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Hey guys!! Welcome to ANAYSA 😉 first of all from My side A Very Happy HOLI to All of You 😉 friends summer is coming and HOLI is also coming So during Summer we got small bumps and pimples on our face cause of dirt and sun light The small bumps problem is the common problem of girls of us So today I’ll tell you how these small bumps did not come to your face ever watch this video till the end because I’ll sharing some special Holi skin care tips let’s start with today’s video First of all, let me tell you why there are small bumps on our face Our skin contains natural oil which gets hot by the cause of sunlight and when the oil get mix with the dirt and pollution it will cause small bumps and pimples so make sure that our pores will not clogged by any kind of the dirt and pollution now you thinking that what will we do to stop these small bumps and pimples So let me tell you that Activated Charcoal contains such properties which stick like magnet and get rid all the dirt from your face for this u can use “Good Vibes” Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Face Mask this face mask exclusively available on will get Rs. 225/- in 50g if you buy this face mask now I tell you how to apply this face mask first u wash your face before apply this face mask apply a good layer of this face mask if u got big bumps and pimples u can use it as a spot treatment this face mask contains Kaolin which absorb access oil from our face and make our skin pores clean and glycerin helps to make our skin soft and supple after apply which helps to absorb all the dirt and access oil from your face after 10 minutes wash your face with the help of normal water now I tell you some special Holi skin care tips 😉 don’t apply oil on your face before playing holi it will cause pimple on your face in the place of oil u can use cold cream and petroleum Jelly wear full sleeves clothes to save your body parts from holi colours don’t go for threading and waxing during 2-3 days before Holi because of holi colours it will irritate your skin by Holi colours our body get dehydrate so drinks lots of water to hydrate your body for removing colour don’t rub your skin many times it will dries our skin and our skin feels irritate if u like today’s video then please Like and share with your friends do commenting below and let me know what’s your special plan on this Holi subscribe to ANAYSA and don’t forget to press Bell icon it will send u a notification that I’ll upload a new video I’m Anishka will meet u in my next video till then take care and bye bye 😉

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