This is Zit: Lipödem-Entfernung am Oberarm | Dr. Pimple Popper | TLC Deutschland

[Music] hi guys dr. Sandra Lee here you also know me as dr. pimple popper I’m here to present to you one of my most favorite in fact this is probably the most epic pop this patient is a wonderful young lady from Alaska flew down to see me had this big bump this growth on her arm that had been growing for quite some time we just made a little slit on the surface of the skin I used to mess in anesthesia to numb up the area and this is when we use anesthesia that is in a really dilute concentration so that it is very safe for the patient and this really also contains epinephrine in it which helps to constrict local blood vessels so you don’t you definitely see much less bleeding in the area lipoma is a benign growth it’s just a collection of benign fat cells also called adipose cells that just grow and kind of divide and grow into their own little pseudo capsules so they’re they have like their own little entity right under your skin and oftentimes then since it’s really mobile under the skin if you just kind of coax it out it can pop out entirely see how we think things are cool like this right on the top of it you see the whole top of that it’s like encapsulated you as a lipoma it’s encapsulated and it’s all all capsule but this is our normal fat on top of it and if I actually am very careful to not remove a lot of that then potentially won’t have any depression there you know where you move a lot of normal fat so I’m gonna make a little nick in it just because it’ll there’s the this little covering over it it is cute girls huh a little bit under here see if it’s still attached hurts like you know if my finger out the whole area right here just right hand up and move that that was awesome oh my god Wow look at that thing that’s pretty darn cool the nice thing about this and what makes lipomas such perfect pops is it came out full in its entirety this is in the deltoid area but it’s really like a whole chicken breast or chicken cutlet coming out of the upper arm this is one of my favorite kinds of pops this is a dilated pore of Winer which is essentially like a giant blackhead under the skin what is very interesting and very unusual about this particular dilated pore of Winer is that when I extract it you can really see the oxidation process at work blackheads for example that you see that you then you extract on your skin are black because this growth is exposed to air and so you the oxidation process leads to a darkening of the contents and so with this pore you can see that as we extract it as we extract it and get like deeper portions of it you get to parts of it that have not seen any Sun so it turns from very black to gray to white and so I like to call it the dilated pore of Winer a la hombre [Music] [Music] I hope you come back more thank you for watching [Music] you [Music]

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