Tips on How to Remove Blackheads and Whiteheads

Hey! Christy here with Go See Christy
Beauty Boutique. Thanks for joining us. Today we’re talking about how to get rid
of blackheads and whiteheads. Those pesky little things that are on your
face. So the difference between you two is, they are not the same. Blackheads,
people think that the black material inside the blackhead is dirt. It is not
dirt. It is actually oxidized oil. So, the comedone is actually open. So, typically
what happens is, if you are not exfoliating, then what happens is the oil
inside the pores, they can’t come up onto your skin. So it gets trapped inside the
pore but the pore is open. And so the old, the oil is oxidized and that’s why it
turns black. Whiteheads are, basically the oil gets trapped inside the pore and the
dead skin cells cover it on the top of the skin, so the oil can’t get up. So it’s
not oxidized, it is not exposed to oxygen. So therefore, it is a whitehead. Sometimes
when people extract a ,whitehead it’s clear fluid, which is the oil.
Other times it’s fluid, it’s fluid as well as dead white blood cells and
bacteria. So, the way that you treat the blackhead
and the whitehead is through EXFOLIATION. And the reason why is,
because both blackheads and whiteheads are typically not primarily caused by
the Acne-causing bacteria. It is a DESQUAMATION issue. And desquamation
means “skin cell turnover rate”. So if you are breakout-prone, and you are not,
and/or you’re not exfoliating, that means your desquamation rate is TOO SLOW.
So you need exfoliation, which is a little bit of help to get rid of the
dead skin cells. So once you get that off the top layer of your skin, the oil
that’s in your pore can freely go on top of the skin. Now, here are some tips to
get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. So the first one is, if you have
a lot of blackheads and whiteheads and you want to address them QUICKLY,
I recommend, personally, that you go see a professional Esthetician and get an
exfoliating facial. That way, one, you get extra time for extractions — and when they
do a professional extractions, here are the things that they do that you can’t
do at home: What they do is, they can put on a SCALING FLUID. What that does is, it
starts to break down the hardened sebum and they put your face under
the steam. And if they have a machine, it’s called the BT Micro, and they put it
on negative ion, negative ion, it’s a process called “DESINCRUSTATION”. So
basically, when they do that, negative ion in chemistry
pulls up, so it acts like a magnet. So what it’s basically doing is, it’s
prepping the skin. It’s softening the hardened sebum that’s caught in your
pores, that way extractions are, one, not as painful and more effective in getting
a lot of the material outside of your pores. So if you do an exfoliating
facial and you do extractions — The other one is, the license skincare professional,
based on what you put on the client consultation form, and if they have a Dermascope and they can put your skin underneath that special light, they can
actually see how much hardened sebum that you have because it’s looking at
underneath of what is going on. That way, based on what you, the information that
you give to your Esthetician, can tell you the best protocol to follow, and give
home care, and give recommendations on products. Now, these products are
typically stronger than over-the-counter. That’s why you need a license to be able
to dispense them. So, it’s the same way that if you go to a pharmacy, you can get
aspirin at the regular drugstore. But if you want a stronger painkiller, like
Vicodin, you actually have to get a licensed
professional, such as a Pharmacist, to dispense that to you. So it’s the same
thing. So that’s one of the ways that you can address blackheads and whiteheads. If
you have more severe bumps on your face, which is called
“CONGESTION”, then the Esthetician may recommend an Acid Peel on your face.
Now, here are some tips about that. This is a great time to do it. So if you’re
watching this, and it’s Winter time, that is the best time to do it. I would try to
schedule it in the evening, so that when you go home you are not exposed to any
type of Sun, and that they would recommend how you would do a Acid Peel.
So the first thing is, if they are pretty experienced, they’re going to recommend a
pre-treatment protocol. This is going to prep your skin
for the low pH that your skin is going to go into for the peel. So you would do
this 7-10 days BEFORE your appointment. Then by the time you get to
your appointment, your skin can tolerate a lower pH. Then they’ll offer you a post-treatment which helps recover the skin so that you don’t, one, peel as much, and
so therefore, for some people will not scar. I’m not saying that everybody scars,
but for some people they may have a little bit of superficial darkening or
hyperpigmentation. So there are different types of peels, I do NOT recommend that
you do them at home. Do not do them, because what can happen
is, now because you’re inexperienced, you will end up getting Glycolic Acid burns.
And the most typical ones that I see when people do them is, they get them in
the crevices where their nasolabial fold is, and in the creases of their neck. So
make sure that you do this with an experienced Esthetician. If you want to
find out more about exfoliation, we do have a video that’s called “The Three
Different Types of Exfoliation and the BEST Way to Exfoliate Your Skin”, we do
have that video. And if you want to find out more about Acid Peels before going
to make an appointment with an Esthetician, we have another video on
“Find Out the BEST Type of Acid Peels and Which Ones are Best for YOUR Skin” right
over here. Thanks for watching!

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  • Great video Christy. I have a question: why do I get blackheads even tho I exfoliate? I have very oily skin and use an exfoliating product every morning (it’s safe for daily use). I only have an issue with blackheads on my nose. My cheeks and forehead are pretty blackhead free. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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