is not inflamed acne when we have acne we should not touch it, it will inflame it very big We are going to the nose This is the part between the eyes that most of us can’t take often it will be calloused This is Hien take his acne very much Thank you for watching and supporting Hien💕💕💕💕

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