This Burn Victim Uses Scar Camouflage to Heal

(light music) – I was told give up and I have to live with my red discoloration
on half of my face for the rest of my life. I felt like I don’t want
to give up on myself. I’m gonna go out there
and find a solution. My name is Basma Hameed,
and I help people heal from the inside out. (playful music) I am a micropigmentation specialist. I camouflage all types of
scars, birth marks, and burns. I implant pigment and scar tissue to eliminate any
discoloration in the skin. When I was two years old, I
was playing in the kitchen with my brother, and a fire started. Hot oil ended up spilling
on 50% of my face. I ended up with third-degree burns. I’ve had almost 100 types of
surgeries and laser treatments. None of them were successful. I went to talk to my plastic surgeon. I asked him, “What can I do?” He said, “Just take your money. “Go on a vacation. “This is the end for you. “We can’t improve it.” I said, “What about permanent cosmetics? “Can I get my eyebrow tattooed?” He said, “It’s the worst
thing you can do for yourself. “Scar tissue will never pick up pigment.” That day, I decided I’m gonna go and have my eyebrows tattooed. My scar tissue picked up the pigment. (upbeat music) From that moment, I thought
why not make skin tone pigments and implant that pigment
in the scar tissue to eliminate the discoloration. I started apprenticing with
a permanent makeup artist. I learned everything that I
needed to know about skin. I decided to be my first
client and work on my own face. I was able to camouflage
all the red discoloration, and I had something that actually worked. Originally when I started it, I wanted a solution for myself. But from there, it had
like a much bigger purpose. We have the clinic in Toronto, Canada, and we have the clinic
now in Beverly Hills. We perform this procedure
every single day. Now we reached a point
where plastic surgeons reach out to us. They want to learn more
about the procedure. We’ve performed thousands of procedures in the last 15 years, and it’s clients that are
flying from all over the world. Every year, we take on few big cases, and we donate those treatments. Adela has a permanent stain on her face. She’s had so many different
types of treatments. Nothing really has worked for her. – Very thankful for her too ’cause she’s making my
dream come true, you know? I used to use for heavy
makeup to cover enough, layer and layer. It’s a big difference. It used to be four times longer. – The best part about this,
it’s seeing people transform. That’s why I’m so grateful
that I never gave up. On my journey, I was able
to help thousands of people.

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