Travel To India: Turmeric Face Mask AKA Haldi Ubtan

When I told people I was coming to India,
the most popular ingredient that was suggested was TURMERIC, and Akanksha Bhardwaj (Facebook)
suggested I make it into a Haldi Ubtan, which I thought that was a great idea. Haldi, is another name for “turmeric”
and turmeric has special meaning here in India. It’s used in a lot of foods, cosmetic ingredients,
and religious ceremonies. Brides-to-be put turmeric into an ubtan, or
a mixture milk and other ingredients. It’s used as pre-wedding ritual to lighten
skin. So today, I’m going to make a DIY Haldi
Ubtan. Turmeric has curcumin and in it. It’s what gives turmeric its bright yellow
color. It’s been used for centuries in traditional
Indian Medicine and scientists hypothesize that it acts as a mild skin lightener, by
blocking the enzyme that triggers melanin production. My amazing Indian hostess, Shanta, shared
the ingredients. We’ve got flour, turmeric, milk, and honey. Take all those ingredients, and add it all
together, throw in a touch of honey, and mix it up real good. I figured I’d do a quick test, to see if
I notice any skin lightening effects, and of course, monkey around while I’m at it. Did it work? Did it not? I felt like my skin did look lighter, but
I also noticed the flour in turmeric had an exfoliating quality, or maybe it was the slowing
of melanin production. I need a little longer to test it to make
sure 😉 Try the face mask, and let me know what you think. And thanks to Akanksha Bhardwaj for the idea
that inspired this video. Accha Phir Milte Hain (Ok, See you again later!)

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