Toner For Tan & Pimples II मुहासों और कालेपन के लिए टोनर II By Priyanka Saini

hi friends welcome to Priyanka’s beauty tips Toner which I am going to show is useful for tanned skin and pimple marks and will enhance yur beauty lets see how to make this toner ingredients we require are Cucumber Potato we gonna use potato to enhance our beauty which we normally use cooking vegetables tomato lemon and rose water grate all this things after that remove juice from grated cucumber after that potato grate it as well and remove its juice as well its very easy as you can see how easily juice comes out after that take tomato just make sure tomato is is hard enough so that you can grate it properly tomato juice easily easily comes out add tomato juice as well once you mix all three juices together after that add lemon juice in it and little bit of rose water which is easily available at chemist shop mix it properly after mixing your toner is ready apply it in morning take cotton and dip it in this toner and apply it all over ypur face properly and leave it for 30mins after 30mins wash it with cold water after a month of you will see your tan and pimple marks are completely gone and your will look neat and clean and fair you can make this in large quantity so that you don’t have to follow this process everyday store it in jar and refrigerate it you can use it for a week make fresh after a week and use it within a month you see result and you will start using it on regular basis as it has no side effects so how did you like this tip please do tell us thank you

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