Hey everybody. I’m going to be reviewing a product today
that is a peel off black mask. You’ve seen a lot of these black masks online
and in advertising where you peel off the mask and it takes all the impurities out of
the pores, it takes all of the stuff like blackheads and those types of things away
and really cleans out the pores. We’re going to try a mask today that’s made
by Freeman Products. They’ve been around about 30, maybe a little
longer than that, maybe 40 years. I haven’t tried this mask before, it’s generally
advertised for men and is a peel off black volcanic ash and charcoal mask. So it is the kind that sits on there, you
don’t rinse it off, you’ve got to peel it off, so I’m going to try this out today and
give you my thoughts on it. Now I already know that ingredient wise, it
has very little chemical ingredients in it, actual chemical ingredients like preservatives
so it’s skin friendly, so it meets my test on that scale. I’ll put the card up in the video that shows
all of the things I rate on these kinds of products. But I’m going to this out today, it’s generally
advertised for men but women can use it. It’s supposedly a really great product to
pull everything out of the pores, minimize them, germs dirt, a lot of environmental dirt,
especially if you live in the city. This is really hopefully going to be a really
good product that I can give you a plus plus on. So, see if it earns my plus plus and if it
does, great. I will be back, I’m going to prepare, this
time I’m not shaving. This is a peel off mask so generally they
recommend you not put it in your eyebrows or get it in your beard line so today I’m
not going to take the hair off, I’m just going to do the problem areas that I have on my
skin and we’re going to see what the results are. So I’ll be gone for just a few seconds here,
I’m going to rinse my face, which you always want to do, put my hair back so I don’t get
that in my hair line. Then the mask takes about 10 minutes and then
I’m going to peel it off here on camera and I’m going to give you my opinion of what it
does. Alright, cool, so hold on a second and I’ll
be right back. Alright so I’m back now, I’m obviously ready
to go, I’ve rinsed my skin off and I’ve got my hair out of my face so that I don’t get
this stuff in it. And now I’m going to apply this really syrupy
black looking mask to my skin. And if you guys remember what I have told
you, you always start at the nose area, which is where a lot of people have blackheads and
large pores in the T zone, the oily zone of the skin. So I’m going to be putting this on like this,
avoiding the hair on my face because I don’t want this stuff stuck in there. Which is kind of interesting. It’s not a warm mask, it’s kind of cold actually. It’s kind of drippy, that’s ok. I’m going to go above my eyebrows on my forehead
to apply this mask. This mask by the way is available at Sally
Beauty Supply. No one is paying me for an endorsement, I’m
simply reviewing this product because the company behind it is good, generally has good
products and the mask runs about 2 to 3 dollars, depending on where your location is. Now one thing I will tell you about these
peel off masks is that they can be really messy, so you want to be real careful that
you don’t get it in your eyes, again or in any of the hair on your skin. They take about 10 minutes to dry. Alright so see I’ve got pretty much everything
from the temples all around done. So I look pretty scary, I’ll probably go out
and scare my dogs while we wait on this mask to take. So again it’s charcoal and volcanic ash and
it’s designed to pull all the impurities out of your pores, minimize your pores and generally
give the skin kind of an uplift, it will tighten a little bit too. So, 10 minutes it’s going to dry and I’m going
to come back and peel it off and hopefully we get a good review out of this, because
unless you want to go to Hawaii and get your own volcanic ash, which I don’t recommend
right now, (sorry guys in Hawaii) is that you use these kind of products, I’m a real
big believer in charcoal because of what it does for the pH of the skin, it balances it
and it really does help with skin conditions like acne, so we’ll see. We’re going to give this 10 minutes, let it
dry, see if it dries on time, see if the instructions are correct on how it’s supposed to work and
how long it takes it to dry and then I’ll come back and give you my review. Not dry yet… Not dry yet… Oh it’s only been 5 minutes.Not dry yet… One thing I dislike about a mask, they take
forever to dry, but you want them to work so it’s what you’ve got to put up with. Not dry yet! So, not scared…not scared at all. This is Phoebe. This is Emma. My two Jack Russell Terriers that you hear
traveling through when I’m trying to film. Yup, not scared at all. They are so used to seeing me with crap on
my face, testing stuff out, not frightened at all. Anyway, these are the two you’ve heard about. Here they are, you guys are on YouTube now. OK, back for the big reveal. Did the mask work or not. Well some things I could tell you that may
help you with these. One, the mask is not dry until it is the same
temperature as your skin. As long as it feels cool and kind of damp,
then it’s not dry and I probably put, in all truth a little but too much on my cheekbones,
so the mask took about 15, almost 20 minutes to dry. The instructions say 10 to 15 so it’s not
so bad. It’s Florida, and it’s humid here, that all
could play into it so, just make sure it’s dry before you go to peel it off. Now we’re going to peel it off and what you
want to do on these types of gel masks is you want to kind of roll the edges inward
so you can peel it off. And now it may have some dampness down here
but I think we’re pretty dry. So you want to like start at the forehead
and just pull that mask, I got some in my eyebrow, as you see. Even though it told me not to. Just pull it off. And I can already tell the skin look smoother
underneath it, so it did that. It’s a little damp, still a little damp there,
so you just kind of wipe that off around the edges. So as you can see it’s fairly pink. It looks like it did pull impurities out of
my pores, especially on my nose, so the mask is 3 dollars so it does that job. There are masks on the market like this that
are far more money but I would start with this. And again it’s a little grey package they
sell it at Sally Skin Supply, they have it in several other stores like Walgreen’s. It’s Freeman. All the information from today’s video will
be in the section below the video description. I’ll have a link to their website, information
on the product, the instructions. Again it’s a black mask, it’s a peel mask,
it is volcanic ash and charcoal, which again works with the pH of the skin. Volcanic ash is full of minerals so you know,
whether that get’s through the pores and really helps anything, the balance of the skin, and
I’m happy with what this looks like especially for like 3 bucks, that’s nothing. Men and women can use it again, so I’ll give
my rating card, it will be up here in just a second, and you’ll see my plus plus rating
on this skin care product. If you liked the video please take a moment
to comment, ask questions, visit my blog, Skin So Fabulous, all that information is
in the description are of the video. You know, like the video, share it if you
found it helpful, if not, tell me so. I do these videos based on feedback I get
from my clients and from my viewers, so a lot of exciting things coming up, I’m going
to do the next video this week will be on how to mask or cover up acne scarring and
blackheads. If you are finding those problems and you
have some left over acne scars, or you have problems with large pores, I’m actually going
to show you how to use foundation, to use some makeup, both for guys, for men and women,
to cover that, to make that invisible, so be sure to tune in on next Tuesday when that
video goes up. Anyway get… subscribe, please if you haven’t,
leave me questions, leave me comments and we’ll see you soon.

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