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Hello everyone. Today I’m with a very special guest and my best friend here on this platform. Her channel’s name is – The Beauty Breakdown. Yep, The Beauty Breakdown. Yes, as soon as a new product comes out you can already see it on her channel. I try, I try. We filmed [a] collaboration on her channel Which is the top 5 favorite skincare products, and it’s great because we both have [different] skin types, And so there’s all kinds of recommendations to cover all the different skin types you might have. Today on our channel we’re going to address our top [5] Korean cushion products for you guys This cushion foundation is my all-time favorite cushion foundation .I guess it’s technically not Korean It is the YSL Encre De Peau Cushion foundation. And it is like my go-to when I want my skin [to] look pristine Cushion foundation. They offer a good round of shades. Which is nice if I don’t want to think about what I want, you know, on my skin, I just grab that cushion. It’s beautiful. It’s so light. It has good coverage Natural finish (natural finish) and works well I guess [on] all skin types so. And I guess it’s kind of practically Korean because it is manufactured in Korea. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, okay. I think [I] have like a dupe for that. It is the Moonshot Microfit Cushion. I was actually hunting down a dupe for YSL product because I loved it so [much] But I’m not going to spend 40 bucks for a refill that’s only going to last like two months max. This kind of fell into that kind of same natural Sheen like healthy complexion Yeah, so it has like a decent coverage, but it’s never too Cakey. Yes, enhances your skin texture. Yes with a beautiful way So I [think] in terms of [the] finish and the consistency it’s very much similar to the YSL cushion and it’s just a fraction of the price. It is. I’ve tried this and I actually do really like it. Yeah, it’s also really great at layering Oh yeah, so it’s one of those cushion foundations You can kind of add on to it if you’re not happy with the coverage, and it doesn’t really cake. I mean, you can definitely cake it up if you really layer it on but it doesn’t cake up too easily. It dries down to normal to semi-matte, I’m up yeah, so it’s not completely matte. My second favorite Cushion foundation Is the Amorepacific Color Control Cushion. Oh my God You’re going like, luxury brand. I’m a budget girl I love saving money And I like finding alternatives. Foundations are something that, like, you really have to have a good product to really like it That’s so true. And for some reason, It’s just like a higher end,I tend to gravitate towards cause’ it looks really good, and it makes all the difference so the Amorepacific one is also accessible in the United States Which is why I mention it and also has five (5) shades So for those you guys who are sensitive to fragrances it is [heavily] fragrant, but it just looks so natural It’s beautiful – the undertones are very natural as well. It’s not very like you know super yellow base It’s not super pink base like a lot of Korean foundations tend to go for. If you’re willing to shell it out and try it It’s a great cushion foundation, and I highly recommend it That’s the cushion that you want to go for if you’re going for that “no makeup” makeup Yeah, [I] have another one from the Amorepacific group This is called Lirikos Marine Collagen Cushion Moisture So this is the more matte version, so if you do have oily skin, this is perfect for you guys I went through probably three of this last summer the navy case is the Marine Collagen cushion it’s Beautiful and it’s more nourishing and moisturizing So that’s more catered towards dryer skin type like you And I think Lirikos has like, probably the best cushion out of the entire Amorepacific brands Really? Yeah, so if you do have Bigger pores you want to smooth that out right But you don’t want to blur that out to the point where it kind of looks like too unnatural But this does a really, really good job at just Making your skin like photo-shopped in a very,very natural way,has a decent coverage never cakes up. I need to try this because I saw you have made a whole video on this and this is like, your favorite cushion foundation right? Yeah, it is. [OK] I need to try it. Next by Hera UV Mist Cushion [OK] in Ultra Moisture. Oh my God. Oh, Ultra Moisture. Ultra Moisture is what I go for. it adheres well to the skin, offers good coverage, but it has that like, really beautiful, Hera-scent I personally really like it. It’s just kind of like the experience of using a Hera product. I just It’s so good. I like this because it offers that semi-matte, natural looking finish But it doesn’t leave my skin dry at the end of the day, so it consistently keeps my skin moisturized, which is something That’s really hard for me to find because I do get the patches Especially in my forehead area around my nose it just starts to patch up, and I’m [just] like ugh at the end of the day. So that’s another point that I like about your Hera Cushion. Etude House AC Clean Up Mild BB Cushion So, this is specifically designed for acne prone skin type. It doesn’t have any pore clogging ingredient Which I really do appreciate because sometimes when you wear foundation for a certain amount of time your skin gets a little bit suffocated, so. It congests it, it gets congested. Yeah it congests but I never experienced that kind of heavy and like I want to take off my Foundation immediately kind of feeling with this foundation at all so it’s super duper Comfortable on your skin. A lot of people say it doesn’t have a lot of coverage because a lot of acne prone skin have a lot of spots that they want to cover. Layer this all over your face and then go with a concealer on top of the Spots that you need to correct, so I think it’s a really good base, like your skin loves it. So this one I feel guilty bringing up because I know you had issues with this. Okay, what is it? Is it April Skin? No, it’s not, cause’ don’t like April Skin either. Okay, we don’t like April Skin. No. Too heavy. The Laneige BB Pore Control Cushion. And I know, it’s because you’ve had issues with it breaking you out. Yeah, I did. Yeah, it’s like a good light to medium coverage. Yeah, it is actually. It’s nice on your skin. It sits well, it really does kind of control the oil even though I have dry skin my skin still produces oil throughout the day So by the end of the day if I don’t set it with a powder I don’t like to look oily [still] [so] it’s kind of good at holding its own On your skin throughout the day. I heard this from you and I heard this from a lot of other people Who’ve tried the older version and the newer version. The older version doesn’t break people out which is weird I don’t know what they would add in the formula We can only speak from our experience. Me personally, I really like the cushion foundation. I think it’s a beautiful cushion foundation It’s also kind of more accessible for a lot of people. Missha Geumsul Tension Pact. So this is technically not a cushion compact, so it has like a tension netting in it. Okay. You see.Ooh, it’s so pretty. And underneath this mesh it has the cream foundation And I did actually film a video on this product as well as the original tension pact when that was released it falls into that Perfectly natural kind of sand base?
Okay, yeah. Yeah, kind of beige-y, kind of, undertone. That’s what I have to go for too. It’s very, very natural on warm skin tone. Like Missha Doesn’t compromise when it comes to coverage. So they have awesome coverage, and it’s super duper light weight And it just sticks to your [skin] like it’s absorbing it. It’s like a Magnetic feeling so as soon as you kind of dab the sponge It’s already there And it just doesn’t cake up, kind of dries down to semi-matte finish. It’s a pretty decent product That kind of blew me away It has like, a lot of anti-aging skincare ingredients, so if you look at the ingredient list you might be kind of confused. Is is ta skincare product or a makeup product? So my last one is also from Missha. Oh! Yes Missha M Magic Cushion. Oh yeah, I like it too. I really like it. I like that it has high coverage, super high coverage like you literally put put one puff on your face, like whoa. Yeah good coverage It has a semi-matte finish which I sounds like you and I are kind of gravitating towards the semi-matte,natural look Also, the undertone of the Magic M Cushion to me, is very natural-looking on my skin It [feels] really lightweight on the skin considering it is such a high coverage cushion foundation It’s not like the April Skin where it’s like high coverage, yes But it also feels like you have mask of makeup – Yeah one inch of makeup, Yeah It lasts all day, and I just it’s super affordable too. Oh my gosh It’s like super cheap considering like how much cushion foundations cost. I think Missha is like really good at making BB creams and cushions and foundations So this is technically not a Korean product, but I think it’s made in Korea This is the L’oreal Lumi Cushion. Actually, Morgan made me buy this I love love love love this. If you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup But you still want that decent kind evening out of the complexion And this is the one that I’ll go for and it just feels so comfortable on your skin I wouldn’t say the longevity is impressive. Yeah, I would say the way it kind of wears off. It’s very natural. Doesn’t have like patches missing and then gets in your pores. Yeah, I agree. Yeah, doesn’t accentuate the pores Yeah, the kind of natural sheen it gives me is like very like healthy-looking. It’s a very like, kind of, with, [beauty] like glow from within kind of look I don’t know how they do it, and this is kind of the only cushion that I can think of that really has that appearance where it looks like your skin is just healthy underneath of it. Yeah It’s good for those of you guys who, like maybe if you’re just starting out with makeup or you don’t want to have like a super Heavy feel or maybe it’s kind of like you know you’re just running around don’t want to throw on too much makeup That’s kind of what it’s awesome for I hope you guys enjoyed, let me know what your favorite holy grail cushion product is down below in the comment box and And, don’t forget to check out Morgan’s channel because we filmed a very fun Korean skincare favorites and all that stuff If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet, don’t forget to do so by (Subscribe) clicking the red button, and I’ll speak to you guys soon. Bye. 🙂

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