TOP 5 Korean Sheet Masks, 1 Mask A Day Tips & Tricks

I’m a professional masker. And everyone calls me the masking guru, and I’ve been masking every single day for the past 30 years. I even had the sheet mask on when I was delivering my baby. I used up to 10,950 sheets so far and I always had to break my marriage, because my husband found out that I took out a loan to buy more sheets. But he soon forgave me because I look the way I look right now. My number 1 tip is to cleanse and exfoliate and start with a clean slate, because you don’t want any single make-up residue or dead skin cells to block and interfere with the sheet mask penetration. Stick with your 20 minutes rule. I think nowadays a lot of millennials, they’re way too patient. The longer you put the sheet mask on, you’re actually not getting more out of it, but losing more, because the sheet mask, once it dries out, It’s actually pulling back all the moisture and nutrients it actually first offered you. My husband has done something similar to this as well. He first proposed to me with 2 carats of diamond, and then I dragged on saying yes because I wanted to make him wait, But when I said yes, he in fact returned that bloody ring, so that’s why you don’t see any rings on my finger. So the lesson here is take it when the offer is still valid. Yeah. Masking is an art. It’s a connection between the outside world and the inner soul of your skin. You don’t want to damage that kind soul by force-feeding the harsh ingredients. And I know in modern days it’s so hard to come across a single sheet mask without the chemicals and fragrance and alcohol, so my compromise here is. I would never buy a sheet mask that had alcohol or fragrance that is high up on the ingredient list. Listen to what your skin is saying. What your soul is craving. You can force feed all of the ingredients to heal that soul, to target the skin concern and just fix that skin issue, so look for the right ingredients that is suitable for your skin. 30 years of masking practice actually inspires me to spread the message out there, so, in fact, I wrote a book and this is for anyone who wants to rewind their age and look exactly like me. Available in Amazon. I know it gets really controversial and quite debatable when it comes to “When to exactly include the sheet mask?” “Is it after moisturizer? Or is before moisturizer?” To be honest, you can do either. So, if you choose to do sheet mask and then moisturizer, you’re pretty much replacing the serum step with a sheet mask, and then you’re locking everything, you’re sealing every active ingredients with a moisturizers. Now if you reverse the steps, it gets pretty interesting and exciting to me, I personally love doing this. Basically you finish off your entire night-time skincare routine, even till your moisturizer and then move on to a sheet mask. And what you’re doing here is basically using the sheet mask as a tool, as a barrier, as an occlusive to penetrate everything or every product that you layered underneath So it’s not about the ingredients that’s inside the sheet mask anymore, if you use it as a barrier, it’s going to maximize the effect of your moisturizer, of your facial oil or pretty much everything that you use underneath. Now using a facial oil underneath the sheet mask also help if you have severely dry skin. It’s going to work as the same way the sheet mask. It is going to seal that and going to make it penetrate better into your skin. But also, since oil attracts oil, the oil that you layered underneath is going to attract all the emollient ingredients, the nourishing, the moisturizing, oil-based ingredients from the sheet mask. Therefore your skin is going to be really plump, really moisturized, and just just try it out, guys, and let me know how it goes. A really good example that follows this step is this one. I’ve been using this just like non-stop consistently. The step one is a facial oil, which is the camellia seed oil. You know Jeju is really known for its camellia seeds. And camellia seed oil is rich in antioxidant, packed with certain moisturizing, nourishing ingredients: omega fatty acids, vitamin E. At first, I was really skeptical about applying oil underneath the sheet mask and just like the entire idea of oil, because I do have oily skin, but in fact, it actually did smooth my entire skin and followed by a sheet mask, my skin was this drenched with moisture. It just made a massive difference, so I highly recommend this. Can we just talk how beautiful this packaging is? So Peach & Lily just recently came out with their own sheet mask cream. So it has 3 different kinds. The first one is “Reset Button” to soothe and restore, the second one is “Chubby Cheeks” which is so cute, last but not least, which is my favorite one, it’s the “Good Skin Day – Drench and Nourish”, so it’s basically a moisturizing mask. They’ve spent 18 months to develop their own formulation, which is pretty admirable, it’s a pretty long time. They collected insights from their customers, from their social media followers to make the dream team with a dream sheet mask. I really really love that. They got rid of all of the unnecessary ingredients which is synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, or alcohol, or something that can possibly irritate some skin type. So it’s catered for all different skin types out there, you can just choose whatever your skin is craving pretty much. Everyone has been talking about Polatam mask, which is created by the actress Park Tam-Hee in Korea. I gave it a try, I love this so much. The “Repairing” mask is to firm your skin, boost the elasticity. Whenever I use this, my skin somehow looks juicier, that’s so weird, just like more plumpier and were more lively. And for the “Brightening” mask, it contains niacinamide, which is one my favorite in brightening. And it’s just really evens out your uneven dull complexion. Overall, I am obsessed with Polatam mask as well. When it comes to force-feeding, nothing beats foil, because it doesn’t have any breather to connect and communicate with the air, so it doesn’t let any ingredient to evaporate into the air. So it’s like, a sheet mask creates a barrier already, but the foil is supposed to create like a super barrier, so nothing evaporates. So all that goodness is going straight in. And this is the Holika Holika Prime Youth Gold Caviar Gold Foil mask, and it has Caviar, which is known to be a great vitamin and mineral source and really really great omega-3 source. I know you guys are looking for more affordable options, So here you guys go. This is a Shingmulnara herbal mask or the plant mask. It’s the natural, the light mask. I love this, it’s only a dollar and you can get it in Olive Young. When it comes to $1 sheet mask, there are so many out there, but if you look close enough, you can easily find fragrance and alcohol in the second or third in the ingredient list which is pretty shocking The ingredients list for these guys are pretty decent. And I think it really really works well. Aloe is amazing at replenishing moisture and also just incredible, incredible natural ingredient for soothing and calming down your skin. When I feel like I’m having a pimple or when I feel like there’s something going on underneath my skin, aloe mask is the way to go. If you feel like you need some detox or some purifying mask, this charcoal mask, which is a black charcoal mask, is amazing, so try this out as well. So that was it for today’s Sheet Mask edition of New Year New Skin week. I hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know your favorite holy grail sheet mask down below in the comment box. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet, don’t forget to subscribe below by clicking that red button. And I’ll see you guys later. Bye!

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