Tiffany Scanlon reveals six step process that cleared acne

Tiffany Scanlon has once again confessed to editing her Instagram photos to hide her battle with cystic acne  In a post shared on Tuesday, the former Bachelor star says she avoided posting to Instagram for a while as she wanted to have ‘perfect skin’ in her snaps  Alongside a before and after photo – one in which she edited out her blemishes and another that was not edited – she revealed her skin battle  Tiffany wrote: ‘A reminder that Instagram is a fake world with edited and altered images creating an un-achievable reality Swipe for the real me. ‘It’s easy enough to edit imperfections out of photos as I have demonstrated here, but I am pleased to say that my skin is significantly clearer than it was a few months ago when I first posted about my adult cystic acne  ‘I’m ashamed to admit its taken me this long to give an update post because I wanted my skin to be perfect, to be able to share that I had perfect skin now but I don’t I still have some spots but no more cysts!’ The former reality star shared a number of photos of her skin including a huge, painful cyst on her neck  She then detailed her six step plan for clearing her skin, which includes a gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free diet  Tiffany also credited using rose water several times daily and no longer wearing makeup for her improved complexion   Tiffany Scanlon’s six-step acne plan  1. Gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free diet The first month I went cold turkey and it was really hard! Then I went on holiday to Bali and relaxed a bit on the diet and have continued to do my best but not be as strict with it I decided I love chocolate and cheese too much to give up on them all together and will accept the consequence of some acne  2. Doxycycline 50mg 2 week course. After having the worst cystic acne ever about a month into the diet, I went to the doctor because it was too painful I’d tried the antibiotic Minocycline 50 in the past but this did nothing for me. The Doxycycline cleared up the cysts within a week  3. Using pHisohex anti-bacterial face wash. 4. Using the topical cream ReTrieve 0 05% nightly which was suggested to me by my boyfriend’s housemate. She said it had cleared her skin so I requested a script from my doctor It does dry the skin but I believe it has really helped. 5. Using a rose water several times daily  6. Wearing no or minimal makeup. I’m not an expert, I’m not saying this is the way to cure cystic acne I’m just sharing what has worked for me, and I have tried A LOT of things. In the end we are all unique, the skin is a complex organ and what works for one won’t work for another But don’t give up because there will be a way!  It’s not the first time the former Bachelor star revealed that she suffers with the skin condition, telling her followers earlier this year that she often feels ‘ugly and embarrassed’  Tiffany also admitted that she regularly edits her social media posts to give the impression she has a clear complexion  The blonde shared two side-on photos of her face to Instagram – an unedited version and an airbrushed version  She told her followers, ‘You see what I want you to see’, before explaining how easy it is to edit her photographs ‘You’d have no idea if I didn’t tell you,’ she added. The blonde beauty rose to fame in 2016 while competing for Richie Strahan’s heart on The Bachelor   

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