Top 10 Things to Pack for a Move to Mexico: Don’t Move to Mexico Without These!

Hey guys! I hope you are having a fabulous day. This is video number two in my series, “So
You Wanna Move to Mexico.” This is my way of trying to distill a lot
of what I learned about living in Mexico and give it to those of you who are thinking about
a move to Mexico or planning a move to Mexico. If you’re new to the channel, my name is Erin
and I lived in Mexico for a year from the summer of 2018 to the summer of 2019. Most of that time we spent in Guanajuato City,
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the description box below this video. Today I want to talk about the top 10 things
I think you need to bring with you if you are moving to Mexico. So for a lot of the things that I’m going
to list, I will include links down below in the description box for the products that
I use. These are going to be Amazon affiliate links,
so if you do click and purchase I will get a small commission for that, but it does not
cost you any more. And I’m including these links not for–not
to say you have to get these brands, but just to give you an idea of what we have, what
we brought with us. The number one thing I think you need to bring
with you to Mexico is a carbon monoxide and explosive gas detector. Also while you’re at it, throw in a smoke
alarm. Here’s the thing. Most rentals are not going to have these things. Definitely not a carbon monoxide alarm, and
we never stayed in a rental that had a smoke alarm either. There have been some tragic cases of people
dying in Mexico because there was a leak in their rental and they didn’t know it. There was a couple who passed away in San
Miguel de Allende due to carbon monoxide poisoning. There was an entire family over in the Yucatan,
I think it was in Tulum, who passed away right before we moved to Mexico because of gas poisoning. So this is really serious. I want you absolutely if you are traveling
to Mexico, and actually I bring ours everywhere we go now, not just Mexico. I think it is absolutely a must. Get yourself a portable carbon monoxide detector. When I was looking for one, I wanted one that
could detect carbon monoxide and also propane. So the one that I got is a carbon monoxide
and explosive gas detector. Yeah so this is I think the most important
thing on this whole list. Please please get yourself a portable carbon
monoxide detector and bring that with you. Smoke alarm, also, something that struck me
when we were living in Guanajuato City, we didn’t have a smoke alarm for the first several
months and I realized, there’s really only one way out of this place and all the windows
are barred. We had one front door, it had three locks
and an outside door. All of those locks needed keys, oh yeah there
was a fourth like bar across the thing, and all of the windows had metal bars on them. And I realized like how would we get out of
this place if there were a fire and it blocked our way from getting out? Yeah, it was a really scary thought, especially
since we have a young child. So I would really recommend bringing a smoke
alarm with you just in case the place you’re staying at does not have one. You can get these things in Mexico, but I
think you should have them right away, so you don’t want to have a lag time of like
trying to find them, not knowing where they are, not knowing where the store is, like
when you first get there, you’re going to have plenty of things to do like just getting
basic groceries and getting yourself settled in and all of that stuff. I would not put off something that was as
important as this. So I would bring them with you when you move
to Mexico. Okay the second thing on the list is a VPN,
a virtual private network, is that what it is? Virtual private network. A lot of people think about getting a VPN
if they are going to China because of the restrictions that the Chinese government puts
on internet access. However, a lot of people don’t think about
that for Mexico. You will not have any problems getting online
in Mexico, however you will not have access to everything exactly the same as you do in
the United States. For example, your bank may not allow you to
do online deposits or certain transactions when you are in another country, so if you
have a VPN it makes it look like you are accessing the internet from anywhere you choose. So you can choose the United States and the
website will think, oh you are visiting this website from the United States. We used it for banking and also Netflix because
not all shows or movies are released for every single country exactly the same. So you may have a show that you absolutely
are addicted to on Netflix and you might not be able to watch it in Mexico. But if you’ve got a VPN, no problem. Number 3, medicines. Here’s the thing about medicines. If you have something that you take regularly,
you need to find out if it’s going to be available in Mexico because not all medicines that you
are getting in the United States you–are going to be available in all areas of Mexico. For example, I have a friend who uses a certain
migraine medicine. That was not available in Guanajuato City. Jesse was on Wellbutrin, we could not find
Wellbutrin in San Miguel or Guanajuato and we were told by a pharmacist in Guanajuato
that it was not available in Mexico period, some other people online mentioned possibly
finding it in places like Puerto Vallarta but I’m not sure. So do check if you have prescriptions about
whether you will be able to get them in Mexico or if you can get an extended amount when
you’re back in the States and then make regular trips. Don’t leave that up to chance if it’s a really
important medication. Okay number four would be a good kitchen knife. If you love to cook, if cooking is important
to you, the one thing that I would say definitely do bring is a really good kitchen knife. You’re probably not going to have good or
even decent knives in a rental and just in general rental, Airbnbs and even long-term
rentals, the kitchen gear that you’re going to have is probably not very good. A lot of it you can replace but it was really
hard for me to find really good kitchen knives so when we went back in December to visit
our families for Christmas, I brought my kitchen knives with me and I was so thankful that
I did. The first time we went to Mexico I thought
I’d be real clever and bring a knife sharpener and what I realized is you can’t sharpen your
way out of a really bad knife. So yeah. Number five I would bring some reusable produce
bags. If you are going to be transporting groceries
without a car, if you’re going to be carrying them around or if you’re going to the markets,
I found some really sturdy reusable produce bags to be invaluable. A lot of people think to bring the reusable
grocery bags which are also great and you should bring but the produce bags specifically
the ones that I got it has a little drawstring, you can keep them closed, your grapes don’t
spill everywhere, you can keep things a little bit more together especially if you’re walking
a lot. It’s just one of those things you don’t think
about because if you’re used to the US, you get in your car, you drive to the store, you
get your stuff, you put it in the trunk, you drive home, you bring the stuff from your
car to your kitchen. Right? If you are taking a bus or a taxi or you’ve
got to walk up three flights of stairs to your apartment like plastic rips and it can
be really bad. Just speaking from experience.Yeah. Okay number six and this is going to be a
weird one. I’m going to say if you are really sensitive
to air pollution bring a good face mask. Now face masks are not worn with the same
amount of frequency or popularity as they are in Asia especially like Japan or China,
so you are probably going to feel like a weirdo for wearing them. Guanajuato City has got a decent amount of
Japanese expats and students so it kind of was starting to catch on there, so you might
not feel so crazy there, but other places it’s not really a thing. But I’ve met people who were so sensitive
to the poor air that they were getting migraines or not feeling well and in those kind of cases
like yeah a face mask might be something that you might want to have. Some cities in Mexico do have some pretty
rough air quality, just something to know going into it. Number seven spices. If you like to cook a certain cuisine and
you rely on certain spices, you may want to bring those with you because depending on
where you go you may not be able to find them. I like to cook a lot of Indian food, a lot
of Asian food and so there were a lot of spices that I just couldn’t find in Guanajuato when
we were there. Now if you’re moving to a place like Mexico
City, Guadalajara, this is probably completely unnecessary because I doubt there’s anything
you couldn’t find in those cities. but if you’re moving to a smaller town, go
ahead and bring some of the spices that you rely on most. You can go ahead and bring unopened bags of
those with you. Number eight is a UPS and a wifi router. Okay a UPS is uninterrupted power supply,
these things are big and heavy so if you’re flying you’re probably not going to want to
bring one with you but if you work online you’re going to want to get one when you get
here. Jesse bought a couple of them I think at the
Radio Shack in the mall in Guanajuato. They’re not cheap and like I said they’re
heavy but they were invaluable. Power outages are quite common, they were
quite common in Guanajuato, I don’t get the impression that that is really abnormal for
Mexico. It’s basically a battery backup and you can
plug your devices into that. We plugged our wifi router into the UPS so
whenever we lost power we wouldn’t lose internet as well and I was very grateful for that. If you have sensitive electronics you are
also going to want to use them on a UPS because electricity can fluctuate quite a lot so if
you’ve got really sensitive electronics use a UPS for those. A wireless router. The places that you stay are probably going
to have that but what we noticed in a lot of the rentals especially the Airbnbs is that
sometimes they would have really old ones and it would make the internet a lot slower
than it needed to be. So I know we wished that we had brought our
own with us, if you’ve got one that’s good, go ahead and bring it with you. Number nine, WhatsApp. Get this for your phone. Everybody it seems in Mexico uses WhatsApp
for texting. I had WhatsApp numbers for my doctors for
my vet, you know it’s just, WhatsApp is the thing. Go ahead and go to the app store, download
WhatsApp, get it set up now, get all your stuff going and then that way when you’re
down if you meet a Mexican friend then you can add them on WhatsApp and you’ll be good
to go. And number 10, is not a thing but a quality. If you want to move to Mexico, you need to
bring your flexibility. You need to bring a sense of adventure. It is not something that you can plan to a
T, things are gonna happen that you are not going to expect. It is a beautiful crazy wild adventure and
you will be so much better off if you just let it happen as it’s going to happen. It is hard for those of us who are planners,
I am one of them, but there is only so much you can plan for. Just know at the end of the day, you can plan
all you want and there’s still gonna be something that you didn’t anticipate. Sometimes it’s gonna drive you crazy, and
sometimes it’s gonna be beautiful and amazing. And that is moving to Mexico. So I hope this video was helpful for you,
if you are moving to Mexico leave me a comment below, give this video a like, don’t forget
to subscribe if you haven’t as well and if you want more detailed information about moving
to Mexico, join me over on Patreon, I can give you a lot more in-depth answers over
there. I hope you have a great day guys, bye!

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