This is Zit: Geschwür am Rücken | Dr. Pimple Popper | TLC Deutschland

[Music] hi guys it’s dr. Sandra Lee here you guys also know me as dr. pimple popper I’m here to show you some behind the scenes of my favorite pups this is a woman who had a bump growing right on the spine of her lower back and she really wasn’t sure what it was it kind of sits up and it could maybe – some people even look like a skin cancer or or a mold or some other kind of strange growth but in fact this was a cyst that was so superficial under the skin that it really just made a little mound on the skin right in the center of the spine these are particularly satisfying to remove because you just need to put some numbing underneath them and extract them and they’re so superficial on this under the skin you can usually pop them out nicely these are benign growths or nothing life-threatening at all they’re just embarrassing to people you know you you you come up and you hug somebody and you feel this little knot on the lower part of your back certainly if you were to pinch or to squeeze it too much you could cause infection or inflammation or even permanent scarring so it’s nice sometimes to get these sort of things removed no you just don’t need it on your body you don’t want it on your body we remove them and it’s particularly satisfying for Papua holics to watch them be removed there’s a little sack of new skin here to make sure to get out otherwise it can come back [Music] [Music] I thought this might be a poor whiner but it’s I would say it’s not the poor whiners a little more sticky – it’s a little more adherent this is a cyst that has a sec this is part of the sec wall he’s saying you need to get all of that off just so open the chakra card see there up see that edge of the SEC wanting to pull that off and it’s very friable so it’s not very easy to move it all in one piece just gotta take our time and he give it a little extra TLC it’s been there for a while it’s not going to come out without a little bit of a fight we need to be gentle with it [Music] [Music] [Music] close the wound to a simple straight line put a couple little sutures in and there you are done [Music]

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